Volume 2020, Issue 4 - Issue Serial Number 1, Autumn 2020

Wasit Sufi School and its impact on the Iraqi personality

Majid Mikhlif Trad

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 1-23

Wasit Sufism School is one of the intellectual schools that appeared in the Arab Islamic civilization like many evacuated sheikhs as many of them were famous and they were mentioned in books and references with more than thirty Sufi personalities who are not subordinates, murid and students who studied at their hands and they have shown the way of Sufism as a method For life and this path is based on building the personality of the individual based on pure religious origin or tendency, but its motives and goals were ethical aimed at refining the souls of its students and their followers according to a behavioral intellectual attempt in which the religious and mystical side merges with ethics, investigating the legitimate isotopes in the Holy Qur’an and the hadith of the Prophet Sharif concepts of moral and may like this school a great mystical figures such as Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Yusuf Wasti and Sheikh Ahmad Rifai, who is the founder of the largest and most famous method of Sufi in Wasit grow this religious curriculum and educational and moral, which subsequently spread in most parts of the Muslim world 

Events and celebrations in Egypt and the bilad alshsham min khilal kitab darar aleuqud alfaridat litarajum al'aeyan almufiadat lilmaqrizi ((845 AH / 1442 AD))

Abdul Sattar M. Darwish; Daniya G. Hassan

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 24-37

Muslims in the Mamluk era celebrated many religious and religious ceremonies, as well as celebrations and family celebrations as well as the Royal celebrations.
          I have divided my topic into three topics, including the first topic, the celebration of religious events, which included Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha and celebrate the birth of the Prophet and the nights of delegations,
          The second section included the family celebrations and ceremonies which represented marriage and celebration of birth and circumcision. The third topic dealt with the Royal celebrations.

Punitive Measures Followed After Iolation Against the Isolated in Imprisonment and Torture as a Model Andalusia

Badi M. Ibrahim; Maher K. Shrimit

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 38-54

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and peace and blessings be upon our master Muhammad and his family and companions,After the completion of this research, which God helped me to accomplish, which touched upon some of the punitive measures followed in Andalusia against those who were isolated from the tasks that were assigned to them whether they were governors or successors or state men, These procedures are represented by imprisonment and torture, as many of the isolated persons were subjected to imprisonment and torture with several excuses.Some of them were accused of treason and some of them were accused of administrative corruption and embezzlement of funds.There were different types and forms of torture, some of which were psychological, moral and physical.The torture was entrusted to tough men with bodies without hearts.This affected the psyche of prisoners and made some of them go on hunger strike in prison.

Treaties of peace with the people of the book between the Islamic historical novel and the oriental vision Treaty city (Yathrib) year 1 AH / 622 AD model

Hammad F. H; Randa J. M

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 55-75

The model left behind by the Holy Prophet Muhammad in dealing with the people of the book is a high level of relationship between Islam and other religions. This was manifested by the brightest picture of the arrival of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) to the city and its status to the most important legislative treaty in the city. Mainly the covenants and covenants concluded by the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and the later caliphs (may Allah be pleased with him).
           In this paper, we will present, analyze and discuss the orientalist vision of this treaty and its treatment of the Arab historical narrative. What the Arab primary sources provided is the ruling on dealing with the oriental text and its discussion, and based on these sources, the extent of the orientalists' commitment or deviation in presenting the narratives in its study of Islamic history, Kareem Muhammad (peace be upon him) with the writers, including the Jews.

Al-Safadi’s approach to resources in his book tuhfat dhwy al'albab fymn hakam bidimashq min alkhulifa' walmuluk walnuwaab

Latif K. Mohammed; Oday I. Khalaf

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 76-108

Salah al-Din bin Ibaik al-Safadi, who died in the year 764 AH / 1362 AD, is considered one of the most important pioneers of writing history and among those who specialized in the study of translations of well-known personalities. Our study focused on the method of Safadi in writing his author, as he relied in his writing on the devotion of Safadi to the translation of his book, a masterpiece of the people with one kind of translators and they are the rulers of Damascus from the caliphs and princes that began from the adult caliphs and ended with its rule in the Mamluk era. And the year of their isolation is preferred The fact that he included information about their lives from political, administrative, and scientific events because of the benefit in distinguishing them among themselves and in showing their scientific status and their degree of piety and achieving justice in governance.

Modernists of Isfahan and their civilizational role in the sixth century AH

Qasim Jawad Khalaf Al-Jizani

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 109-135

The Islamic East witnessed a large-scale scientific movement in which sciences, arts and literature spread in it, and there were many scientific institutions that helped science and knowledge flourish. Isfahan is one of the cities of the Islamic East that contributed to the prosperity of these sciences with the scientific achievements provided by its scientists.
The fruit of these continuous efforts was that the Isfahani hadiths contributed to the support of the Islamic intellectual movement in general through what they had done in learning and communicating hadith, when it saw itself concerned with that because it represents a legitimate source in the knowledge of the lawful and the forbidden and the call to every virtue, and the scientific specialization of women was not Limited to the knowledge of hadith, as a large number of poets, preachers, ascetics, and readers appeared, but the science of narrating hadith had the greatest luck and the largest share in the care of women in it, and I chose the sixth century AH because it was a century known to have many hadiths, and the intensity of their interest in it received, authored and taught And in summary, this is what we will clarify in the course of this research.

The jihadist and scientific role of Abu Ali Al-Sadafi in Andalusia ((Signed as a model))

Anam Hussein Ahmed

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 136-158

The research dealt with a personal study of a jurist and a modernist in Andalusia, and he was distinguished by conservation, ingenuity, and mastery in his sciences. Contending with him, and his role in spreading knowledge did not stop only, but went beyond it to be a jurist and a mujahid who called for jihad against the Spaniards and stopped their march towards Andalusian cities, and he carried people to volunteer and struggle for the sake of God and raise his flag and he had Talks and tours in the battlefield in which the volunteer murderer encourages jihad and desires it, but things did not go as they were intended. The traumatic event for Muslims and his loss is a great loss for the people of knowledge in Andalusia

The impact of natural disasters, floods and agricultural pests on the economic situation in Iraq From the end of the fourth century AH until the seventh century AH

Enas Imad Abdul Monam

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 159-170

The Arab countries have been exposed to a number of natural disasters in general and Iraq in particular, and these disasters that Iraq have been subjected to are the cause of many factors, the first of which is the length of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers from the north and west of Iraq to the south. Likewise, the frequent rains and melting snow in the spring season and other reasons that lead to the floods that lead to the demolition of houses and shops until they reached the role of the caliphs, as well as the danger of agricultural pests attacking crops and agricultural lands, which lead to high prices and low agricultural yields.

Dr. Jawad Ali and his method of writing history

AlaaNafi Jassim

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 171-194

Dr. Jawad Ali is considered one of the historians who distinguished himself in his field of specialization, and he was comprehensive and encyclopedic in his research, and critic and discusser of the accounts of early and late historians Arabs and Orientalists, and who contributed to the historical research on the Arabs in the pre-Islamic era, and he formed his historical idea in western schools whose quality has jumped At the level of the curriculum and vision in dealing with the science of history. Especially because of his openness to German historians. However, his academic work was bound by a strange and mysterious corroboration of historical news. His position was derived from his objective scientific views that depart from narrative, superficiality, extremism, exaggeration and dogmatic influence.

Andalusian Calligraphers and their Impact on the Arab Islamic Civilization

Buthaina Jabbar Zagy Al-Ghazi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 195-209

Arabic calligraphy is considered one of the first means of progress and development, and one of the most important Arab and Islamic monuments and the honor of its position among all nations, especially that the Arabic language is the language of the Holy Qur’an. In the country of Andalusia, Andalusian calligraphers have received clear attention from the rulers, as their contributions had an important impact on the Arab-Islamic civilization, and their handwriting was distinguished by accuracy and beauty as well as its importance in transmitting the most important events through writing and recording. In the Islamic civilization. In addition to the tools used in calligraphy and the types of calligraphy that Andalusians excelled in, the research relied on a group of sources, including Subh Al-Asha Al-Qalqhandi (d.821 AH). Among the references is the book The Contribution of Muslim Scholars to Science in Andalusia, Suha Baiun, and I have committed myself to place a margin at the end of the research to clarify the important information in addition to the conclusion and the list of sources and references

Andalusian Exiled Scholars and their Conditions

Hamad Mohammad Nasif Al-Mohammedi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 210-234

Scientists, jurists and thinkers had a role in Andalusia. Among them  were judges, writers, poets, historians  and philosophers. sSome of them graduated to become ambassador and one of the senior ministers. So everyone was affected by the events in Andalusia, such as disorder, succession of princes and the antagonism of Christians abroad and their unity against the Arab Muslim who suffered injustice, hatred, skepticism and exile outside Andalusia. Books and poems  were  censored to find pitfalls and they were also interpreted ,unfairly ,against the then  existing rule. For instance the writings  issued by Ibn Alabar Albalensy led to his death .The same thing happened to Lisan   Aldin I bin Khatib  in that  he was interpreted  that his  doctrine was  other than exiled. Scientists  wronged    in case of issuing a fatwa which  did not impress the ruler or his close friendship. Therefore, scientists had a large share of injustice as a result of the vaiation of those countries and the  rapid succession of events in Andalusia.

The journey of scholars of Andalusia to Iraq when Al-Khushni in his book(akhibar alfuqaha' walmuhdathin)

Hoda Nuri Shukr

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 235-287

According to these books, the translation of Andalusian biographical evaluation, the Arab-Islamic civilization of Andalusia is a continuation of the Arab civilization of the Levant. Like a book (News of News of Jurists and Hadith speakers) by Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Harith Al-Qayrawani Al-Andalusi, which was accepted by our studies in this translation of learned Jurists and Hadith speakers who left to the Islamic East.We looked at those who came to Iraq and met with its scientists, and attended their discussions and debates in their research centers in Baghdad, Kufa, Wasit, Basra and MosulGovernorates.Al-Khushani, even if he was born in Caravani, he went to Andalusia after studying jurisprudencein Kairouan, when he was twelve years old, he went to Cordoba, where he was a student in its scholars.He was known for his intelligence and early a genius.He is considered one of the first to write in this field because of his proximity to the era of Islamic conquest.His book (News of Jurists and Hadith speakers) is one of the oldest Andalusian sources aboutBiographical evaluation.Andalusians followed Al-Mashriqies (scientists of Western Asia)in writing of general history, based on chronology. Al-Mashriqieswere based onBiographical evaluation. At the same time, they wrote their translations and founded onthe layered system in their order or arranged them according to the letters of the dictionary.They made a chapterfor each letter, based on the first letter of the name without considering the other letters, and added a section for individual names for each letter. 

Kamarjah battle in Transoxania in a year(Hegira 110 / AD 732) Study Causes and Consequences

Saddam J. M; Shaymaa F. H

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 288-308

Muslims fought many strong battles in conquering the countries of the Islamic East in order to spread Islam and the highest word of God in the territories of this region, and from these regions the territory of the country beyond the river and the region of Al-Sughd specifically when Muslims were besieged in the castle of kamarjeh in the state of Ashras bin Abdullah Al-Salami on Khorasan from Before the Turk Khan Solo, with whom many knights of rag, gauze and tarband participated in the fight against Muslims, Muslims had in this battle a position recorded by history in letters of gold when they refused to surrender and fought a great battle to defend the castle and preserve and defend lives, finances and sacrifices, despite the difficulties that and Muslims faced it in this great ordeal, but their patience and their calamity in the fighting strengthened their spirit of victory and distance Battles and attempts between the two parties The two sides reached an agreement stipulating the withdrawal of Muslims towards the city of Dabbousiyya, which was more secure than kamarjeh, thus extending the most wonderful epics in the steadfastness and challenge despite the many injuries, wounds and lack of supplies suffered by the Muslims until the historical sources stated that as kamarjah is the most honorable days of Khorasan, and it was said that Siege as kamarjah lasted about thirty five days . 

The efforts of Salman Hade To hme in documenting of Karbala Heritage

Iman Salih Mahdi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 309-338

Iraq has been known since ancient times as the country of civilizations that were established on its land and the first building blocks of its civilization are its cities from its north to its south ,and from it the idea of building cities spread in the world as they are centers of radiation for science , creativity and development, and Karbala is one of its cities that sought to document its heritage, its sons and their lovers. The most prominent of them is Mr. Salman Hadi Al-Tohme, who conducted his pen in all its scientific, literary, social and urban aspects His efforts were commendable, ranging from authoring and investigation, printed and manuscript, published and under publication, efforts that simulate the holy image of Karbala

Scientific and administrative traditions in the old Baghdad teacher and their impact on the current schools

leqaa amer ashoor

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 339-365

Baghdad enjoyed many other Islamic cities, as well as the largest schools in the Islamic world were in it, which is famous for its good management and organization, so it has scientific and administrative traditions followed in their time. Today we find most of them followed and immortal to this day in all schools and societies not only in Baghdad but In the Islamic world, and even in the Western world, with a slight differnce,and thisis the eesult of civilizationdevelopment

Arts in Neo- Babylonian state 626-539 BC

Zeyad O. Swidan; Ghosun J. Shadhan

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 366-382

The arts are the basis of peoples and measure their culture. Babylonian arts are an extension of the ancient Babylonian and Assyrian ancient times, and an important sign of the development of the communities of the Mesopotamian population, these arts were divided into literary and architectural arts as well as professions and crafts

Cooperation Between Iraq and the Soviet Union in the Field of Energy 1968-1979

Mohammed Y. A; Thamer M. H

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 383-406

In the seventies of the twentieth century, Iraq emerged as a state having a significance and an influence in the Arabic and regional levels. Its relationships with the Soviet Union occupied a distinguished position in its foreign policy in accordance with the exigencies of that stage and the requirements of economic construction. From this point, Iraq looked forward strong and developed economic relations with the Soviet Union .The research dealt with Iraq’s relationships with the Soviet Union, in the energy domain, offering the cooperation in the field of electric power and atomic energy during the period 1968-1979, by building electrical energy generating stations and extending networks .Energy cooperation has contributed greatly in the development of economic relationships between the two countries, especially since the Soviet Union was one of the first countries that helped Iraq to use atomic energy for peaceful purposes as well as electrical energy, this was a reason of signing more protocols and agreements between the two countries .Through the present research, the researcher has reached logical conclusions , energy cooperation between Iraq and the Soviet Union, the most important, perhaps, is building electrical stations and nuclear reactor

The US position and its impact on the Sino-Israeli relations A political historical study 1949-2002

Essam Abdul Ghafour Abdul Razzaq

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 407-431

China –Israel Relations is distinguished by a high degree of changes and developments we find it in a situation of conflict and we could find it in a situation of cooperation in other field . This distinguished characteristic in the relation is governed by several strategic dimension and international influences in their surroundings .United States of America was one of these influences in building the comprehensive relations between them .China as a big economic power seeks to achieve its economic interests and secure economic incomes on the level of financing , sources of energy and modern technology necessary to continue i8ts development .It does not find embarrassing in the last step to make relations with (Israel ) if we take into account (Israel) leak of many American military technology secrets and secretly work to develop some Russian weapons that were used by China Army as well as China investment for Israeli relations in the Western system to support its foreign relations especially that Israel is strong strategic ally for the United States of America and this country attempt in most times to prevent making a relations that reached to the level of strategic alliance between them in afraid of breach the world power balance and United States impose international isolation on Public Republic of China after its establishment on 1949

Maritime piracy in the three Maghreb states (Algeria, Tunis and Western Tripoli) against European ships from (1730-1830)

Jamal F. Hamad; Khaled J.l Karim

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 432-456

This research revolves around maritime activity in the three Ottoman provinces against European commercial ships. The research interest focused on the policy of the Ottoman Empire in the field of the development of the activity (maritime jihad) known as maritime piracy, indicating the extent of the impact of piracy on European commercial activity, and after 1730 the three states were Controls the practice of export and import monopolies, including rejecting the presence of European merchants without obtaining a license and accepting the central government in Istanbul

The Taif Agreement 1989 and its Role in ending the Lebanese Civil War

Iyad Nazem Jasim; Omar Fawaz Abbas

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 457-476

The Taif Agreement is the beginning of the end of the Lebanese civil conflict, between the Lebanese factions under the auspices of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after international and regional interventions contributed to the exacerbation of the conflict inside Lebanon, so Saudi Arabia led, under the direction of the United States, to work to bring together the Lebanese parties in order to put an end to the series of bloody conflict Which extended since 1975, and Arab positions differed towards the Taif conference, but what matters to us in our study is the Egyptian position

The uses of people with special needs for the media and the verifications obtained from them, a survey study on a sample of (deaf and dumb) in Baghdad as a model

Abdul Qadir Saleh Maroof Al-Hadithi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 477-499

The segment of people with special needs of all kinds forms important segments of society starting from the family due to their human need to interact and integrate with all members of society, especially in light of the recent technological developments in the means of communication mainly, the problem of research is determined by the main question what role can media education play in rationalizing The uses of people with special needs, especially (deaf and dumb) digital means? With the goals of the research determined in identifying the nature of the uses of people with special needs for electronic applications and what are the rumors obtained from them as well as to identify the difficulties they face in using these applications. The researcher chose the descriptive analytical method, while he chose the survey method in applying the research questionnaire to the research sample individuals with deaf and deaf special needs, while the research sample was determined by deaf and dumb from the city of Baghdad and they were chosen according to the psoriasis sample due to the lack of accurate statistics about them and the number of sample items reached (100) males and (92) females. The researcher used an interpreter to indicate during the process of filling the respondents to the questionnaire forms

Levels of university press fulfillment of public journalism jobs: a survey of a sample of university youth, the Iraqi University - University of Baghdad as a model

Batoul Abdul Aziz Al Ani

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 500-536

Journalism is still one of the most important jobs that university journalism carries out, and those concerned in the professional field are aware that university journalism should be based on common journalistic values, based on knowledge of the main problems and issues of the university community. Hence, this study aimed at a number of objectives, including reaching Formulation in determining the levels of university press fulfillment of public journalism jobs and knowing the extent to which public journalism jobs are achieved in university newspapers among university youth. This study focused on creating an accumulation of knowledge that would result in a positive change in the future in the field of qualitative journalism, including university journalism. The analytical survey revealed that there are varying percentages of students who read and follow this type of newspaper issued by their universities, and there are different levels in the process of university journalism fulfilling the functions of public journalism in relation to news, educational, educational, entertainment and advertising functions