Volume 2020, Issue 4 - Issue Serial Number 2, Autumn 2020

The Effect of the Morphoclimatic Process on the Earthen Declivities in Shaqlawa.

Mishal Mahmoud Fayyad; Ameer M. Kh

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 1-28

     The study concluded that carbonization   is a  supporting    processes       in most of the lime rock  in Shaqlawa. Most of the  karst shapes and caves in the field  of the study  were formed by the carbonization  process particularly within the milieu of the declivities .However, most of the  melting processes depend  on the type of rocks and  their  geological  texture in addition to the gradient and the features of the qualitative water that affect the metals of the rocks. The results of the melting processes are represented  by the  small gaps and digs and also by caves and Bogaz, the Karren in separated places in Shaqlawa. As for   the erosion processes, there are72  locations empty of any water streams  these locations are located in places  in which the gradient  is a semi nonexistent. They are distributed  separately in the area of the study while the slight erosion  has  about 651 water streams places .Accordingly the area of  the slight  erosion is(446.49 square  k.m.) out of the total area .The level of erosion is between( 6-0)  and there is no intensive erosion I, of about (7) , in the field of the study. They are located in separated places in the field of the study especially in the semi plane places, in the southern and west southern  parts and also the northern and the west northern parts and some parts in Balessan in the east and the north eastern parts in Shaqlawa.

The use of quantitative analysis in measuring land prices in the city of Fallujah for the period 1977-2108

Ahmed Hassan A; Hwaida Abdul Ghani S

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 29-63

To analyze the quantitative relaonship of lakd price change in the city of Falujah for the period 1977—2018Linking this to the gravity of the attracation for each of thos years, the research dealt with an analysisof thestatistical relationshipbetween the type of  land use and the valueof the land.as well as uncovering the effect of changingresidential land use to commercial use on the land. It was found through this analysis that there is a relationship between the chang in land use and the valu of the land.

De facto of Electricity Service in the Urban Districts Centers of Erbil and its Future Orientations

Meshaal F. G; Maha S. K

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 64-97

      The discovery and innovation of electric power and the invention of devices have revolutionized our life in the present century. The problem of determining the share of the electric power service in a precise and clear manner is one of the important steps in the discovery and analysis for the coverage ratio in urban districts centers in Erbil province. Also the factors of the distribution and whether there is a difference in distribution to the urban districts centers in the province, and if it is possible to improve the levels in the study area. The study aims to reveal the role of the electricity service in the life of the urban districts centers by analyzing it, discovering the coordination of its data and efficiency, and identifying its problems, clarifying its role in developing the economic and social life. Also analyzing its components and indicating its coverage ratios and its adequacy for the requirements of human activities and points of weakness and problems regarding the human, economic and building development on one hand, and its natural qualities on the other hand since the fact that the electricity service is the cornerstone of economic and social development in Erbil province. The most important conclusions that the government of the province of Erbil started to depend on attracting investments to the private sector and the most important company that equip the province of Erbil with electricity is Mased Global company,   The second project is Car Karup Company . The per capita share in Erbil governorate is 1.3 kWh / person / day ie 1300 watts / Day) and thus the maximum Z processing power in Erbil province, up to (926.58) MW, but the need of population to power is up to (1528.40) MW thus grants to a large deficit to maintain the processing of electricity and need strategies and planning to overcome this problem. The high temperature in the summer leads to an increase in loads on the network in a sudden and resulting in technical failures emergency.

Strategies for developing agricultural activity in Barwana sub-district

Thaer A. Saleh; Bilal B. Ali

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 98-128

The research dealt with the development strategy of agricultural activity in Barwana area to improve the reality of the agricultural sector in its branches (plant and animal). On the existence of surface water and groundwater suitable for irrigation of this land, either the potential of mankind was the existence of a working age group active enough to develop agricultural activity, which represents the only guarantee for the success of agricultural development in the region. With the development of strategies for the development of agricultural activity (plant and animal) and the research ended with several conclusions and recommendations, through which to help the actors in the judiciary or the region to advance the agricultural reality more.

Spatial modeling of the torrents risk in Wadi Al-Walaj Basin in Anbar Governorate, using modern geographic techniques

Ahmed flayyah Fayyaidh

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 130-159

The research dealt with the hydrological spatial modeling of torrential risks in the Wadi Al-Walaj Basin in the western plateau in Anbar Governorate, western Iraq, and space visualizations and geographic information systems programs (GIS) were used. A set of indicators was used through the application of a number of hydrological transactions to determine the degree of torrential risk of a basin Wadi Al-Walaj and its secondary basins. The study showed that the region suffers from the risks of torrential flows and its degree of severity varies from one basin to another, as two basins (the middle access and its rivers) appeared under a high-risk torrent level, while the (wasted) basins are below the medium-severity torrents, while the basins (Al-Brim and the eastern walks) are Low risk

Functional efficiency of the use of religious land in the city of Kirkuk

Abdul Aziz Khader Abbas; Younus Hindi Alawi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 160-176

The study examined the functional efficiency of the uses of the religious land in the city of Kirkuk, where the religious function showed how important it is to the population and its connection to the spatial orientation in the appointment of religious places. The research found clear deficiencies and imbalances in the spatial distribution of the religious function, Religious institutions were constructed without the acceptance of design and absorption criteria by donors, as well as the lack of many other religious institutions that are supposed to exist, which led to the accumulation of population and the emergence of problems resulting from their performance, which reflected the dissatisfaction of the population, Study follow-up and supervision of religious services better to raise their efficiency to keep up with the continuous absorption of population increase. To provide the service you need in advance in accordance with the standards required when the establishment of any religious institution .

Changes in the specificity levels of the Euphrates water in Heet due to sewage effluents.

Omar F. Kimel; Qusay A. Hussain

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 177-195

The current study was conducted on the water course of the Euphrates River at its passage in the city of Heet in west Iraq within the Anbar Governorate in three locations (the Basayer area, the Heet Bridge and the District Water District project II) in addition to three sites for the disposal of sewage water (the teacher’s neighborhood trocar, and the course Al Dawara, and Hammadi drainage course) to monitor the effect of wastewater on the water quality of the Euphrates River, and for the monthly periods (January and August) for the year 2020. Record (pH, temperature, magnesium, calcium, phosphate, and sulfate) with Within the permissible limits where it was (7.5-8.3)      (12-31) (27-44) (77-310) (115-300) mg/L at th Wali with Adhrt values ​​Aaan materials Algdaiah and electrical conductivity and turbidity and chlorides Arthaa clear about the permitted boundaries of them when they (420-1250) (50-960) (20-45) (80-300)mg/L respectively

Climate change and their impact on wind characteristic in Al Anbar province from 1970- 2014.

Hamed R.Abdul Hakim; Ikhlas A. Salim

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 196-223

The study of climate change and it is effects is vital and fundamental because the climate of the earth in state of continuous change and that change effects and risks can not be overlooked because Iraq including the study area is not in isolation from this change. As a the evidence indicates that the Iraqi climate has witnessed clear changes it was not as now days.
This research came to shed light on the vital issue of  linking climate change elements and it is shapes especially the wind element with an explanation of reason for this change and it is evidence through the results of the research that we reach .we chose the subject of climate change and their impact on surface wind characteristics in Al –Anbar province from 1970 -2014, Contrast that effect the research was based on the data of five years climatic stations adopted .the researcher is selected according to it is located from study area represented by Al – Qaaim –Haditha- Ramadi –Rutb and Al Nikhaib as well as the availability of climate data within a time series from1970 -2014.

Family justice in the Islamic perspective

Anas Isam Ismael

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 224-238

Maintaining the family is the basis for maintaining the Muslim society because the family is the first unit of the society. To keep the family strong and cohesive, it needs a law, and this law is embedded in the Sharia. We will deal in this thesis with the justice that we are ins- tructed to obey by the Sharia inside the Muslim family, whether it is about the justice amongst wives or children, providing evidence from the sharia for each of them.

The Role of the Family in Socialization (Phenomenon of Delinquency in Iraq)

Ahlam Mohsen Hussein

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 239-262

God reminds us that this universe at its capacity started from a small family (o people, fear your Lord, who created you from one soul, her husband, and spread many men and women from them).
The Iraqi family is a Muslim and contemporary family that has given a lot to its children and maintains its family entity.       Socialization, which is moral and material care, occupies a special place in the general care of children, including the love of children and justice among them, and their protection from deviation and teaching them the ways of their society and their customs and traditions so that the individual can live in that community or among that group.     As for the deviation of events, which is a violation of social expectations and standards and deviant act is not more than a case of bad behavior that may threaten the social system and moral behavior and even life itself, so this phenomenon requires the use of a lot of efforts in the field of prevention of juvenile delinquency And at all levels, whether in the family or school, neighborhood and community.    The importance of research lies in the fact that 

The Ieadership Role of Women in a Crisis Society (Field study in Ramadi City Center

jameah I. Hussain; Hoda H. Amon

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 263-282

Our study (the leadership role of women in the crisis society)is one of important topics that we highlighted especially amongst a traditional (male)society that is governed by these social customs and traditions on the one hand. And on the other  it has be come over the past decades bear a set of challenges among the crises educated by iragi society .but it she managed to find her way and rise to assume responsibility and assume leadership positions in the field of work.
The importance of this study came through the importance of the role of women as the main pillar in laying sound . foundations in the anbar society this study aimed to identify the conditions and social characteristics that enhance the leadership role of women .as for the field aspect the researcher used in the study the methodology of the social survey and the tools used are the interview and questionnaire from it consisted of (26)basic and specialized questions and the random stratified nonproportional  sample was used .the complete sample size reached (230)distributed to two institutions the anbar university institution which included the college of education for girls .the college of pharmacy and the college of medicine .the anbar health foundations the department of pharmacy .the dental division and the medical equipment division and put for ward several hypotheses for the study.
The study came out with several results including that social media and media played a role in increasing the awareness of women of their leadership capabilities as well as that ther are social obstacles thet stand in the way of the women progress in the leadership position including the male societies view social customs and traditions.a social policy was developed in the light of the results of the field study. 

The Social Problems of the Mobile Phone A Site Study of the students of University of Anbar

Muhammad A fdem; Ahmed O. Khashan

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 283-304

Mobile phone is one of the means of communication that entered the community of the widest doors, which caused many social, economic, psychological and educational problems, especially on the youth category because they are the most used category of mobile phone Due to the wide openness to the virtual world and also the lack of research and studies dealing with such topics in Iraqi society where the study aimed to identify the social, economic, psychological and educational problems caused by mobile phone The field side where the study used the social survey methodology and the corresponding tools used and the questionnaire consisting of (41) basic and specialized questions. The random sample was used regularly and the size of the study sample (340) distributed over six collages, three of which are humane scientific and three of them applied scientific, while sixth chapter includes discussion of the hypotheses of the study and the study came out with several results, including social, economic, psychological and educational problems, including weak relations Family, increase in cases of divorce, facilitate e-extortion crimes, caused economic problems for the family, caused psychological problems and most important social isolation, low educational level of students, and several recommendations were made in the light of the results of the field study.

Culture of dialogue and avoid excluding the other An analytical study

Noora Majeed Ali

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 305-322

The aim of the research is to identify the concept of dialogue and its importance in societal life and how we can overcome problems in dialogue and accept the other, as well as highlighting the implications of the absence of dialogue in Iraqi society after 2003, the researcher relied on the historical approach, and the descriptive and analytical approach.

The Anarchic Behavior and its Relation to the Level of Belonging among a Sample of Secondary School Students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Fatima bint Ali Nasser Al-Dossary

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 323-353

The study aimed at identifying the relation between the anarchic behavior and belonging among a sample of secondary school students, and identifies the effect of the variables of school class, educational level of the family, and  economic level of the family. The study used the descriptive method, and applied the scale of anarchic behavior and the measure of belonging on a sample of (300) Secondary stage. The results indicated that the most anarchic behavior among secondary school students is: absence of fixed time for meals, delaying to school bus, violation of the school system's instructions, non-compliance with uniform while going to school and having no specific time For entertainment, putting school tools anywhere. The results also indicated that the most common behaviors that reflect the belonging of secondary school students can be summed up in the following terms: The need to imitate the coming cultures because they are the address of urbanization, the sense of pride and pride of national belonging, active participation in national events, participation in weddings and sorrows, No pandering news without verifying its validity, applying the law and not break it up, refusing to listen to any ideas that contradict the orientations of society.The results indicated that the female students of the third sect are more anarchic behavior, and that the high economic level students are more anarchic behavior, and that the students of low family educational level (uneducated) are more anarchic behavior. The results indicated that there were no statistically significant differences in the variables of school sect, the economic level of family, and the educational level of family. The results also revealed a negative correlation between anarchic behavior and belonging behavior.

Psychological rebellion and its Relationship to Academic Procrastination Among Middle School Students Returning From Displacement

Safaa H. Turki; Shaima A. Obaid

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 354-385

The current research aims to identify the level of Psychological Disobedience and its relation to Academic Procrastination among secondary school students returning from displacement,Where the researchers adopted the steps of their research on the descriptive approach, and The sample, was randomized by (400) individuals (200) for males and (200)for females and for each of the specialization of scientific and the literary,and To achieve the research objectives, the researchers built a measure of Psychological Disobedience according by theory  (jack brehm 1966) and built a measure of Academic Procrastination according by theory (Bandura 1997),and the truth and consistency of both measurements were extracted,The results resulted in the absence of differences in Psychological Disobedience among the sample in general, while there are differences according to gender variable in favor of males and the absence of differences according to the variable specialization,As for the Academic Procrastination The results resulted in the absence of differences among the sample in general, as well as the absence of significant differences according to  gender variable and specialization as for The correlation between the two variables was statistical but inverse.

The effectiveness of a program based on the belief in the justice of the world in reducing the level of oppressive thinking of displaced women

amar A. Farhan; Sabreen A. Hussein

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 386-423

The current research problem is determined by the following question: (To what extent does the program based on belief in the justice of the world affect the reduction of the level of oppressive thinking among the displaced women?).The researchers used the experimental approach to achieve the research objectives which states the following, Identifying the level of oppressive thinking of displaced women.,Building a program based on a belief in the justice of the world in reducing the level of the oppressive thinking among the displaced women.,Recognizing the effectiveness of the program based on the belief in the justice of the world in reducing the level of the oppressive thinking of displaced womenThe research community consisted of (1861) displaced women from Al Anbar province / Ramadi / Kilo 18 K.M. camp. The researchers useds experimental design for both experimental and control groups and randomly selected (50) displaced women for the experimental group and (25) ) displaced women for the control group The following results have been shown:- Some displaced women have oppressive thinking.There are statistically significant differences between the average of the experimental group and the control group on the level of the oppressive thinking in favor of the control group.To complete the current research, the researchers have found a set of conclusions, recommendations and suggestions

The Cognitive Style (Independence - Accreditation) Among University Students

Safee A.Saleh; Muhammad N. Fayyad

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 424-446

The present study aims to the (independence/dependence) among university students, Identify the differences in the level of cognitive style (independence / dependence) among university students according to sex variable (males - females),The sample of the study consists of (400) male and female students from the morning studies for the academic year (2018/2019). The researcher, also, adopted )Witkin( scale for measuring the cognitive style (independence/dependence) after verifying its validity and reliability in measuring this concept. The researcher used the statistical bag to analyze his research data. The results showed that the respondents had a high level of independence

The Educational Principles of Values of Child Rights, an Analytical Study

Saddam Ratib Mahmoud Darawsheh

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 447-485

This study aimed to identify the educational principles of children's rights in sharia and law, and to achieve the goal of the study will be answered the questions of the study and to answer the questions of the study was an analytical study of the educational principles of children's rights, through the follow-up of the descriptive analytical method through analysis of the content, by conducting a survey of the verses of The Qur'an and prophetic hadiths sharia that showed the rights of the child in Islamic law, stand on them and analyze them, extract educational principles from them, as well as conduct a survey of international organizations that concerned the rights of children, And to show their tasks, and the areas of care for the child, and extract the educational contents of taking care of the child in these organizations and where the study society by limiting the rights of the child to the verses of the Qur'an and prophetic hadiths and then limiting the organizations that took care of the care of children, and choosing the sample of study of these rights set out in Islamic law, and limiting the most organizations that took care of the rights of the child, and the most important results of the research There are some duties of fathers and mothers towards the children as follows: The children have rights prescribed by Allah, and the fathers have rights over the children, which is prescribed by Allah almighty, and Allah has not distinguished between males and females in terms of providing The researcher found that there are rights for children in law through: fighting poverty, helping children in need, protecting children from harm, providing a healthy environment to live with dignity, combating child hunger, health care in poor areas, and protecting children. Childhood from exploitation of all kinds, education and protection from wars and disasters, achieving the social well-being of the child, the reality of social justice among children

Leadership behavior of geography teachers in high schools in Iraq from the students' point of view

Iman Shafeea Sabbar

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 4, Pages 486-504

The study investigates the leadership behavior of geography teachers in secondary schools in Iraq from the students ’point of view. The study sample consisted of high school students in the Anbar Province Education Directorate, so that there were (10) students from each school from (30) secondary schools from the Anbar Education Directorate. Their number reached (300) male and female students, and the research community consisted of teachers of geography in the Directorate of Education in Anbar Governorate for the academic year (2017-2018) and their number (90) teachers and schools from (30) secondary from the Directorate of Education in Anbar Governorate, and the study adopted the research method Analytical descriptive because it is more appropriate to achieve the research objectives, as this approach is not limited to collecting and classifying data, but rather explains these data and their significance. Therefore, the description is linked by comparison through the use of measurement and interpretation methods. The study found that geography teachers in secondary schools in Anbar governorate use two styles of leadership, namely, interest in work and concern for human relations, and that the leadership behavior used by geography teachers does not have any differences in terms of gender