Volume 2020, Issue 3, Summer 2020

The similar verbal guidance in the story of Moses and the Good Slave

Firas Yehia.A; Khalil Ragab H

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 3, Pages 1-21

One of the characteristics of the Qur'anic expression is that its meanings do not differ, and its buildings do not differ, as it is a miracle in its systems, and the predominant in its statement, the terms embrace it with meanings, and the Content in it corresponds to the buildings, but the high level of narratives of its narration, and the accuracy that accompanies its systems, may be encountered with suspicions in it Consistency of some word or verse, and it is difficult to direct what has been expressed.The art of directing (verbal similarity) is a great art of Qur'anic studies because it is concerned with directing what constitutes a statement art, and the ambiguous minutes of expression. This research (directing the verbal similarities in the systems of the story of Moses and Abd Al-Saleh) aims to guide what is confusion in the arts of expressing meanings, and what forms different forms of structures in the presentation of this story, and to reveal the consistency of words and expressions with the contents.The method used in this study is the descriptive-analytical approach, in which we try to find out what was unique about the way this story was presented, and what it included in pictures of exquisite composition, and what it was based on from the strange systems, and analysis of that to reveal the goal of compatibility and harmony between selection Words, expressions, and meanings held by them, as required by context and status

The Stage of Collection and Modification in the Creation of the Fetus as Expressed in the Holy Quran and the Sunnah Alnubawia

Mohammed D. Musa; Abdul Qadir D. Musa

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 3, Pages 22-37

Folding and Unfolding Collection and modification of rights in the Koran All embryology books mention that there are two very important processes during the early stages of the creation of the fetus called the process of Folding or bending and then the process of Unfolding and without these two processes the human being will not be created.Hadith Shareef By Our prophet referred to the process of folding with a much more precise word (Yujmaa) in the correct hadith (Verily the creation of each one of you is brought together in his mothers bllly for 40 days) and this word has covered nearly 17 types of the meaning Yujmaa , which occur in the first forty days, which is the stages of Nutfa, leech and Mudgha, in thi period the fetus takes in several shapes such as circle then morula then 2 layers disk then the form of a 3 layers disc then the tube shape and crescent shape before it takes its final erect shape.At forty-one day begins the process of unfolding and this process is that gives the creature its final shape. Human being is the only creature that has the erect or stature among other creatures.Allah mentioned in Surah Infitar, Verses 6-7

Arabic linguistic thought. His idealism. Realism

Salah El-Din Younis Ahmed

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 3, Pages 38-58

This research starts with describing the concepts of the ideal and the realistic from lexical and idiomatic perspectives, then we state briefly philosophical concepts related to these two idioms on which some of linguistic theories are built:.1- Idealization of the linguistic inheritance in the minds of the contemporaries, like exemplified titles as "The Genius of Arabic" by Dr. Omar Farrookh. 2-The Normative and the Intentionality as two concepts left the scope of philosophy to the scope of linguistic constructions, and here we see some applied examples in the ancient Arabic criticism keeping in mind its representations in contemporary critical and rhetorical text like that by the thinker Dr. Tammam Hassan.3- The linguistic experiment of Non-Arabic scholars like The Russian, Mikhail Lomonosov principally in mending the deep structure for the language to meet the demands for the continuous discoveries. 4- The native language….. the mother of all languages… analyzing the two concepts as two phases of the idealistic monism especially in main text. 5- The poetic of the other … as a world having its existence and borders for its reading leads to knowing the self and ridding illusions.6- What could be done? A question that we ask to search for a way of criticism as a tool for omission and selection.Conclusion and Results

The Masjids and Mosques of Aleppo as presented in the Book 'Nuzhet AL-Nawadher Fi Rawdh Al-Manadhir' by Ibn Ashuhna

Mudher A. Ali; Othman A. Saleh

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 3, Pages 59-103

Our Islamic Arabic heritage still looks for someone to clarify it, particularly as for those who lived in the late centuries, because they were wronged for not having the fame that was achieved by those people living before them. Therefore, we have missed much of the opinions and scientific works of those living in the late centuries.On this basis, we have selected Ibn Ashuhna Assagheer (Died in 890 AH / 1485 AD) and his book'Nuzhet AL-Nawadher Fi Rawdh Al-Manadhir', which is still a manuscript. Thus, we have worked to ascertain this important part and to make it available for the readers and researchers after being put aside for a long period. We want to talk about Ibn Ashuhna Assagheer and his book 'Nuzhet AL-Nawadher Fi Rawdh Al-Manadhir' and also to investigate the case concerning the masjids of Aleppo and its mosques through which the author showed for us their greatness how they were built, and also clarified the Awqaf (endomwnts) made for these mosques, particularly through his talk about Aleppo Greatest Mosque, which was built by the Amawi Khalief Salman Bin Abdul-Melek.We have tried our best to document the texts from the sources from which the auther had taken his information. And, in case of missing these sources, we have documented this work from other sources that have presented the same texts

The position of the Arab Islamic State on the claimant of prophecy

Saad Abdul Haleem Thu Alnon

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 3, Pages 104-134

Research SummaryProphethood is a message from God to the people of the earth that directs them and warns them and takes them into their own righteousness. God has bestowed on them the best human beings, paid them zakat and purified them with hearts, carried their burdens and carried them right until God passed away. And the prophets concluded the parties} 40 On his hands God showed the message of Islam and spread thanks to God among the people and appeared in his life , liars who claimed prophethood as a Muslim and the dark leprechaun, and the situation continued after his death “ And with the passage of time many of them appeared as believers of the saying “ False quacks are close to thirty, all of whom claim to be the Messenger of God. ”Al-Tirmidhi, Sunan Al-Tirmidhi, 8/426. The importance of the research lies in the fact that it highlights many personalities who have claimed prophethood, in different places of the Islamic Arab state, and their views and opinions differed according to what it deems appropriate for him and his people or his call, and most of those calls and their claimants were aspiring and greedy in the rule of rule or sabotage in the Arab state Islam, and some of them claimed it in a period of time and then changed it and repented to God, while some claimed prophethood in case of illness or madness, and the benefit of the research lies in exposing the dangers of liars and claimants on the fabric of Islamic society, and lying to God and His Messenger, exploiting weak minds to spread their claim To find out the position of the state Islamic Arabism in eliminating them and ridding people and countries of their evil

John F. Kennedy policy toward West Germany (1960-1963)

Iman Jawad Hadi Al-Barzanji

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 3, Pages 135-185

The defeat of Hitler's Germany in World War II on May 9, 1945, the entry of the Allies into German lands, the surrender of the German army and the subsequent holding of conferences and surrender treaties, the division of war spoils, and then the imposition of sanctions and compensation on the state of Germany and the rest of the Axis countries are among the historical issues that still raise many Inquiries.The problematic of the issue stemmed from the policy pursued by the United States of America and its allies in Germany, which differed completely from the policy of the Soviet Union in the eastern part of Germany, which relied on restoring confidence in the Germans themselves and integrating them into the international community for the sake of the return of Germany's political and economic revival in accordance with the principles of American democracy and judiciary. On Nazi ideas.The hypothesis of rebuilding Germany by the United States came to asking several questions, including: To what extent did the American political and economic interests require the restoration of the state of Germany to stand in the face of the Soviet communist tide, and what is the British - French position in reunifying the German states that were under Western occupation Was it the role that Adenauer played in investing all local and international opportunities and stances to lead Germany as a strong country in Europe? And how different is President Kennedy's policy than his predecessors towards unifying German lands and establishing the state of Germany, and to what extent has the policy of (flexible response) he pursued? Kennedy in Adenauer's approach to France, politically and economically

Dogmatism and its relationship to self-esteem among a sample of students of the College of Education in Dallam

Asmaa H. A; Mona A.A

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 3, Pages 186-224

This study aimed at identifying dogmatism and its relationship to self-esteem among a sample of students from the College of Education in Dammam, Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University and its impact. To achieve the goals of the research, the demagogy and self-assessment scale was applied after conducting Validity and reliability analysis on a sample of (221) students. The results concluded that the degree of demagoguery among female students of the College of Education is high, as the general arithmetic average for this scale reached (3.24), which indicates a "high degree". And the level of self-esteem among students of the College of Education is high, as the general arithmetic average of this scale reached (3.40), which indicates A "high degree" as the results reached for the presence of a direct (positive) correlation at the level of significance (0.01) between demagoguery and self-esteem among students of the College of Education in Dalm, as well as the results of the absence of statistically significant differences at the level of statistical significance (0.05) and less in the vocabulary answers The sample of the study is on (the ethical side, the Mental, social aspect, physical aspect, and demagogy scale) according to the variable of specialization, and the presence of statistically significant differences at the level of statistical significance (0.05) or less in the answers to the vocabulary of the study sample about (the measure of self-esteem as a whole) according to the different specialty variable. The study also found that there were no statistically significant differences at the level of the statistical significance (0.05) or less in the answers to the vocabulary of the study sample about (the emotional side, the moral side, the mental side, the social side, the physical side, the measure of self-esteem as a whole, and the scale of demagoguery) with a different location variable Living

Social values and planning for building social housing

Ikram Ayashi; Hafsa Jaradi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 3, Pages 225-250

The aim of study is to determine the extent to which architects take into account social specifityin determining relegious and cultural values or what is known assanctity when designing public housing it also seeks to disclose whether the bureau of promotion and management of real Estate is responsible for the implementation of housing projects impose conditions in the design of housing based on a specific budget and according to a strategy that meets the desire of the beneficiares or leave the field for the engineer to innovate in the design in order to achieve the following objectives we have used the descriptive analytical approach that helped us to describe ,interpret ,analyze ,and understand the problem of values associated with the practice of personal life of families .As well as the content analysis approach ,which was also associated with the use of content analysis technology especially category analysis ,After an interview with 10 engineers who formed the research sample supported by evidence containing open questions were disseminated data and analysis to reach the desired results and the study reached the results and the objectives of the reseach were the most important that the standardes and metrics that engineers focus on take a more tecgnical than moral and that the attentin to the normative aspects of value is al moste non –existent in social housing schemes

Our Arab Cultural Identity and its Future Prospects in Light of the Challenges of Globalization: An Analytical Theory Study

Saleh Samir Al-Dulaimi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 3, Pages 251-307

Today, the world is undergoing major changes that have included most areas of life. These transformations are not limited to technological advances that depict the great progress and development of modern Western technology, reflected directly or indirectly in changes covering all areas of life. The progress made due to the globalized strategy of the West that is trying to export it to all the societies of the world, including our Arab societies, has important positive aspects in its daily life, and at the same time it has negative aspects whose effects are beginning to warn of greater risks and problems if no attention is paid to them. Among the most important manifestations of change that the world faces today is the impact of globalization on the aspects of social, cultural, economic and political life, whether at the level of the individual in the family or at the level of societies in general.Cultural globalization is a cultural invasion that affects the subjectivity of individuals and nations, and brings with it a cultural, political and economic discourse for the peoples of the world that there is no room for cultural pluralism, but rather the survival of a globalized culture, which is characterized by the monopoly of information and means of communication that transcend the national borders of peoples and the personal borders of individuals. In other words, the above strategy attempts to remove an old culture and change it into a new globalization one. This is the meaning of colonialism, but in a culture, which can be called the new imperialism

The Social and Health-Pathological Dimensions of Drug Aabuse by Youth and Their Impact on Overall Development

Zain Al-Abidin Muhammad Ali

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 3, Pages 308-336

The phenomenon of drug addiction began to occupy a prominent place in the concerns of the local and global world, and the seriousness of this phenomenon is that it affects the human potential in any society directly and indirectly, especially young people of both sexes, and affect the human potential in any society, no matter how different The degree of urbanization or even poverty, it affects the axis of the movement of societies towards their various activities, and affect the resources of natural and human wealth, which impedes multiple efforts for comprehensive development in society. It also leads to many categories of delinquency, where they take them traders, manufacturers and farmers of narcotic substances as well as take them transporters, distributors and promoters of narcotics, which often lead them to experimentation and then sit in the queue of abuse and addiction. Large members of the same community in this area, whether deviants or abusers and drug addicts due to the great gains of narcotic substances and ease of transport and some of which comes at the top of that cookie and heroin.Since most of the Arab state has recently been seeking development and has been extracted oil, and on the other hand has become a market for drug dealers, which killed many of its youth and production capacity. Hence the importance of this research comes from the seriousness of drug use, which poses a real threat to the development of our Muslim and Arab societies

Weakening Feelings of Social Loyalty and its Relationship to Social and Political Change in Libyan Society An Anthropological Study in the Beautiful City

Salem Mohammed Al-Hurais

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 3, Pages 337-363

The research problem was crystallized through a dialectical contrast between the current Libyan society culture and the behavior of its members from Nahalah, and the previous society culture on the other hand as a result of the activities of social, cultural and political change factors, where we note the difference between the culture and relationship of members of society to each other descending from the past and the associated values , And the current society culture, the behavior of its members, and the associated change and weakness of the national goat, poor social relations, the widespread phenomenon of theft, kidnapping, and assault on individuals, public funds, and state institutions.In light of the foregoing, this research seeks to identify the root changes brought about by the social, political and cultural change in the Libyan society, and to identify the difference that this change has brought about between the components of Libyan society, as well as the negative effects that have resulted in weakening feelings of community loyalty, by providing an answer to Some key questions in light of the circumstances of social change in the Libyan society as a whole

The Influence of Syrian Refugee on the population and the national identity in Jordan

Shatha S. Al-Zoubi; Muhammad A Al-Mousawi; Hanan S. Abdullah

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 3, Pages 364-389

This study aimed to identify the influence of Syrian refugee issue on the Jordanian national identity, by using the descriptive analytical approach, therefore, an electronic questionnaire was developed as study tool to collect data, and study community consisted of Jordanian cities followers on social media websites, the sample was collected by convenience method, it consisted of 384 individuals.The result consisted of many factors in which the most important were: The Syrian refugee issue influence on Jordanian National identity scored a medium level, the result had also showed that there are no significant differences at level of (0.05) for the influence of Syrian refugee issue on the Jordanian National identity according to (gender, place of residence, work nature and age)

Challenges of Societal Deterrence for Juvenile Criminals in the Egyption Child Law Critical Analysis of the Age Problematic

Nabil J.M; Islam F. An

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 3, Pages 390-411

Some laws are characterized by rigidity, which has not kept pace with change and progress, on the one hand, and limitations in its ability to achieve the desired goal, on the other hand. Their inability to achieve justice and consider equality and fairness is lacking, so public deterrence is absent in society due to the failure of the perpetrators to receive due punishment, especially the juvenile criminal who committed chilling crimes due to their ugliness and negative repercussions on society. This requires amending some articles of the laws that are now not keeping pace with reality and the changes that accompany it, even in the same crime patterns. And here, the problematic of the study: The matter has turned from mere phenomena into a wave of violent violence that spawns a generation of experienced criminals in society for not deterring them with sanctions commensurate with their criminal actions. The study adopts the method of critical analysis, critical legal theory objectives of which the most important are; monitoring and analyzing the challenges of applying the social deterrence of the juvenile offender in the child law and then discussing the mechanisms of confrontation. The study reached

Globalization and Youth Value Change: A Field sStudy in the Nabatieh Area

Rola Jamil Hoteit

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 3, Pages 412-454

It is one of the reasons I am delighted to participate in this academic forum, to have the privilege of presenting a research paper within the framework of the Humanities Conference: Challenges and Strategies for Advancement.Objectives of the research: To highlight the role of technological influence in the relationship of children with their parents, as the most important change in this relationship is the change in the family reference, with the increasing turmoil in the roles, values and function within the family, in light of the responsibilities at work, and the infiltration of technology ghosts to the family home.The aims of research: To draw an overview of the cultural practices of Lebanese youth in the Nabatieh district, by discovering the conditions surrounding these practices, and monitoring their consumption and the methods used in forms and contents. We also try to determine the circumstances and frequency of these practices. We also want to identify some of the youth's interests and preferences expressed in these practicesMethodology: Experimental and descriptive analytical approaches.Techniques: A questionnaire - interview.Sample of study: 568 secondary and vocational students in Nabatiyeh District in South Lebanon. In addition to 30 families (parents)The results of the study: Monitoring the change in the values in the youth through their preference for values that have been transferred from other cultures through the media, but these models of values have not been transmitted as they are, but some adjustments in light of the continuing influence of parents in the youth despite the competition of the Internet and social media techniques

Trends of University Elites towards the Community Mechanisms for Building and Managing the State Field study at University of Anbar

Jumaa Ibrahim Hussein

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 3, Pages 455-494

The ramifications of the American occupation and Isis periods result in the appearance of complicated and dangerous problems that face our community. The most prominent of these problems are community divisions ,the tendency for the sub-national identity and lack of any real national reconciliation. This research aims at recognizing the community mechanisms for building and managing the state embodied by the concepts of community integration, the national identity, community reconciliation and the challenges in addition to drafting the constitution which determines the shape of the state and its political system for the constitution is connected with the above concepts which form integrated and effective framework for preparing the pillars of state administration. To achieve the aim of the study, we depend on social survey by choosing a sample of 50 university instructors from both the humanities and scientific colleges in Anbar University and collecting data through questionnaire

The Structural crisis of Arab Society its Implications for Social Thought Among the Intellectual Elite

Banah Ahmed Ibrahim

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 3, Pages 495-515

The Research studies the effect traditional community structure of Syrian society(the ethnic ,religious ,tribal) in the selection of the educated elite of their representatives in the political decision, and is characterized by the deprivation of inherited customs and social thought and characterized by scientific thought. The results indicated the emergence of socio-intellectual residues dating back to the feudal stage lies in the intellectual and political unconscious of this educated elite sons of the peasants, they subconsciously belong to feudal families despite the end of their era The intectuals work to sustain their power in their political live

The Reality of Iraqi Society and Ways to Confront Extremism (an Analytical Study from a Aociological Point of View)

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2020, Volume 2020, Issue 3, Pages 516-532

Iraq has experienced difficult economic, political and security conditions, but nothing happened after the US occupation of Iraq (9/4/2003) and beyond. Despite the lack of social security, political tension and differences of religions, sects and races in many countries, Threaten the security and social sectors of the country. There is no doubt that extremism is one of the most important social variables in the present era. It is the heresy that revolves around the problems of the world, especially the Arab world. With the advent of the Arab Spring (2011) and the previous wars and crises that have led to inflaming extremism of all kinds, especially religious ones in the Arab region . Iraq is undoubtedly suffering from this extremism and many other forms. The current research has come to shed light on the reality of Iraqi society and extremism and ways to confront it through analyzing this phenomenon socially and reaching an integrated strategy to get out of this crisis