Volume 2018, Issue 2, Winter 2018

Al-Mirwiyat al-Haskiyya through Musnad al-Humaidi who died in AH 219 AH / 834 AD

Abdul - Jabbar Mahmoud Shremes Al - Dulaimi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 2, Pages 1-34

Addresses the subject of research the historical aspects in the book rack Hamidi, has dealt with it to different aspects of life and we took a clear picture about the features of the Muslim community in that era, so Hamidi in his Musnad and wrote other modern has the richest field of history and Islamic civilization with valuable information for those period, have found Humaidi in order predicate novice Bmsanid Caliphs on Tzlzlem historical, then Msanid companions missionaries Paradise, then the rest of Msanid companions, God bless them, have grouped the search to several axes: First: The Life of Al-Hamidi, and second: History of the Islamic faith, and third: historical aspects of religion, and fourth: the military aspects, andfifth: the political aspects, and sixth: the administrative aspects, and seventh: economic aspects, and eighth: the scientific aspects, has been reached by examining the historical aspects in the book rack Humaidi the following results: Hamidi gave useful information on aspects of economic life in the era of the message, which sheds light on the evolution of the economic process in that era, and to historical novels in the book rack Hamidi great importance in bridging the many gaps that are not covered by the history books.


Their sons and their political role in the country of Andalusia from the Emirate until the end of the era of the Kingdom of Granada (138-897)

Bhar Ahmed Jassim Al Samurai

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 2, Pages 35-47

In this research, we discussed a family of ancient families of the same name in the city of Granada, the family of the sons of Adha, who emerged from them many men. They had a great role in the political events that the Arab Islamic state in Andalusia experienced, especially in the modern era of the emirate, the caliphate, In this research, we discussed the political and political role of Andalusia in the Andalusian countries from the time of the Emirate until the end of the era of the Kingdom of Granada. Study of the study The last grandsons of Bani Adha in the era of the sultans of the Kingdom of Granada, came the conclusion to show the most important findings of the search results and then the right list of margins and proven sources and references.


The Impact of Natural Disasters on the Economic Situation in the Arab Islamic State 447 AH / 1055 - 1194 AD

Suhail Turki Antar

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 2, Pages 48-69

The study showed the political situation and its effects on the economic situation, especially the agricultural ones in Iraq during the Seljuk period, where the entry of the Seljuks to Iraq in (744 AH / 1055 AD) and the invasion of soldiers to the agricultural land has led to the destruction of land and irrigation projects and channels and destruction of crops, as well as the descent of invading soldiers in the houses.In the area of ownership of agricultural land, the ownership of agricultural land has been transformed after it has undergone several changes over the years from the Islamic form of ownership (exploitation), ie, the utilization of the right of usufruct and possession without the right to disposition (sale or donation) until it took the form of feudal (military) In return for military service instead of salaries, as a result of the financial crises faced by the State Treasury at the time.The Seljuks followed the guarantee as a way to collect taxes, ie, to guarantee the collection of agricultural land tax to guarantors pledging to pay annual amounts agreed with the state, but the guarantors tended to exploit and imposed additional fees on the farmers, forced them to forced labor and frequent excesses, This is due to the spread of sedition and the destruction of agricultural land, and the lack of imports of the money house. This policy of security is one of the negative effects resulting from the bad political situation. The Military feudalism is considered an important pillar of the Seljuks' financial and military policy. The expropriations are one of the main obstacles to the country's economy. Military feudalism has led to the replacement of poor land or the decline of its fertility in new fertile lands by commanders and soldiers. To the military leaders) of the central state, which has been so strong that it strangled the central state and led to collapse and fall.


Urban aspects through the journey of the father stay Balawi (after 767 e) Taj Mafraq in the desalination of scholars of the Orient

Ismail Majbel Hamad

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 2, Pages 70-82

The research focuses on one of Abul Baqaa’ al-Balawi journeys in his book Taj Al Mafraq in the Tahliyat (Enrichment) of Scholars of the Orient. The journey aimed to perform the Haj (Pilgrimage) in addition to the seeking for knowledge. However, he explains the geographical and urban aspects of all the towns and cities he visited. He describes all what he had seen on his way in a precise way and with details since he left Andalusia all the way and the way back home. His journeys included valuable information, nevertheless this research investigates the urban aspect only. The research comes in two sections: Section One is demonstrating a biography, while Section Two discusses the urban aspects which he saw during his journey and his explanation of the towns he visited.


The contributions of Shaqoura flags in the scientific life until the end of the Islamic Arab state in Andalusia in the year (897 AH / 1492 AD)

Ghazi Faisal Saleh Dhiab Al Dulaimi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 2, Pages 83-108

The flags of Shaqoura have contributed to the scientific life, beginning from the beginning of the sixth century AH, and extended to the end of the Arab Islamic State in Andalusia in the year (897 AH / 1492 AD). These contributions were manifested through the transmission of science, led by scientific seminars in mosques, in their homes, through their eruditions on authorship and classification, and their administrative work, especially the Office of Letters, sometimes called secret writing. There have been many arts of science and knowledge by the scientists Shaqoura, including the science of interpretation, readings, Hadith, jurisprudence, poetry, prose, and the sciences of Arabic, history, and medicine. Thus, these flags contributed to the addition of new building blocks to the Arab-Islamic civilization.


Biography of the Prophet Muhammad  through the book of true Ibn Hibban historical study

Muayed Obaid Yassin

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 2, Pages 109-133

Studying Al-sīra al-Nabawiyya ( The Prophetic biography) is essential in order to understand the Islamic history, especially the knowledge of his invasions, task forces, qualities, and his relations with the different stratum of the society. The Qur’an as well as Al-Hadeeth books have mentioned many of the qualities, merits and invasions of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), in addition to other influential events through his life. Other details about the different religious, political, social, and economical affairs are mentioned there also. This research deals with first: the biography of Ibn Habban , second: the biography of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) during the Makki era, and third: the biography of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) during the Madani era. The study has revealed that Ibn Habban is one of the propagandists in the classification of the Hadith and the science of wound and modification (al jarh wal ta'deel science). Ibn Habban described the life of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) before the Islamic Mission, as a period of physical preparation and adaptation to help him carry the mission. He mentioned that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) did not find a secure place in Makkah, seeking a more secured place, which he found in Yathrib region, after meeting the tribes' leaders in many occasions. He also explained how the supporters show their solidarity and consolation to the immigrants, when they shared their properties to ease their financial crisis after fleeing Makkah. Ibn Habban had also explained the life of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in his house and his relations with his wives, the political and military life and the Prophet's commandments to the leaders, urging them to adhere the principles of Islam. Finally he mentioned the signing of Al Hudaybiyah reconciliation with Quraysh, Makkah conquest and the disassembling of the idols.


The Shrine of Abu Bakr al-Shibli in Baghdad (archaeological study)

Saadi Ibrahim Al Darraji

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 2, Pages 134-151

This study deals with the studying of Submerged shrines in ancient Baghdad Cemeteries as a shrine of the Abu Baker Al-Shibly (334H) according to its historical significant described as one of the Mystic media through Abbasid era. It concentrated on the renew shrines at the last of Ottoman era from the side of planning and architecture in addition to document all emergency works specially those which had been written on stones panels . The researcher tried to read what can be found of establishing specially texts related with shrine and photographed to empty the ancient of it and clarify the graphic type and the nature of painting letters accurately .the ancient ones had been written with graphic Al-Nuskh and it implemented by prominence letter style on the plane of Gray marble . This witness considers as one of the importance as to describe the ancient written plane came from Al-Khayzaran Cemetery used in it the way of memorial carvings .he collected two different types that are : the first one described as witness mentioned the The year of the martyr's death and his high status whereas the second is to date the building that Which was renewed by the Baghdad judge.


New Salah and his political role in the events of Syria 1963-1964

Ahmed Saleh Khalifa; Abeer Abd Aboud Al Shuaibi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 2, Pages 152-162

Syria's history has witnessed the emergence of many military and political figures that had a prominent role in the events of Syria during the coups , among these figures was Salah Jadid who was known by his ambition and his intelligence . Salah Jadid had a prominent role in eliminating the coup of Jassim Alwan on the 8th of July 1963 with the assistance of many other security devices . It was his positive role in calming the events in Hama to return to its normalcy .


The internal politics of Nasir Pasha Al - Saadoun in Al - Muntfak

Mansi Sharmout Mohamed; Mason Mohamed Zidan

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 2, Pages 163-178

Al-Muntafiq tribes affiliated with Al-Muntafiq, headed by sheikh Nasser Al-Saadoun, worked to expand the calculation of neigbboring lands through frequent invasion carried out by the Muntafiq tribes in those areas. Nasser Basha Al-Saadoun worked to adhere to the tribal heritage in this regard, predominantly tribal.


France's policy towards the Assyrians in Syria for the period 1933-1939

Ali Hussein Ali; Emad Khamis Hamza

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 2, Pages 179-206

Colonial countries used the pretext of protecting Christian minorities as a tool to in filtrate the affairs of other countries to achieve the interests they sought. This led to the desire to highlight a model such as that of France 's policy towards the Assyrians in Syria for the period of 1933-1939, There was an independent study, in particular a documentary study on the subject of the research, which was divided into five axes. The first axis spoke about the French archaeological relations until 1918, the second axis was titled the first archaeological migration to Syria, The fifth axis discussed the general situation of the Athurians inside the Syrian territories and the French position. Finally, the subject of the research came out with a number of results, The main point was that after the exodus of the Assyrians, the French government sought to exploit the internal problems suffered by the government. In particular with the Assyrians, to urge the latter to immigrate to Syria, with the aim of recruiting them into their forces and creating a balance of population in their favor in the Syrian region at the expense of their original inhabitants and making them a tool to strike the national anti-colonial movementz, in particular the Syrian National Bloc.


The Role of Iraqi Clans in Security Stability in Iraq (King Faisal I 1921-1933)

Eid Jassim Selim Najm Al Dulaimi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 2, Pages 207-219

The first research tackles the nature of Iraqi society and the role of clans’ Sheiks towards the policy of British occupation. The second research exposes the attitude of British management towards Iraqi people and its attempt to approximate the clans’ Sheiks for the sake of the British forces and to keep its military and political dignity and to manage the clans for the British’s own economic interests. Therefore the British management kept out rivals to its policy and adducted loyalists. Then it gave them the privileges and tenders, let them take part in the administrative affairs, made special guards for each one and specified a monthly salary for them. Those Sheiks, therefore, became amenable; they took their instructions from the British management. It gave them the responsibility of keeping security and it necessitated them to arrest discrepant and rivals to its management. Also it necessitated them the responsibility of securing the transportation to keep he British’s fighters’ spirits.


Area characteristics of the dam of Mosul and Haditha

Mahmoud Ibrahim moteab; Awss Talak Mashaan

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 2, Pages 220-242

The study concluded that the actual storage of water inside the dam of Mosul and Haditha is not equal to the actual water present due to water sediments. Three levels of depths were identified within the lake at different periods (2000, 2009, 2016). The deep water of the Mosul reservoir is not more than 50.8% in 2000, recording 67.8% of the total area of the reservoir in 2009, which shrank significantly. The area of the reservoir in 2000 was 163.6 km2, while in 2009 it did not exceed 136.3 km2. (110.2 km 2) in 2016, recording a decline of approximately (32.7%) of the area Registered in 2000. The problem of arsenals in this year was also evident. The deep water ratio was only 30.6% of the total area. The reservoir of Haditha Dam is very different from that of Mosul, where the percentage of deep water in 2000 was 54.9%, whereas in 2009 the lowest was attributed to the modern tank during the study period. The reservoir area decreased from 230.2 km2 in 2000 to 101.3 km 2) in 2009, ie, it has fallen by 56%, and the depth of water in 2016 (31.2%). Here, the problem of sediment is very large and should be studied to maintain the sustainability of this system. In April 1988, the highest water intake of Mosul tank (3275 m 3 / s) was recorded, while the month of August of 2014 was lower. (75 m 3 / s), while the highest water intake for the modern dam was also in 1988 but in May (2990 m3 / s) and the lowest water availability recorded in July and April 2015 (60 m3 / s).


Spatial analysis of areas suitable for harvesting water in Wadi Horan

Mashaal Mahmoud Fayyad; Safi Jabbar Hafe Saleh

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 2, Pages 243-268

A study for the water aspect has been done in the area under study. Water resources still represent the essential factor in the area under study and a research has been made to seek the water aspect in Anbar’s plateau. As well as a research made to study water arbitrage in the area under study according to two methods by calculating its distribution and then calculate volatility of concealed sweat, so the study came to indicate water arbitrage to calculate value of sweat and waste of water, according to such processes we can indicate the real quantity of water that effects water arbitrage.


Spatial movement in Saqlawiyah

Hussein Ali Al-Rawi; Abdul Razzaq Mohammed Al-Mohammadi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 2, Pages 269-286

This study dealt with spatial movement (migration) from the study area, which is one of the ways to increase or decrease the population in addition to births and deaths, it led to an increase in population in the study area and decreased in other areas, so they need to measure migration and there are several ways to measure migration of them The national growth rate, which was adopted in this study, if studied in the Saqlawiya area depending on the type of population male. The research dealt with the population coming from the cities of Anbar, other governorates and other countries. A questionnaire questionnaire containing a set of questions to serve the research was adopted and analyzed geographically. Emphasis was also placed on the factors attractive to the population and the repulsive factors in other areas. The research concluded that the study area is attractive to the population and that the size of the family is between 4-5 personsThe research came to a number of recommendations, including attention to economic development, especially economic development as attractive to the population as well as encouraging investment


Water Consumption for Human Use of Euphrates River in Haditha District (Hydrological Applications)

Mahmoud Ibrahim moteab; lLouay Maher Hammad AlDulaimi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 2, Pages 287-321

Water kestrels are of great importance in the life of all creatures .so it became binding to take care of this scone. In addition it has a vital role in the constructing of the guaranteed economic future for any geographic with other studies under the title(the consumption of Euphrates water in Haditha for people purposes ; Hydrological Applications )the steady tackles the studying of the classification of lard use systems and the multiple coasumptiams of water in Haditha for the years : 2016 and 2012 which their yearly water consumption for the area of the study acceding to the limited standards for those two years (93995371/104483957) cubic m.g A year in area . tndustrial use come first at consumption level of (6912000/6220800) cubic m. a year for each 2016 and 2010 in a raw whereas cosmetic use of water come second at a yearly level of consumption ( 9516780/ 8261640) chic m.a year for the two years ; 2016 and 2010 Agricultural consumption of water was (15256800/33771342) cubic m.a year and animal consumption of water in Haditha was (21791/242975) chic m.a year 2016 and 2010 however the water was studiedis qualified to achieve spatial development the it was made clear the area of the studyexpansion of and projects and fulfill the development by the wise running the water.


The role of development media in the process of social development

Isr. Khalil Ibrahim

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 2, Pages 322-330


The relationship of media to the development of society in terms of how to use its multiple and sophisticated means to guide the public that seeks to achieve development in society, the need for information to keep pace with its development plans and works to create the participation of the public in the development process because it is the best trend to disseminate knowledge of the direction of political power on the issue Development as it (i.e. media) provides the desire for change and develops people's interest in changing their society for the betterThe research problem has been determined in the following question: Can the media be developed to take a developmental role in the society and how to invest the effective capabilities of these means in achieving comprehensive development? The research also aims to know some practical applications related to the role of media in achieving development


The Role of the University in the Development of the Community Social scientific research is a model

Saleh Shabib Mohammed

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 2, Pages 331-346

Iraq has witnessed devastation and catastrophes on the human and the resources levels, as well as the infrastructures, and the progressive development have become dysfunctional for many years. Only one nationwide report has been issued which is dominated by the feature of complaint during the international sanctions (1995), and it was full of mistakes. Today in Iraq, there is a very great ambition even though it will remain an ambition unless there is resolution for self-dependency and the best exploitation of resources. The role of university in particular is ambitious as far as building humans culturally, educationally and ethically in a process to invest their human energy so as to enable them to bear his national responsibilities, and to enhance the state institutions first of which comes the university as a scientific monument that leads and supports the human thinking help in investing them in the building and the renaissance of the Iraq community and to prevent it. That cannot be achieve without science, knowledge and the eradication of illiteracy and the spread of knowledge and boosting university education as well as supporting its institutions in the scientific research and the postgraduate studies for the optimal use of the community sources. That will lead to the development in the economic, social and human sense of the word and the legislations of laws and regulations which enhance the role of university in development.


The correlation between the mathematical proficiency of secondary school mathematics teachers and the athletic proficiency of their students

Areej Khader Hassan

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 2, Pages 371-390

Our objective of this research is to determine the correlation between the mathematical skills of the mathematics teachers and the mathematical proficiency of their students. The research method adopted to answer the research questions and for the purpose of data collection, two tests were constructed, The first skill for teachers their final form consists of (8) paragraphed questions and (1) test to find their mathematic skill, the students had same test which consist of (8), The sample consisted of (20) teachers and schools from secondary and high schools from the Directorate of Education of the third Resaca and (800) students; (400) students from each gender, the results showed relation of teachers (male and female) for the mathematical skills and students were owning also those skills, female students did better in the test which was done for the purpose mentioned above and their was existence in relationship between the mathematic skills between teachers (male and female) and their students.


The impact of the problem-centered learning strategy on achievement and retention among middle school students

Ismail Ali Hussein Al Jumaili

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 2, Pages 347-370

The present paper aims at investigating the effect of using the learning which is centered on problem solving strategy on the achievement of the intermediate stage student. The researcher has followed the experimental procedures to achieve the aim of the present study. By using attest as an instrument for the study .Using the suitable statistical tools , it has been concluded that there is a statically significant difference between the two groups of the experiment at the expense of the experimental group. The researcher has arrived to several results. Among these are:- The use of problem solving strategy leads to improvement in the students’ achievement in history.- teachers as well as Students of the intermediate stage need modern and more active teaching strategies than the traditional ones. Among the recommeded points are :-The necessity of using problem solving strategy in an active way in teaching history.-Writing a guide for the teachers emphasizing the importance of these strategies and how to use them. Among the suggested points are :- conducting a similar study in other variables other than achievement.- Conducting a study similar to the present study in other subject and other teaching stage.


Sensitive control and its relation to motivation for learning among middle school students

Alaa El Din Ali Hussein; Watanya Raheef Amir

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 2, Pages 391-421

The present research aims at identifying the relationship between the conscious and motivation control of learning among middle school students. The sample consisted of (300) students randomly selected from the directorates of education (Karkh 1, Karkh 2, Karkh 3) of the city of Baghdad. The researcheres adopted the perceived control scale of Heeps (1998), which is composed by (2016), which consists of (22) paragraphs corresponding to (5) alternatives which are (quite often, sometimes, rarely, rarely) Prepared by (Qatami 1989), which consists of (36) corresponding to (5) alternatives are (strongly agree, agree, hesitant, disagree, strongly disagree) After the application of the measurements on the research sample was verified the standard characteristics of the instruments of honesty Virtual and honesty construction has been verified in the manner of Alpha Kronbach. The results showed the following:that middle school students are characterized by controlled contro.1. Students in middle school are characterized by motivation to learn.23.The relationship between conscious and motivated control of learning is positively positive, ie the more conscious control of students, the greater their motivation to learn. 4.There is no difference in the relationship between perceived control and learning motivation between males and females In the light of the current research results, the researcheres presented a number of recommendations and suggestions.