Volume 2018, Issue 7, Summer 2018, Page 1-382

Read the book of ten articles in the eye Attributed to Haneen ibn Ishaq (T194 264e)

Alaa Nafia.

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 7, Pages 1-23

Arabeque Artiques of the Vision of the Vision of the Vision of the Vision of the Vision of the Vision of the Vision of the Best of the Superpower. Tribulations and intrigues who try to rhythm, and has been able to overcome these tribulations and became exalted of the rest of the Abbasid Caliphs who have lived. Thus nostalgia became the eight successors of the Abbasids. He maintained his status as an interpreter and doctor.Haneen bin Ishaq's book has discovered 10 articles in Al Ain. It is the first special systematic book for the eye that raises its interest in the second stage, the number of its three rotations, the number of its diseases, its causes, its symptoms, and its methods of medicine, surgeries and the installation of medicines


Missing Texts from the book and the doctors’ virtues of Abdullah bin Gabriel Collecting, studying and investigating(D. 450 AH/ 1058 AD)

Iman Mahmoud Hamadi Al-Obeidi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 7, Pages 24-51

It is an obvious to say that the science of medicine is considered one of the sciences that Arab Muslims have known since an early time. The history of Muslims in the field of medicine and its precessions was not isolated from the history of Muslims in other sciences. Their cultural contributions, throughout the time of their existence, were accounted for them and their ancestors in the Arab and Islamic countries. My research focuses on the compiling of the missing historical texts from the book "The Virtues of the Physicians" by Ubaid Allah bin Gabriel (D 450 AH), the famous physician, whose ancestors were all famous and distinguished is craft in this craft in his time and age. This research was divided into two axes: the first was devoted to the definition of Ubaid Allah bin Gabriel (450 H), and to find out the details of his life and his writings and the year of his death. Then I have found that it was fair to take his scientific family in some details and accuracy due to their undeniable role in the field of Medicine. The sons of the parents have inherited the profession of medicine, since the days of their first grandfather, Georgios bin Gabriel, who was the chief of doctors of the soldiers of Yassbour. This family has served the Abbasid Caliphs since the time of the Caliph Abu Jaafar al-Mansour (137-158 AH / 754-77 AD). Their sons had inherited the profession, each in his reign and worked in the care of the Abbasid caliphs and their sons. It was from my approach, after taking his life in some detail, we should have a pause on the remaining of the book itself, considering it the mirror that reflects the origin of the missing book and deal with these texts on the basis of the book itself. It had been approved that the name of the book and its relation with Ubaid Allah bin Gabriel we have presented the subject of the book. I have been guided to study of the author's approach as much as still available texts of his mentioned book. It had been organized with the resources that he derived his book from. I have assumed that the method in citing them is to be according to the letters of the dictionary due to the unavailability of all the years of deaths of some of their translators. I have compiled, studied and edited some of the texts that I have found within some books. The second axe was devoted to the missing texts from the book "The Virtues of the Physicians", which amounted to (25 novels), and were included in the translations of thirteen doctors. I proceeded the Paper with a conclusion in which I have taken the most important results reached to in this research paper.


Al-Jarajmeh movements in the Umayyad Al-Jarajmeh movements in the Umayyad Dr.Hamid H. Ateea

Hamid H. Ateea

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 7, Pages 52-67

Al-Jarajmeh is one of the movements that the Umayyad state encountered in the land of Sham. The transfer of the news of the Romans in those quarters in exchange for their exemption from tribute and enjoy great independence in their regions, their loyalty to the Arabs was volatile, and quickly violated the Covenant and declared their hostility to the Umayyad state, did not hesitate in the alliance with the Roman Byzantines as they became loyal to them implement policy They used the hostility and participated in their campaigns that targeted the Levant. Al-Jarajma exploited the difficult and difficult conditions that the Umayyad state was going through in carrying out their attacks and achieving their goals. This was aided by their geographic location. They used to flee to the mountains if they were endangered. The Umayyad era was finally settled in the succession of Walid bin Abdul Malik after they were distributed to a number of villages and cities in


Flags of statutes in Andalusia

Nofal Hamed Abdul Rahman Al Shammari

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 7, Pages 68-88

And it is known by the materzi, which is the science which is called by all the estimator, he is entrusted to the officials of the inheritance (statutes), because it is capable of the owners. Then it was said to science about matters of inheritance, the law of statutes and the world by the hypothesis and the matter. The scholars of the heritage in Andalusia, and one of the most important topics that caught my attention flags of the statutes in Andalusia, as scientists and scholars are unanimous that there are flags in Andalusia witnessed them in the distressed and Aldeni in their prophecies and their writings and their effects, Vtzmoa the trouble to travel to Amazar and bear difficulties and bitterness, Then they are their enemies, and their souls are their goal and the evil..


The Influence of Myrna Population in the Public life of Myrna in Nishapur in the Fourth and Fifth Centuries A

Osama Mohammad Abdulkader

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 7, Pages 89-100

Many Influence in the Abbasid Age were emerged among the Islamic cities This paper was designed to study the influence of Myrna population in the public life of Myrna in Nishapur in the Fourth and fifth centuries AH . We dealt with nomination of Myrna City , its geographical location and Islamic conquest for it As we dealt Nishapur its importance , the religious influence of preaching social solidarity and then the scientific influence that was devoted to the contributions of Myrna ‘s scientists in teaching and participation in religious sciences of all kinds , such as jurisprudence and Hadith science . In addition , we dealt with administrative influence during the reign of the person who took over Nishapur from Myrna people . Then , I have ended the research with a conclusion and a list of sources and references.


Biny Maza and their political and science Influence in bukara, since the century fifth until Eighth for hijra

Alaa mutar Taia Al Dulyimee

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 7, Pages 101-116

The Bani Maza family is one of the most influential families in Bukhara's political and cultural history due to their relation to the Umayyad caliph Umar bin Abdul Aziz, who were the leaders and leaders of the Hanafi doctrine in their country. They are distinguished by their scientific and social status among their peers. And they have significant contributions and efforts in the political and administrative aspects, as they were on behalf of Bukhara, the most prominent administrative work entrusted to them, as well as have close relations with the rulers and princes of their time of the Seljuks. Their intellectual and scientific efforts are the most influential. Their efforts have contributed to accelerating the movement of the intellectual wheel in Bukhara in their time. Many scholars from many Islamic countries intended to attend. The scientific discussions attended by many of them were often held for their children in addition to that fields of transport science, which was the most famous scientific Hadith and jurisprudence, as well as the sciences of belief and controversy and literature and poetry.


Yamamah Provinee in historieal geography

Mohammed Abbas Gasem

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 7, Pages 117-133

It has dealt with several researches and letters and aspects of it, whether in a particular city or in a region of the Arab Islamic State. The study included a summary in Arabic and English, an introduction, four topics, a conclusion, a list of sources and references. The first topic included: the name, location, borders, The fourth topic is the history of the province of Yamamah and included: Al Yamamah before Islam, and the delegation of the people of Yamamah to the Prophet Muhammad, and the position of the people of al-Yamamah Of apostasy, and the consequences of the apostasy war in Yamamah .The province of Yamamah was called several names, most often called the "atmosphere" and then renamed the Yamama relative to the blue Yamamah of Bani Gdes. That the nature of the land of Yamamah and what contains the valleys, hills, mountains, plateaus, then occurred facts and wars between the Arab tribes and carried those facts the name of the place where these events occurred. The economic life in Yamamah was dependent on the cultivation of palm and the cultivation of grain of wheat and barley and others . After the sedition of Musaylima liar, and the killing of many of the memorizers of the Koran, and this made the Caliph Abu Bakr . and around him Muslims at that time to think about the collection of the Koran.


pparatus in Mosul and its role in establishing security 1623-1726

Imad Kareem Abass Al-Rawi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 7, Pages 134-148

The interest of the Ottoman Government in the military field have been fluctuated in the province of Mosul according to the prevailing situation at that time .The increase in these interests have a direct connection with the ottoman-Persian wars as well as the rebellions that were taking place in the other Iraqi provinces as a result for the significance site of Mosul . In addition ,this significance increase because of the frontier position of Mosul which was a center for the ottoman campaigns toward Persia( iran ) ,Baghdad , and Basrah province . clearly, the significance of this interest is asserted through the diversity in the sorts and forms of the military field . this part of military has maintained the security and stability inside the province of Mosul and abroad through the execution of the military campaigns and settled the disputation in the north of Iraq during the 17th century and the first decade of 18 th century .


The role of Iraqi political forces In the events of Mosul, 1959

saif Adnan Arhiyym al-Qaisi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 7, Pages 148-168

The struggle of the Iraqi political forces with the left-wing ideologies, especially after the revolution of July 14, 1958, led to the fragmentation of the Iraqi society, which is characterized by a national-religious diversity, which contributed to the disruption of the social components of Iraq. Right and left forces. The forces of different visions did not try to put forward political, economic and social programs that help solve the problems of Iraq. They left their programs to adhere to the imposition of their power on the Iraqi street and adopt the slogan of violence to liquidate dissenting opponents. These forces, for their part, transformed their ideological differences into an armed conflict that was violent and challenging. The first of these differences was Mosul, which had a social diversity that was difficult to reconcile and which was reinforced by the legislation of the July 14, 1958, In addition, it has opened the doors of the army wide to opposing forces to bet on the army to achieve its objectives. The events of Shawaf, which exploited this contradiction to achieve its objectives, have left a situation of instability witnessed by Iraq as a whole, and Mosul in particular because it has left far-reaching effects that successive governments have not seen with a vision and trying to examine the roots of the social problem that the society suffers and has imposed its policy without considering that there are social forces Differ with them in many issues and visions.


The Impat of Embargo of Oil on Soudi American Relation 1973-1975

Ali N. Mohammad

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 7, Pages 169-188

The American policy toward the Arab and Israel conflict has made the situation more tension. It has not been fair to the conflict but has always supported the policy of Israel. Therefore, adopted the role of Arabs, foremost among Saudi Arabia as a center of political and financial power, impact the oil embargo on pro-Israeli countries, especially the United States, are the first and most important dispute in Saudi and United States of America relations and the of reaction The United States of America on this step has included the threat of military intervention to occupy the Saudi oil resources, Especially after the upward deficit that hit the USA national economy following the embargo.


Kamalian Diplomacy and its Role in Declining the Treaty of Sevre 1920-1922

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 7, Pages 189-212

The Othman State fought WWI 1914-18 alongside with Germany while it was weak and exhausted. Its heavy legacy was shared by the coalition countries. Those countries made a secret treaty during the course of the war to divide that legacy among them. When the war ended this treaty was put in action especially in the peace conference in Paris which enforced the Treaty of Sèvres. The Turkish people refused the will of those countries and led the Turkish independence war which took two courses. The first was to eliminate internal enemies of the Turkish patriotic movement; and the second was to face foreign occupations of Turkish soil. The Turkish patriotic movement was able to achieve military victory on both sides. It forced the international forces to make an agreement to achieve a diplomatic victory. Due to the changes in the Turkish scene, those powers were forced to held many conferences to review the Treaty of Sèvres in attempt to amend it. The Kamalian presence was prominent in those conferences. He was able to force the international powers to admit the rights of the Turkish people. When there was a hardship in the attitudes, the military solution was available to support the negotiations. The victory of the Turkish army on Greece forced the coalition countries to sit down with the Turkish government and admit the rights of the people by declining the Treaty of Sèvres and negotiating peace.


The concept and origin of The Old Testament in the light of critical theories

Imad khudhair Salman

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 7, Pages 213-240

The Old Testament is the name Christians used for the Bible in the Jews, as distinct from the Bible, which they called the New Testament. Christians collected the two books in one book, called the Bible. The Jews call their holy books, the Torah, The Prophets and the Ketubot, and they call it the Hebrew Bible. The Old Testament is divided into: Three main sections: The first section: The Torah Torah: means the law, and includes the five books attributed to Moses peace be upon him. The second section: The Prophets: The names of the Prophets are related to one of two things: either to refer to the authorship of the Prophets of these books, or to speak of some of the prophets of the Children of Israel. These books tell the story of the children of Israel after Moses, peace be upon him, until after the return of the Babylonian families to Palestine, and rebuild the temple again. Jewish religion, as it is known, developed and integrated during the Jewish captivity in Babylon. The first books of the Torah began to take shape, now that the Jews were in captivity, which ended in 538 BC. After a period of more than half a century. However, some researchers believe that the Old Testament, including the Torah, has been misrepresented, altered, deleted and added to fit the situation of the Jews during the Babylonian families, and beyond, meaning that the Old Testament after almost eight centuries of The time of the Prophet Moses, which dates back to the thirteenth century BC. The nature of The research required that it be divided into: three sections: The first topic, the concept of the Old Testament, which dealt with the concept of the Old Testament and the sections of the Old Testament and its travels.The second section, entitled "Sources of the Old Testament", talks about the origins of the Old Testament, from which Judaism derived its origins and laws. The third and final topic, entitled "Criticism of the Old Testament", dealt with the critique of the Old Testament narratives through some of their inks from Westerners and Christians.


The reality of utilizing Learning Management Syste (Blackboard) by Faculty Member in Education College at King Saud University

Mohammed I. A; Sarah A.A

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 7, Pages 241-281

The aim of this study is to find out the reality of the use of faculty members in the Faculty of Education at King Saud University to manage learning of the electronic system (Blackboard) used at the university during the academic year 2015/2016/2017 through using the study of factors and acquired experiences which affect using the descriptive approach .The sample of the study consists of (13) of the staff ,males and females, from various departments of the faculty of Education- King Saud University. The study depends on interviewing as a tool to collect information.The findings of the study show that raising the description of the teaching course and teaching content and raising the receipt of home assignment from students are the most commonly used services by faculty members. There is an agreement among the members of the sample that the facilities rendered are available. However, there are some factors which affect negatively such as the weakness of the technical support rendered and the shortage of training and the shortage of time for the staff to use and activate the system. The students’ problems are among the difficulties faced by the member of the staff in using this system .Also, the results show the existence of a positive trend for the staff of the Faculty of Education, King Saud University for the management system of learning (Blackboard) used within the universityRecommendations: In light of these results, the researchers made a number of recommendations, including: intensifying training courses for e-learning management system (Blackboard) to train beneficiaries to use it and facilitate access to technical support for the system.


Relationship to Depression among Students at the University of Anbar after Returning from Forced Relocation and Displacement

Ammar Awadh Farhan Al-Aubaidy

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 7, Pages 282-312

The study aims at identifying the relationship between death anxiety and depression, and the level of anxiety of death and depression among the students at the University of Anbar who return from displacement and immigration. It also aims to detect the level of anxiety of death and depression, according to the gender variable (male - female), and the variable specialization (human - scientific). The sample of the consists of (300) male and female students. The measure of death anxiety which is prepared in advance by the researcher in addition to the measure of CUDOS, prepared by Mark Zimmerman and others (Zimmerman et al., 2004) have been applied on them. After applying the appropriate statistical procedures, the results of the study show that there is a positive relationship between death anxiety and depression. Moreover, the study points out that the students at University of Anbar has a little degree of death anxiety and depression. There is a significant difference in death anxiety according to gender variable for females. It has also shown that there is no statistically significant differences in death anxiety according to specialization variable. There is no significant differences in depression according to gender and scientific specialization variable. In the light of the present results, the researcher put a number of recommendations and suggestions.


Cultural Alienation and Relationship to the Ego Flexibility among the Students of Preparatory Stage

Fatima Midhat Ibrahim

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 7, Pages 313-337

The current research aims to identify the relationship between cultural alienation and Ego flexibility of students in the preparatory stage. The sample consisted of (300) students randomly selected from the directorates of education (Karkh 1, Karkh 2, Karkh 3) of the city of Baghdad. The researcher has adopted two research instruments, namely, (the cultural alienation for Salh 2008 and the ego flexibility for Nuri 2016). After the application of the two parameters on the sample, the standard characteristics of the two instruments of apparent honesty were verified and Alpha Kronbach was verified. The results showed the following: 1- That students in the preparatory stage have a decline in the level of cultural alienation. 2- That students in the preparatory stage are ego flexible. 3- The relationship between cultural alienation and ego flexibility is now negatively correlated, the greater the ego flexibility of students, the lower their cultural alienation. 4- There is no difference in the relationship between cultural alienation and ego flexibility by gender. In light of the current research results, the researcher presented a number of conclusions, recommendations and suggestions.


The Identity Crisis and its Relation to Psychological Pollution Among Intermediate School students

Ali Dawood Suleiman

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 7, Pages 338-363

Directorate of Anbar EducationThe research aimed to identify the level of identity crisis and the significance of differences in the identity crisis according to gender and specialization variables among students in the preparatory stage. And to identify the level of psychological pollution and the significance of differences according to gender and specialization variables among the sample members. The sample consisted of( 120) students. To find out the results, the researcher used the measure of identity crisis from the preparation of (Mahmoud - 2012). The researcher designed a tool to measure the psychological pollution. The results showed the following:1 - the existence of identity crisis higher than the average among the sample members. 2 - the presence of mental pollution higher than the average in the sample members. 3 - There is a relationship between identity crisis and psychological pollution among the sample members.


School compatibility of the learning difficulties students from the primary school teachers' perspective

omar k. Rashid; Salam S. Malik

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2018, Volume 2018, Issue 7, Pages 364-382

The present study aims at knwing the Compatibility of the school for the studeats with learning disabilities from their teachars perspectives .The Sample of the study consists of male and female teachers of the primary stage at Anbar governorate /province of The academic year 2017/2018. The Participants were (80) studeats ,The school compatibility scale was implemented ,which consisted of 31 items with 3 likort scal (orailable with high ratio , with mid ratio , and not availabie Validity reliability of the scale was computeal by Cron bach-Alfa and it was (0.78) of 31 items . The results of the study reveal that thare is a significance difference at (a=0.05) and with freedom degree (79) ,it was foued that calculated T-Value was 3.72, and it is higher than the Tabulate T-Value (2,000) This means that the studeats with Learning difficulties gain school compaility but the compatibility school effect size was (0.41) and this is the mean of the effect.In light of the results of the study, the rescorcher preseats some recom mendations and suggestions