Volume 2017, Issue 2, Winter 2017, Page 1-393

Basic Designs in Iraqi Architecture and Building Techniques "Archaeological Study"

Saadi Ibrahim Al Darraji

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 2, Pages 1-31

This paper deals with the basic designs of Iraqi architecture in different ages, and address side of the building techniques. Through studying some important examples which reflect the great progress witnessed by cities and their facilities in central and southern of Iraq. Which took into account the efficiency of the site on the banks of the rivers, with the needs for protection and took into account the privacy of the environment and climate. The excavations were not only a source of knowing the nature of the basic designs in the old Iraqi architecture and the planning of cities and camps, but it had sculptured, especially those that came to us from the Assyrian era, which was encircling the interior walls of palaces and temples, which is considered one of the most important evidences that reflect the experience in this area, and most of its planning is oval or circular as economically feasible and better defensive.


Baghdadi, Aaron the Porter and his influence in Baghdad's cultural life

Ammah Farhan Mohsen Al - Mohammadi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 2, Pages 32-60

Islam has put the Arab Muslim man face to face encounter the nature and the universe with all their assets and phenomena, and took his hand to seek the right knowledge to know the real life, and away from the superstitious ideas that contradict the principles of the Islamic religion, and when the Muslim Arabs were active in the establishment of the Greater Islamic Arab State, they had to develop their institutions, they began spread Islam in the world, and liberation human and the countries from slaves darkness of idolatry to the light of Islam, and from the injustice of worship to the justice of Islam, they realized the importance of the cultures of the liberated and opened countries in promoting their culture that they carried with them to those areas. They found that the religious debate and debates that Arab Muslims began to engage with each other on the one hand, and with the other religions on the other, forced them to know what other nations had a logical ideas that they adopted in religious debate, the care of translation and learning the languages of the liberated nations in providing the Arab-Islamic culture was an important and fundamental requirement. Muslim scholars, philosophers, and philosophers of logic and speech stopped at the knowledge and scientific progress of these nations. Their culture was enriched by the culture of other nations and had a significant impact on the diversity and development of public culture


The historical novels in the book (the joy of the councils and the councils and the sharpening of the mind and obsession) To Abu Omar bin Yusuf bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Abdul-Qurtubi (d. 463 e)

Alaa Nafie Jassim

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 2, Pages 61-86

Science of history have filled a great deal of attention of scholars and intellectuals, particularly those who were interested in studying the religious sciences, the study of literature and Meshmlh of evidence of poetry and prose, as in the book of joy councils and Anas councils Ibn Aadalbr Cordovan, and included a book on the number of political novels and listing matches of books and letters that were among the Aalmilok princes and caliphs and governors, workers and Matkdmh tips of state administration, and there is the cultural aspect in which he stated janitorial and eyebrow and what are the reasons and put it in the Arab Islamic state, social and novels dealt with how to give gifts, their causes and their meanings, and visit the patient Tattabrmen the duties of a Muslim is recognized for his brother, and the reference to the likeness and etiquette and Kiffa accompanying likeness Furthermore mentioned to some accounts, including economic fraud in the sale and how to get a living through the practice of agriculture in the Arab-Islamic state . Although the book of Ibn Abd al-Barr included different stages of the Arab Islamic state since the early Islamic era, which included Alas Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and age-Rashidi, the Umayyad and Abbasid


The first pedigree of the development of the ministry's foundation until the second Abbasid period

Mohammed Aziz Abdul Amir

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 2, Pages 87-98

The ministry had considered as one of the Islamic important system in political which it was the first stages to ministries through message era which did not exceeds consultation . the prophet Mohammed (pbuh)signes to some friends as (minister) , the word which could not be developed . this establishment had appeared the first time in Abbasid era after appointed Abu Salma Al-Khalal minister by Caliph Abu Abbas Al-Safah .The research concentrated on the origin of ministry and the stages of developing it since the first Islamic era until the 2nd Abbasid .


Scientific and Literary Products in the Book of Benefits of the Gnome of the Canary (1304 AH) An analytical study

Fatima Zubar Allianz

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 2, Pages 99-113

This study tagged aimed b ((scientific and literary productions in the book benefits Gorgeous for conway"T. 1304 e" / analytical study)), to reveal the life and writings and scientific Allknua and approach in this book, and the importance of the subject from the fact that Allknua one of the thinkers who Nbgua in Mhalat several Kalhadit and jurisprudence, history and other sciences, and had a book of this importance in Islamic history of being a special walk and translations and buy his books is inclusive of translations of a layer of notables of his time, here it is, the study of this trend has had a post in the historical and intellectual construction of curriculum writers, especially that he works his translations are careful and detailed somewhat, and this represents an important historical fact have an impact to participate in the study of intellectual life in this era in which it emerged many scientists and authors in various branches of science and knowledge.


The impact of the scholars and modernists in the book of the shortest needed by Ibn al-Dhibithi (Systematic study)

Rasha Issa Fares

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 2, Pages 114-166

In honor of the city of peace, and for the province of its land of the best men of thought and literature, the Imam Hafiz Abu Bakr Ahmed bin Ali bin Thabit al-Khatib al-Baghdadi, the author of the book (the history of the city of peace and the news of its modern and mentioned by the scientists scientists, non-people and their veins), came the book, Contributed to make Baghdad the center of the Arab Islamic civilization, in a form rich Encyclopedia of the city and its inhabitants.One of them was the book "The Needed Needed from the History of Hafiz Abi Abdullah Muhammad Bin Saeed Bin Mohammed Bin Al-Dhibithi" (Muhammad bin Ahmed bin Othman Al-Dahabi) , And the book contained in addition to translations mentioned, appended to the conduct of other elders. In this context, we have chosen to search the curriculum of the biography of those mentioned in the first pages of the book, starting with Muhammad and the name of his father Ahmed, even from his name Muhammad and the name of his father Ibrahim, due to the large number of translators. .


Some medicinal medicinal drugs in the Arab heritage

Zainab Kamel Karim

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 2, Pages 167-190

Since human existence on the Earth's surface known plants and medical and natural herbs innately self-testing method of treatment .. In the past all the diseases and afflictions treated with herbs. With the passage of time and the evolution of civilizations medicines manufactured chemically emerged to compete with weeds. Thanks to the practical progress and rapid technological human could gradually dispense herbs in the treatment and replace them with medicines and chemical drugs. Nevertheless it is at present able herbs attract attention again to become the subject of talk among scientists, doctors and patients on the bad between support and rejection.


The political and intellectual contributions of the Abu Rafie family to historical blogging

sundus zaydan khalf alshajiri

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 2, Pages 191-211

The Abu Rafie family of the companions of the evacuation recorded a distinct presence in the school of the blessed companionship of the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and his family) and they benefited from it with diligence, devotion, faith, jihad, knowledge, knowledge and truthfulness. This does not mean that the participants are nonexistent among the doctrines of the Muslims, and that what we have mentioned is the only common, but there are many participants, which are many, which contributes to the consolidation of the bonds of good relationship, and thus the establishment of Islamic unity, and the pillars of convergence between them.in al 'abi rafie min alsahabat alajla' sajaluu wjwdaan mtmyzaan fi madrasat alsahbat almubarakat lirasulialilaha(sali allah ealayh w aliha) warahuu yastafidun minha bijid wa'iikhlas watafan, 'iymanaan,w jhadaan,welmaan,wmerft wsdqaan, hataa ghuduana mawdie rida eind almuslimina, yatadih hdha min khilal aitifaq madhahibihim ealaa 'anahum min althiqat aladhin tasmae riwayatuhum wa'aqwalahum waeulumuhuma, wahadha layieni an almushtarakat maedumat bayn madhahib almuslimina, wan ma dhakarnah hu almushtarak alwahid bal hnak aledyd min almushtarakati, wahi kathirat mimaa yushim fi tathbit 'awasir alealaqat altaybat, wabialttali 'iirsa' alwahdat al'islamyt, wadaeayim altaqrib baynahim.


مظاهر العلاقات الاجتماعیة بین الاسلام والدیانات الاخرى

Ahlam Mohsen Hussein

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 2, Pages 212-227

Islam is a religion of tolerance and love and faith and the moral capacity that attracts people to him and leave the religion and the religion of their fathers and ancestors and embrace Islam, Muslims and the creation of good, led by Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon the people of Islam and safe ladder.Since the Islamic Dawa manifestations of social relations began to show a clear and obvious and became its importance through Quranic verses stones that guided to achieve such relationships, or what brought him this Quranic verses of the laws had relations Kmava verse ((Say: O People of the Book Come to whether the word between us and you only worship but Allah and Atcherk the thing does not take each other for lords beside God took, say, the Muslims testify PANA)).Moreover the Hadith and involved him to confirm the achievement of these social relations between Muslims and others from other religions are not the bulk of the public good service as the apostle says, "God's peace be upon him": ((of killing a man from Ahl Wind paradise did not find that no fragrance to seventy years)). Possible to note Ttormazahr social relations between Muslims and other religions in the era of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and the Caliphs may Allah be pleased with him all.


Foreign schools in Iraq 1921-1958

Abdullah Hamid Al-Atabi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 2, Pages 228-241

The research is an attempt to follow the circumstances of establishing foreign schools in Iraq 1921-1958 specially the Iranian schools . it contains a preface titled foreign schools at the end of ottoman judge then it talked about the first steps of establishing the ministry of knowledge described it as a direct responsible for education in Iraq through a period of British occupation . it can be prominence the most important British and Iraqi personalities whereas in other part of this research is the study of legal laws of these schools through the period of researching 1921-1958 and the conditions of establishing them The research is also shed light on the Iranian schools in Baghdad as brothers primary school for boys .finally it stopped on the Iraqi and Iranian curriculum with participation ones that they can be applied in Iranian schools in Baghdad .


Syrian-Egyptian relations in the wake of separation

Mohammed Rashid Aboud Al - Rawi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 2, Pages 242-252

This research was conducted to study the Egyptian and Syrian relationship after separation due to the failure of unity that continued from February 1958 to September 1961. All institutions integrated including army and parliament to be one state called United Arab Republic leading to form tow territories where Egypt become north province and Syria to be south province. The state not able to stand leading to be separated and then followed by a deterioration in relations and complementing to Arab League .They in almost reached to.


Lebanon's position on the assassination attempt on 7 October 1959

Qutaiba Ali Jassim; Hamid Hussein Ali

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 2, Pages 253-266

The sureness finding of the research could be summarized that , according to their idedogical trends there are two types of lehanose news papers. The national oriented newspaper started accusing the communists of attempting to assassinate qassim whome those newspapers had attacked in most of their essays. on the other hand the left - sided newspapers sided with Abdulkareem qassim , they attacked jamal abdulanasser accusing him of having a hand in the assassination attempt. Further more the published many congratulatory cables for the responsible in the governments and national and foreign figures. moreover those news papers attacked the national oriented-newspaper describing them of being discredited, in the time of inconsiderable official attitude. The official attitude confided on congratulatory cables. Each of the lenanese prime minster and the minster of inland sent a congratulatory cable to AbdulKareem Qassim. The attitude of the labenanose parlament , was also , confiding on inquiring about the state of AbdulKareem Qassim in his metting with the Iraqi ambassador to Lebanon.


The poet Mullah Abboud Karkhi And documentation of social life in the city of Baghdad

Kamal Rachid Khammas al-Ukaili

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 2, Pages 267-322

The poet Mullah Aboud Karkhi, the most authentic poet of the modern era experience and the most profound and true in it.In his poetry, there are artistic experiences that reach the level of the poet who writes in the psalm. Perhaps the most important thing in his poetry is that he has a meticulous record of his experiences written during his lifetime. The poetry of Aboud al-Karkhi is one of the most authentic artistic documents depicting the emotions of man and his daily behavior in addition to the general framework in which this man moved. The Karkhi feeling reflects the social and historical framework and the progressive development of this society. Where he lived in this great giant poet that we can put together with the great poets of Arabic literature and world literature. The poet coined his poetry mixed with patriotism and irony once


The future of the Arab regional system in light of the current geopolitical changes

Omar Kamel Hassan

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 2, Pages 323-376

This study presents analytical and outlook reading of the future of the regional Arab system in terms of the geopolitical changes that the Arab region witnesses. This demands specifying carrying out an approach of the concepts between the ones of the regional system and the Arab regional system. The study has dealt with the validity of the hypotheses and it has discussed the problem that the regime (system) has faced since it is establishment and which later have caused the burst out of the revolutions and the spread of extremism and terrorism in the Arab region.In the light of this dangerous situation (reality), the environment seemed more readiness to respond to the facts of re-forming the system.


The degree of inclusion in the reading book for the fourth grade in Iraq for reading comprehension levels (An analytical study)

Mohammed Ahmed Fayyad; Ibrahim Hamad Khalaf; Khaldoon Majeed Jubair

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 2, Pages 377-393

The study aimed to find out the degree of included the reading book for the fourth secondary grade in Iraq for the levels of reading comprehension . The population and appointed Consisted of all the questions in the reading book for the fourth secondary grade in Iraq , Its one hundred and eighty _ five (185) question. To achieve the objectives of the studying the researchers use the descriptive method in a manner of content analysis which through it describe the article the subject of analysis . After the analysis show that the duplicates for the levels of reading comprehension in the questions of the reading book for the fourth secondary grade ranged between (119 _ 42) Its highest for the interpretative level percentage (%41.7), while in the last grade come the cash level percentage (%15.2), As it turns out that the value ( chi _ square ) reached ( 40.84 ) Its level of significance ( 0.05≥a ) for the sake of interpretative level ,in light of the results the study came out in many re commendation and proposals.