Volume 2017, Issue 3, Winter 2017, Page 1-556

Hammamet in the city of Falluja (an architectural study)

Saadi Ibrahim Al Darraji

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 3, Pages 1-23

This study deals with baths in Fallujah that had vanished exactly for more than half century ,except one .through which the researcher can document it before destruction by military operations where Fallujah had faced in last years. The importance of this subject described as it is rare that can not be studied or documented by archeologist ,perhaps, the absent of modern studies about Fallujah and its heritage was uncommon because of the data of historical resources that had arrived in addition to little documentation as well as vanished heritage arcana confirmed in ancient district (Al-Saray) and removed it because of military operation which had followed American occupation 2003. The Researcher tried to investigate baths in the city since its establishment through the last era of Ottoman by depending on the documented data in the national house of archive in which it can be accounted. they are five baths that all occurred in Al-Saray. The study had arrived to results that the researcher pleased to be useful in the field of academic studies as described it to document the ancient landmark participated to discover an important sides of serving architect making a ring of recording serial baths in architect world.


The relation of the Abbasid caliphs in Cairo with the ruling families in Persia and Khorasan

Iftikhar Abdul Hakim Rajab Al - Akeidi; Duha Saleh Ali

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 3, Pages 24-53

The study deals with adetailed phase of the relations between the Abbasid caliph in cairo and their relations with the ruling families in eastern and southern Persia if the Abbasid caliphs in caito had close ties with the Islamic Mashreg countries , since the Abbasisd caliph ehjoyed alofty position in some muslim rulers , who continued to seek the Abbasod caliphate in otder to legitimiz their rule on the contraty of their relationship with the mongols of Elkhanin,whicg was characterzed by nostile relations and condlicts that lastef until the tule of Abu said Bahader yeat (716A.H/1318A.D).


Bilad Al Sham Historical School and its Role in Blogging

Khaled Hashim Mohammed Al Sarhan

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 3, Pages 54-75

The use of the word Bilad al-Sham is a geographical metaphor for the word and for the placement of some of the regional boundaries that serve the study. There were no schools in the sense of a school word. , Where the ideas and methods and methods are very similar among the authors in general in all the Islamic regions, and in various sciences, but the scientists of these regions are distinguished from each other in their emphasis on some kind of intellectual production or other, while the science and Muslim scholars had traditions with the days And methods of authorship crystallized since the first Islamic centuries and the schools we mention only coloring in the general framework of those methods and methods.The beginning of the emergence of the Sham School, a number of narrators were the first step prior to the historical codification, including some of the companions who participated in the Fotouh, and after the transfer of the Caliphate with the Umayyad to the Levant and turned it into an absolute king wanted to know the conduct of former kings as they needed in the financial and administrative system of the state Tells the Levites that this historical information did not have a clear impact in the historical history of Islam after that because it was historical information ownership did not come down to circulation among people.


Role of Women in the Islamic Mughal Empire in India (932-1274 AH / 1525-1858 CE)

Siham Jamil Jassim Al - Mohammadi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 3, Pages 76-104

In the era of the Islamic Mughal Empire of India, women enjoyed a privileged position. They enjoyed a great deal of freedom. The Mughal emperors allowed them to exercise their talents and talents in all spheres of life. They played a major political role in changing the course of political events. The scientific and intellectual renaissance witnessed by India at the time, and prominent women emerged in all sciences, and there were schools for women, and women became prominent in society, the emperors of the Mongols canceled many social customs that were unjust and unfair to women, D religion which had a major role in spreading Islamic culture in India


The Economic Aspects of the Taj Al Mafraq Book in the Desalination of Al-Mashreq Scholars for Abu Al-Balawi Survival (after 767 AH)

Hamid Mohammed Ali

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 3, Pages 105-125

Abu Albalaa Al-Balawi is a writer and judge, and one of the virtues of his time in Andalusia, his residence was in Kentorya who served as its judge, as well as several places of Andalusia who he served as a judge. He is one of the most famous judges of Andalusia during the eighth century AH. Then he went to the west and east countries, he classified his journey "Taj Mafraq in the Desalination of Oriental Scholars", which he wrote it in a beautiful literary style and precise description. In his book "Taj Mafraq", Al-Balawi recorded many aspects of economic life in the cities and governorates which he visited through mentioning the markets, the shops, the crafts and the industries as well as the agricultural side in the provinces and villages. All of these are detailed in the body of that book.


United States policy towards Guatemala, 1944-1950

Mohammed Yahya Ahmed Al - Gohani

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 3, Pages 126-164

Guatemala is one of the Central American republics bordered to the north by Mexico, from the south by El Salvador and Honduras, from the eastern Pacific Ocean, from the west by Belize and the Gulf of Honduras. Guatemala is a magnet for US investments, with a number of American companies engaged in fruit, timber and railways. The two companies, the (United Fruit Company), the (International Railways of Central America) and the (Wiesse Fraker Company), saw the country in 1944 with two revolutions and a presidential election. The first revolution overthrew President Jorge Ubico's regime, which has been in power since 1931, and another overthrew interim President Federico Ponce To take office in the presidential election Juan Jose Arevalo, which lasted until the next presidential election in 1950.


Russian ambitions in the Far East under international balance (1894 - February 1904) (historical study)

Hussein Hammad Abdul Rajab

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 3, Pages 165-206

That the Russia ambitionsin the Far East have raised the concerns of Japan has characterized the relationship between them with doubt and suspicion, especially after the problems raised by the Russians in the disputed areas in Korea and Manchuria.Japan tried to settle the conflict in the Far East politically and diplomatically with Russia, but Russia amies the latter's expansionist and delays in responding to Japanese initiatives were not prepared to make any concessions on its expansionist policy, especially after Japan emerged as a significant force in Asia after the Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895) ), Which has become an obstacle to these ambitions, and therefore failed all diplomatic efforts between the two countries and finally take each party preparing for the war that broke out in February 1904.


Egyptian Endowments (931 AH / 1524 AD-967 AH / 1559 AD) (Administration and abuses)

Emad Karim Abbas Al - Rawi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 3, Pages 207-222

The capacity of the Egyptian endowments and its profound incomes enable the Ottoman Empire to be in front of a big responsibility to keep these endowments throughout the processes of the constant inspection. These types of inspection and unfold many ways of thefts and robbery. This pushes the Ottoman government to reform the administrative specialist officials belong to the Egyptian endowments office. A new official (defterdar) is appointed to end the corruption that the endowments institutions have witnessed. This official has been given an authority and he was accompanied by many soldiers to fulfill his orders correctly. He was followed a new style to collect and gain the funds of the endowments when he has cancelled the commitment of collecting money from many villages and has authorized other people but his process has failed. The corruption still exists within the endowments institutions and it is a natural result if we know that most of the Egyptian lands are endowments ads the lack experiences of the officials. This leads to the constant immigration of the villages endowments and this negatively affected the incomes of the state treasure.


Hydrological Applications for the Regulation of Water Discharge (Hezob River, Northern Iraq Case Study)

Qassim Ahmed Ramel Dulaimi; Ammar Yassin Awad Al-Fahdawi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 3, Pages 223-271

This research aims to study the quantitative hydrological properties of Hizob River and the discharge quantity control with time . several to model were used to increase the time of river effluent , espically in the time of draught , and its suitably for investment in water harvestment in water harvesting progects . A software models were used to classify and analyze a morphology of the study area to achiere a basic data that required in water harvesting applications . The analysis of climate data shown that the average temperature in the study area between ( 18.4 – 21.4 )om , while the average rainfall depth between (524.5 – 676.1)mm annually. The annual surface runoff of the study area were estimated as (240,688,100)m3, This water harvested quantities can be use to trwated the effect of draught problems in the summer season where the discharge of river reached to( 9.7)m3 s while the discharge of the river in winter season reached to (75.6)m3s .Morphometrical properties were analysis to understand the hydrological behavior of the river basin . The geological ,geomorphological,and hydrological maps were used as a layer to producea map that explained impprtant sites which comfortable for several water harvested progect .


Economic Dimensions of Large Industrial Projects in Erbil Governorate

Adel Rashid Hussein; Rasha Mahmoud Abdullah

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 3, Pages 272-294

Industry is the basic foundation for economic and social development .We can establish the necessary base required to develop the economic and social base , by developing Industry .Its very important to raise and accelerate the rate of economic social and constructional development and the expansion for the requirement of society . Through the results of research ,That the economical elements to establish the big industrial projects in Arbel .so the have positive indications .In mange sides where they have a role to raile the social for all the people that the work in theseprojects ,These activities participated highly in the development of can structural and economic body in the target area.


Effect of climate on geographical distribution of respiratory diseases in Abu Ghraib district

Sabah Mahmoud Ali Al Rawi; Gamal Ismail Hassan

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 3, Pages 295-326

Affect climatic elements on human health, as have the elements of the climate impact on the geographical distribution of respiratory diseases in the district of Abu Ghraib, some diseases are concentrated in the area and move to another, also affect climatic elements on many of the germs and bacteria that cause respiratory diseases, but not limited impact on the distribution of diseases and spread, but affect the prevalence of a disease in a particular month or a certain age, therefore climate basic Banazare of natural factors that have a role in the increase or stimulate the activity of bacteria or microbes that cause many diseases that affect the respiratory system is, and the results of a Study is the spatial changes NiCd weather accompanied by spatial changes in the prevalence of the disease.


Scientific Research in Iraq Field study in six Iraqi universities

Nabil Jassim Mohammed

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 3, Pages 327-382

The world witnesses a great, wide and varied interest to the subjects of scientific research, paper and electronic publishing in the open-access journals in the age of knowledge and scientific progress, which, no doubt, contributed in the progress and development of many countries, especially those of Asia (Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Jordan … etc. The present study analyzes, sheds light on the subject of scientific research and publication in open-access journals, and focuses on the points of gap and deficiency in the scientific research activity in the governmental and private sectors. It aims to place emphasis on the scientific importance and the real difficulties of publication by shedding light on the importance and role of the scientific publication in the development of human knowledge. And what are the most important obstacles (material, administrative and publishing) that the researcher and the academician encountered? The study aims, also, to focus on the level of governmental expenditure in the field of education among the countries of the world and its role in the progress and development in all domains. Finally, planning or proposing an appropriate strategy aiming to raise the level of the scientific research and publish the researches and studies on the other hand. To achieve the objectives of the study and try to provide benefit to the government in drawing up his educational policy, the researcher adopted the descriptive analytical method to achieve the requirements and objectives of the research. So, the social survey method was adopted by selecting a sample of 600 researched from teaching staffs in six Iraqi universities and using the questionnaire to obtain the necessary information and data in order to be analyzed and interpreted. The study reached for a number of results, the most important are:- The absence of institutional support for the scientific research and done researches. -Low level of governmental expenditure on scientific research. -The existence of huge obstacles contributed in the low level of researches and affected on its integrity. This thing led to the absence of any contribution of the scientific research in the advancement of the community and the response of its ambitions. -The presence of a great role for the publishing houses and magazines on one hand, and the university professor on the other hand contributed in the low level of done and published researches.


The impact of using concept maps on achievement in grammar and critical thinking tendencies among Iraqi students in secondary school

Sana Khalifa Saleh

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 3, Pages 383-421

The current study aims at investigating the effect of using concept mapping as a teaching method on the Iraqi secondary students' achievement in English grammar and their critical thinking dispositions. Therefore, two hypotheses were formulated to investigate the effect. The total population consists of (73) female students in the 4th secondary stage- for the academic year 2015-2016. The chosen sample of the research consists of (60) female students. It is divided into two groups; each one consists of (30) students to represent the experimental and the control groups of the study. In addition to that, a pre-test was administered before the beginning of the experiment for the sake of equalizing the two groups and investigating the students’ capabilities in English grammar. After conducting the experiment, an achievement post-test was administered for the two groups in order to discover any improvements in grammar. The performance of both groups on the pretest and posttest of the critical thinking dispositions scale has been taken into account. The obtained data were analyzed by using various statistical means such as: t-test for two independent groups, one way analysis of variance ANOVA, and Scheffe's test. The study results showed a statistical significant difference at (α = 0.05) level between the two groups in the grammar test and critical thinking disposition scale. In the light of the positive results in favor of the experimental group which taught by concept instructional method, some recommendations to improve students’ achievement in grammar and critical thinking dispositions are put forward. Moreover, some suggestions are provided for further studies in the field of teaching English as a foreign language.


The quality of spiritual life and its relation to the psychological immunity of the students of Algeria and Iraq Field study on the students of the Universities of Anbar and Saida

Ayesh Sabah; Omar Khalaf Rashid Al Shujairi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 3, Pages 422-450

The purpose of this study is to explore the level Spiritual well-being and Psychological Immunity among the university students in Algeria and Iraq, and the Differences in the level of Spiritual well-being and Psychological Immunity according to the country's variable, and finally the relation btween the Spiritual well-being and Psychological Immunity . The sample of the study consisted of (187) students at the level of Al Anbar Universities in Iraq and Saida in Algeria. The sample was chosen Accidentally.The researchers used scale of the SPIRITUALITY INDEX OF WELL BEING prepared by Daaleman & Frey (2004) and the translation of the researchers and psychological immunity by" Suwaid, Mervat Yasser "(2016) . The study found a high level of quality of Spiritual well-being among Iraqi students. As for Algerian students, it was found that there is a low level of Spiritual well-being. There is also a high level of psychological immunity among Iraqi and Algerian students as well as both. There were differences in the Spiritual well-being and psychological immunity . Finally, the study found a correlation between the variables.


The Effect of Teaching Physics Using the Caroll Model in Achievement and Mental Habits of Third Grade Students

Waleed Khaled Abdul Baidhani

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 3, Pages 451-482

The Current research aims to identify the effect of teaching physics by using Caroll Model in the achievement & habits of mind of the third intermediate Grade Students, the researcher selected A- Sadiq Al-Ameen intermediate school for boys belonging to the General Directorate of Education Rusafa-2 intentionally from the research community for the first semester of the academic year 2016-2017 , The sample consisted of 60 students in twe classes randomly selected from four classes to represent the experimental and control group with ( 30 ) Students in each group , The researcher prepared the requirements of the experiment, including the identification of the Scientific material , the formulation of the behavioral objectives , the experimental & control group, the three groups were rewarded in the following variables , the chronological age of the months , the degree of physics for the second grade-second semester , the degree of the habits of the mind , the experimental group was taught using the Caroll model & the control group in the usual way , the research tools applied the achievement test in the physics material consisting of ( 20 ) objective paragraphs of the type of multiple choice & the psychometric properties were extracted, As for the measure of the habits of the mind, the researcher adopted the ( Turehi & Haidar ) scale ,which includes 16 mental habits, after verifying the validity and stability, and after the completion of teaching the methodological book, test and the measurement of the habits of the mind were applied on two groups and using statistical methods of difficulty coefficient of discrimination power equation and T-test and Person Correlation Coefficient and K-R 20 equation ,to analyze the results showed that the experimental group Students outperformed the Students of the control group in each of the test cognitive and measurement habits of mind, According to this situation, the researcher developed a number of recommendation and suggestion


The Effect of the Zahorek Model on Achievement and Mathematical Correlations 6th Grade Biological Science Students

Suhad Abdul Nabi Salman Saho

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 3, Pages 483-511

The aim of the current research is to differentiate the effect of the Zahorik pattern on the accomplishment and mathematical correlation of the sixth grade female students. The researcher adopted the empirical method with the two groups of the pre-test. The research sample composes of 47 students, divided to (24) students for the empirical group, and (23) students for the control group. The equivalent is done using several variables.To accomplish the goal of the research, two tests were formulated, the first one for the achievement which consists of (10) essay items. The second is for the mathematical correlations which consists of (9) essay items.The adequate statistical analyses performed for the two test paragraphs, with certainty of their psychometric features.The results demonstrated that there are statistical considerable differences between the two research groups for the experimental group in both following variables.


Coverage of the Turkish coup in 2016 in the site of Al Jazeera Net (For the period from 15-7-2016 to 15-8-2016)

Omar Jayad Ali; Mohammed Jaber Musharraf

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2017, Volume 2017, Issue 3, Pages 512-556

The basic problem in this paper is mainly embodied in the analysis of the news coverage of Al-Jazeera Net site for the coup in Turkey in 2016 via the daily analysis of the site. The importance of this research paper is implied in knowing the role that electronic sites do in explaining the daily cases and crises for the viewers. This paper presents a new academic study as long as no other preceded study on such topic had been made on Turkish coup in 2016 before. The aim of this study paper is to focus on the nature of the news coverage of the site via the subjects that the coverage has dealt with, the news sources and the press techniques used in. This paper relied on the descriptive perspective using content- analysis style. It aims at describing the phenomena as the essence of the study and , then, to control it digitally and the chosen site was Al-Jazeera Net as it belongs to the field of modern digital media. It is also considered one of the widely popular Arabic electronic sites . The sample in this paper deals particularly with (news, reports and dialogues) which reached (341) found in the site along to researching period from 15-7-2016 to 15-8-2016. The researcher used the content-analysis style depending on the statistics style (SPSS) and the repetitions and percentage ratios in data processing. The results in this paper showed the focus of "Al-Jazeera Net" on the political subject and its categories Where Al-Jazeera Net focuses on the subject of (the foreign interferences in Turkish affair). The news makes the biggest ratio of the subject of the press techniques in Al-Jazeera Net and reports and dialogues came to be in the second degree. This research paper concludes with some recommendations such as making studies on the coup in Turkey in 2016 which sorted out great developments on the political, social, secure and economic levels. It also created a diversity in news sources concerning the news relating to the coup in Turkey in 2016 on Al-Jazeera Net site and established a new style for the Arabic media in employing the information that helps it to convince the others who are deceived by some claims broadcasted by the Western media.