Volume 2015, Issue 1, Winter 2015, Page 1-487

Flags posts School Maalikis Iraq in cultural life Until the end of the fifth century AH

کریم عجیل حسین محمد الجب; غازی فیصل صالح ذیاب الدلیمی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2015, Volume 2015, Issue 1, Pages 1-39

School was for scientists Iraq Maalikis posts in the cultural life, manifested in their systems hair. Was not al-Faqih al-Maliki, the Iraqi culture and a single side, many of whom have excelled in poetry and in the well-known purposes, such as praise, and wisdom, and the description and metaphor, and Kin and spinning, and spelling, and lamentation. Varied talents of poets, scholars Maalikis Iraq in hair systems, among whom was printed in the words of poetry, including without it. He notes that they are not overly meanings and poetic images that Dmnoha the purposes of their hair, because they were modernizers and scholars, Vanekst ethics and values of these two carry on data Alamein hair. They were undoubtedly aware of the consequences of excessive and removed from the reality of their hair secured with meanings and Okhilh and poetic images. Their hair was mostly systems of meanings and lofty morality which urged the doctrine and law to stick out. With the realization that the fresher Okzbh hair. The specialization of scientific and social status was imperative that they do not necessitate the other sincerity of tone and not be exaggerated because they believe that they are accountable for all the words as they are accountable for every action. Hence the purpose of saying very sublime poetry is to contribute to addressing the problems of the reality that was passing by the Muslim community during the first five centuries Hijra was the hair of their systems to complement the multiple roles in the service of their community.

الحرکة العمرانیة فی إقلیم الجبال فی القرن الرابع الهجری

عبد الستار مطلک درویش; محمد عبد الله سمیر الدلیمی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2015, Volume 2015, Issue 1, Pages 40-52

Vibrant cities territory mountains and their effects and architectural buildings of old that were built about mostly of mud and plaster and stone, which was designed in the field of architecture and construction in the cities of the territory of the mountains during the fourth century AH / tenth century

القضاة من خلال معجم أصحاب القاضی الصدفی

صالح حسن عبد الشمری; محمد صکر هاشم

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2015, Volume 2015, Issue 1, Pages 53-76

Abn AL- Abaar is of the Arabic thinking scientists during the 5th century B.H. and 11th century A.H. in doing the complete encyclopedia in culture. Moreover, he has been directed into various arts and done a lot of them, He is write the beautiful book abut Abu Ali Al Sadafe, and abut same Person in his book.

Councils scholars and preachers from a trip Ibn Jubair (Die 614 AH/1217BC)

عبد الباسط عبد الرزاق حسین; ساهرة عواد

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2015, Volume 2015, Issue 1, Pages 77-97

Literature studies have become geographic journeys of important social studies and especially descriptive ones, scientific, which have given us valuable information on some of the countries of the geographic, demographic, economic and scientific point of view as well as the customs and traditions of the people going through these travelers with information describing these communities and their way of life and their work as well as the customs and traditions that are experiencing Included study the life of the traveler as well as scientific councils attended in Mecca and the city of Baghdad and Damascus.

العوامل المؤثرة سلباً على حرکة السلع والبضائع خلال العصر العباسی

عبد الباسط مصطفى مجید الرفاعی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2015, Volume 2015, Issue 1, Pages 98-113

ان عدم وجود الاخطار الطبیعیة مع وجود الاستقرار الامنی والسیاسی سیکون کل ذلک الاثر الایجابی على حیاة الامم والشعوب فی جمیع جوانب الحیاة سیما منها النشاط التجاری، وهذا ما هو واضح فی تاریخ المسلمین وبخاصة فی العصر العباسی.کانت التجارة فی الدولة الاسلامیة على عهد العباسیین قد ازدهرت داخلیاً وخارجیاً، الا ان هناک کانت اخطار کثیرة تهدد حرکة السلع والبضائع وتعکر صفو جو الیتها، هذه الاخطار کانت من الاسباب المباشرة سلباً على هذه الحرکة.اما العوامل البشریة المتمثلة؛ باللصوص، والقراصنة، تعد من الافعال المقصودة غایتها اغتصاب اموال التجارة مما یعنی تعطیل هذا النشاط وشل حرکته. وفی نفس السیاق لم تکن الاخطار الطبیعیة المتمثلة؛ بالاعاصیر والظروف المناخیة الصعبة، ووعورة الطرق، باقل سلبیة عن العوامل البشریة السالفة الذکر. ولضمان نجاح وسلاة حرکة انتقال السلع والبضائع فلا بد من وضع الحلول الناجحة، مثلما فعل الخلیفة العباسی المطیع بالله (332 هـ / 944 م 363 هـ / 973 م) اذ أمن طرق التجارة من اخطار اللصوص، وکما فعل ایضاً غیره من الخلفاء حین قاموا بتقویة الاسطول البحری لحمایة السفن التجاریة من خطر القراصنة.

الحیــاة الفکریة فی مدینـــــة المَصِّیْصَــــة

عید صالح محمد علی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2015, Volume 2015, Issue 1, Pages 114-152

The subject of mental movement in Islamic cities has got special importance in the history of Arabic and human thought because of its role in conveying the role of Arab and their mental and human activity. Also it reinforces the nature of great human present of Arabic thought in different fields.
The Arabic-Islamic liberating expeditions of neighboring areas and passing along time conveyed many scientists who live there a way of centers of Arabic-Islamic thought specially in Al-Thugor. The research has been produced to contain an abstract, introduction, three chapters and conclusion. Chapter one concerns the geography of city such as its building, the origin of its name, its masjid, bridges, prominent areas, walls and mountains. The second chapter deals with the mental movement in Al-Musaisa which includes authors, jurists and judges. While the third one is about poets, treasurers, readers and other scientist.

لعوامل المؤثرة فی اقتصاد بغداد من خلال کتاب ابن الفوطی الحوادث الجامعة والتجارب النافعة فی المائة السابعة

خالد احمد صالح

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2015, Volume 2015, Issue 1, Pages 153-164

The economic aspects of the most important pillars of the stability of society was and still occupies an important place in the life of communities. It is the axis that it has a lot of historical events through the ages one who see that a lot of historians, although the writing was on the political aspects, but the economic aspects was Hazerh in their imaginations.
So the only influential political factor in people's lives, but were other factors such as economic factors that are not as dangerous as the political and military things so it was not that factor was the focus of attention by the author, and over the long years of the life of the capital, Baghdad So we have tried to highlight the impact of the economic aspects of the Baghdad residents in that era.

الإصلاحات السیاسیة للملک فهد بن عبد العزیز عام 1992 الأسباب والنتائج

عبد المجید عبد الحمید علی العانی; یوسف سامی فرحان الدلیمی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2015, Volume 2015, Issue 1, Pages 165-182

Apolitical Kingdom of Saudi Arabia feile was showed in 1990 Many of events because of and Gulf crisis and their effects epecielly the weakness of Saudia Army discovery and huge costy that exasted on this army, So the presence of forgien army forces on the land of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that make abig urgent to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia leaders, that Push some cultumeres and scientists and speakers and repairer and the specialist and some of simple of yepairer current to stand in presence aseries of litters which speak with Fahad King directly to make rapid changes in constraction of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regulation, In order that make Fahad King to response to these caller and release a three important Laws which make form abig important to Modern political System of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

African Unity Organization: Rise and Development

جاسم محمد عبد; باسم محمد زغیر هندی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2015, Volume 2015, Issue 1, Pages 183-214

The Organization of African Unity has been established to face the challenges of African Continent, The principles required to face these challenges are the correspondence consultation, coordination in different fields for African countries to be united in solidarity, solving disagreements and strains by peaceful procedure according to the charter of organization, the principles of international law، and the international legitimacy. The organization has been developed widely. The sort of its work has been increased. Its activity has been divided into establishments and associations in several world capitals. In addition to that, its recognized role in African and international domains has be raised. The organization has been supported completely by the member countries and respected by foreign countries. The aim of this study is to define the organization of African Unity and to know its role in reinforcing the correspond once among the African countries in different fields.

Problems of the Mode for the Basins of the Dry Valleys in Heet District by Using the Modern Techniques

خلف حسین علی فیاض الدلیمی; علی خلیل خلف غضا الجابری

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2015, Volume 2015, Issue 1, Pages 215-265

In the twenty-first century , the humanity is familiar with the digital era and the revolution of the information and communication ; therefore , the progress and development of nations are no longer a matter of having military arsenal as it was before . The progress and development of any nation is related to its possession of data and the way they are stored and kept as archives besides the way we deal with them electronically to make their analysis easy and simple through the dialogue and the direct interaction by the computer and this aims at drawing out new data which contribute in more scientific and development to be employed to serve the countries concerned . The researchers of the present study encourage every person who uses the modern techniques to be in harmony with the scientific and technological progress of the advanced nations . The use of the modern techniques should be within the criteria of high quality in the accuracy of the data concluded from them in order to contribute in supporting those in power or responsibility to take the right decisions to solve problems related to the geographic reality or plan to invest its sources ; otherwise , the use of modern techniques will be harmful to the society under the tent of the scientific progress . The problem of this study lies in the adherence of a number of researchers , theses and dissertations to use the model for the basins of the valleys within the areas they study by using the remote sensing images as written in articles published in the internet or some books . These researches and studies written by the students of higher studies will no longer be developed . The writers think mistakenly that they have programmed the basins of the valleys of the areas under study mechanically and they also think that they are protected from any problems or defects . They , in fact , do not refer to any problems or defects or the way to solve them . As regards the hypothesis of this paper , if the model means achieving ready_made orders within the program used in the research without the interference of the researcher , then this means that the researchers do not understand correctly the characteristics of the modern techniques in general and the remote sensing images in particular or this may mean that they imitated those who protected them without understanding since the characteristics of the images produced due to achieving orders concern the basins of valleys differ from their original characteristics besides changing them from the cellular system to the directional linear system causing the occurrence of problems in the two layers of the basins and streams of the valleys which will be presented in this paper besides suggesting the suitable answers for them . Accordingly , the research has arrived at certain conclusions , the most important of which are the following : the idiom , the model , within the concept, geographic information concept ,means the process of entering the data which have been collected from different references into the computer and transforming them to the geographic database to be understood by it and deal with it by specified programmes to make their graphic or mathematical programming and their analysis more accurate and deeper which lead to understanding the studied phenomenon to the extent that permits setting theories of the laws which explain its behaviour in the future with the possibility to forecast and control it . In this case , the programming contributes in supporting taking the correct spatial decisions to solve problems from the geographic reality or plan to invest its sources from the perspective of the continuous development . The research also concludes that the students of higher studies who are not efficient in using geographic information systems do not include the study of these systems in titles of their theses and dissertations , but they resort to certain offices or individuals who are basically not geographers to program their maps . Thus , this scientific technique is reduced to program maps which most of them do not have the basic conditions of a map . In this case , they offered to themselves and the others in addition to the cost represented by the effort , time and money . In this case , they can use other programmes specified for drawing maps and they have great qualities like Autocad and photoshop and other programmes . Finally , the tools of analysis in Arc G.I.S. Arc Info V 10 programme used in this study give the opportunity to apply the mathematical equations for the morphometric characteristics in their different forms which are indexed in form of columns in the descriptive database besides the different inquiries and these lead to the satisfaction of the researcher with this programme . He no longer resorts to other programmes and this helps the researcher save time , effort and money compared with the traditional ways .
The most important recommendations in this research are the following : the necessity to depend on , when studding geomorphology in general and morphometric in particular , the use of the modern techniques represented by geographic information systems , the remote sensing images and the large spatial clarity as a successful substitute and of good scientific benefit compared with the traditional ways besides studying far areas which people arrive at with difficulty and no person has studied them for the sake of preparing integrated geographic database with high accuracy and great reliability in its model . Also the descriptive database that concerns each layer must present information in a style that is characterized with ease , simplicity and quickness for the benefit of decision_makers to take the correct decisions to solve problems of the geographic reality or plan to invest its sources from the continuous development perspective . This does not mean rejection of the traditional ways , but the use of geographic information systems with the traditional ways forms an integrated system . The present research recommends establishing a centre which is concerned with the modern techniques in Anbar University its main tasks are the production and modernization of maps and training the instructors of the university to use these techniques besides holding the scientific conferences that concern them .


مشعل محمود فیاض الجمیلی; احمد فلیح فیاض اللهیبی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2015, Volume 2015, Issue 1, Pages 266-291

The research study the effect of the Geomorphology, the wild transport modes in one mountain docks in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq, The advantage of this mountain basin severe Baloaourh and Geomorphological diversity, as it includes stretches of mountain ranges, Alluvial fans(playa) and a large number of mountain valleys It turned out that there are disparate impact forms of ground transportation on roads in the wilderness study area. It was the most intense in the mountainous terrain. This effect, as it seems clear by increasing the lengths of roads because of the many twists and frequent exposure geomorphological risk of landslides and mudslides and falling rocks and erosion factor, add to increased material costs due at inception; additional engineering. As it turns out that the impact factor steep and clear in the activity of landslides and mudslides, which lead to sabotage the roads, as well as the intensity of land classes, geological structures and the presence of fractures and weaknesses of breaks and the separation of the surfaces the limestone formations with susceptibility to solvent.
Mountain plains as is the helicopter, one of the most terrain suitable not starch wild transport routes in the study area and the least Geomorphological Hazards and because the surface is flat and affected roads where because of some formations alluvial and clay, which led to some of the ripples, and a factor of floods during the separation of precipitation.
This has had a network of mountain valleys and clear impact on wild transport routes, through exposure to the roads as a result of sabotage; severe erosion and seasonal flooding, in addition to increased costs due to its establishment; the establishment of the large number of bridges, siphons and safety procedures.

التغیر الفصلی لدرجة الحرارة وعلاقته باستهلاک الوقود فی المحطات الغازیة لإنتاج الطاقة الکهربائیة فی العراق

نظیر صبار حمد علی المحمدی; علاء شلال فرحان حسین الفهداوی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2015, Volume 2015, Issue 1, Pages 292-309

Crude Oil and oil derivatives considers the main fuel in all electric power stations that works in Iraq (except Hydroelectric) and the reason is that Crude Oil is available in local way moreover the natural gas that can be used with big quantities. The consumption of fuel that used in electric power stations and particularly gas stations verifies from month to another according to the changes of climatic conditions.
The harsh climate conditions and particularly temperature considers one of the most important climate elements which influence the consumption of fuel in different gas stations.

Hydrological modeling of Digital Maps for Deductive Anbar Province Technologies Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems GIS

مکی غازی عبد لطیف المحمدی; سامة خزعل الشریفی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2015, Volume 2015, Issue 1, Pages 310-340

Represent modeling cartographic GIS great significance in scientific research as a means to address and monitor the Geographical phenomenon and crystallize the importance of modeling Cartographic at the possibility of overcoming the problems in the development of model spatial development for the unification of the charts and build a geographic database, but in order to take the study methodology of scientific -based Criteria Indeed, the basis of my Information for Geographic Map using Hydrological monitoring and analysis of visual space and satellite monitoring of land cover and monitor surface and groundwater sources and the development of Then building built Court Geographic database on the basis of Cartoghraphy for the purposes of spatial analysis and spatial development as it has been used as well, "topographic maps and Maps Msart and aquifers and corrected according to a Cartographic reference WGS84 relying on visuals patched high spatial resolutions.
It was used with data of Remote Sensing, especially the DEM for the year 2013 and data Moon Langsat ETM + that was used for the purposes of the Digital Classification and advanced analysis and the development milestones hydrological as well as to data US Aalghemrastnaaa Quickbird2 high spatial resolutions and the moon Ikonos and analyzed with the help of the program ERDAS Imagine 8.4, which Astammelta for the purpose of visual interpretation

تحدید المناطق الواعدة لحصاد المیاه فی مقاطعة الصحراء الغربیة_ قضاء الرطبة باستخدام نظم المعلومات الجغرافیة (G.I.S) وأهمیتها فی تحقیق التنمیة المکانیة

محمد دلف أحمد الدلیمی; عبدالحمید ولی عبد العیساوی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2015, Volume 2015, Issue 1, Pages 342-354

The research had concluded that there are important promising lands for water harvesting that could be depended on to develop water resources in the desert environment for the area of study. It is considered to be one pillar of spatial development polices which should be invested in an approprite way according to scientific bases, so as the benifit would be of economic profit and social utilities. Through building dams on the valleys and the maximum benifit from the water being harvested in the field of investment and supply the needs requried for the process of development, not leaving it for loss through earthal leakage and viporation.

مشکلة النفایات الصلبة فی قضاء الرمادی

صباح محمود علی الراوی; صباح عبید حمد الشجیری

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2015, Volume 2015, Issue 1, Pages 355-373

the study reached to the medium of the one person of home trashes which is 0.730 K.g /person/ day, which means the whole daily trashes of a person from the center of Ramadi arrived to 356848 Ton % from the country side area, so the study discovered that 43.8% from the home's person using plastic pockets in collecting trashes and 22.2% using plastic vessel, and 19.3% using metal barrmel.

Anthropomorphism digital Alcartograve third dimension of water Fluids in Ameriya

أحمد سلمان حمادی الفلاحی; بکر حاتم حماد

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2015, Volume 2015, Issue 1, Pages 403-419

It is no secret to the researchers the importance of studying the third dimension as an important basis in the field and field studies, as it gives a vision for the fact that the distribution and what the ground shape, with its terrain and complexity and then what must be done and Tsagath on that model, as the idea of three-dimensional models are in fact represents the variation in elevations can also take advantage of these models in the geographical distribution of the phenomena of representation, as well as their impact on the phenomena associated with it through knowledge-dimensional (X, Y, Z). And that the idea be applied to the study area is a good example of this phenomenon, especially water Fluids, which is one of the phenomena that have received wide attention in the geographic studies and thus applied to the three-dimensional model.
The preparation of a three-dimensional water Solvents models using a range of techniques and programs, as has been the adoption of digital Altdhars model (DEM) in determining the elevation points as well as analyzed using software (GIS) and accessories have been adopted filmmaker form of three-model dimension of Solvents water and matching maps dimensions and turn them into real form three-dimensional distribution and compare the two in order to get out maps with high efficiency of cognition.

المشاکل التی تواجه زراعة الحبوب فی قضاء الفلوجة

خالد اکبر عبد الله الحمدانی; سعدون ظاهر خلف الدلیمی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2015, Volume 2015, Issue 1, Pages 420-437

In this research, we summarize the study of problems that leads into changing the planting of seeds in the area of study. The problems that face the planting of seeds in Faluja are considered an effect which changes the planting of seeds and it is various e.g. water that caused by old means of watering. While the ways of exploiting the earth, some farmers still plant the earth according to old means. New buildings destroys the fertile earth besides the sand which affect the yield of seeds. Other problems are the salt of soil and the policy of government towards farmers. Moreover the reduce of enough support for farmers and the reduce of using modern tools in treating the blights besides the problems of marketing and transportation. This problems obstacle the development of planting areas of seeds. So farmers should put some suitable solutions to get ride of these problems.

The efficiency of place distribution for the educational services in Ameriya city by using the Geographical information System(GIS)

أحمد سلمان حمادی الفلاحی; خالد إبراهیم حسین العیساوی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2015, Volume 2015, Issue 1, Pages 438-463

It is no secret the importance of upgrading the educational community, which depends on the need to provide educational services and attention to the subject of the spatial signature this service, since the processing of city social service without the adoption of the foundations of the spatial distribution level will hamper the efficient functioning of these institutions. The use of software Geographical Information System (GIS) has enabled a great potential in finding the most appropriate solutions and make the best decisions especially with regard to the processing and analysis of spatial information to assess the location of schools according to a set of standards as well as the employment potential of geographic information systems in the signing of school districts City out digital maps, and build appropriate models for the current test sites and the proposal to amend some of the sites according to the degree of suitability standards.

التوزیع الجغرافی للزراعة المحمیة فی محافظة الانبار

خالد أکبر عبدالله الحمدانی; حنان کریم مطلک مروح

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2015, Volume 2015, Issue 1, Pages 464-487

The research theme of the geographical distribution of protected agriculture in Anbar province, in order to identify the form of the proliferation of protected areas in the province, the most important reasons influencing distribution. So he discussed the geographical distribution of agriculture protected by several elements, most notably, the geographical distribution of crops protected by plastic, and bots by size, and by property, and by type of crop. I've started research on the premise that the geographical distribution of protected agriculture in the study area varies from district to another, while to study the General features of the geographical distribution of protected agriculture in the study area, with a map showing the areas of deployment of protected crops.