Volume 2013, Issue 3, Winter 2013

سیرة الامام الهذلی ومرویاته التاریخیة

Farouk Abdul Razak HUssien Al Aloussi; Yousif Nori Nassar Al Hashimi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 3, Pages 1-19

This study is Narratives of Imam Obaidullah bin Abdullah Hudhali , Imam Obaidullah Born in the era of Caliph Omar ibn al-Khattab and studied by scholars of his era of the companions of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) has been studied a number of scientists from senior clerics belonging to the Messenger of Allah, such as Caliph fair Omar bin Abdul Aziz and Imam Al Zahri and others. As explained study that Imam Obaidullah was one of science seas and pillowcases followers, and study showed that it contained of Obaidullah historical Narratives, contained important events such as the migration of the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) and wrote to the kings and princes inviting them to Islam, as well as contained stories on aspects military related on Islamic State also reported stories side of the biography of the Caliphs and the events that took place in their reign, especially Allegiance and the wars of apostasy and collect the Koran and other

من سیر آل بیت رسول الله  والصحابة عند الاحتضار (دراسة تاریخیة )

وائل محمد سعید رجب

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 3, Pages 35-80

From the careers of the Prophet s ( PBUH) Kins and the Companions at the Demise ( A Historical Study )
Since the time of sending the Messenger ( PBUH) and the emergence of dawn of Islam , many domains of islam has changed towards the better : in doctrine , religion and ethical, social and economical sides. Among the things which islam paid attention to in the doctrine is the fate of human beings after death. The person is either to go to paradise or tortured in hell. Islam has directed the human being to the approach which leads him towards safety both before and after death. This is quite clear in the careers of the kins of the messenger and the companions at the demise time. This study is an attempt to pursue the deeds and speeches of the kins of the prophet ( PBUH) and the companions and trying to ask for inspiration and lessons from them so as to get benefit from them. Demise is defined presence which is opposite to the invisible . The presence of death is a right on every creature . The demise is an attitude in which each person goes through : he is to see this life off and receive the everlasting life. They are critical moments full of sorrow, regret and torture . They have lost their lives aimlessly or they might be optimistic awaiting the mercy of Allah . At the moment of demise everything becomes useless : wealth, throne , kingdoms . It is the history of the human beings from birth. They become like a passing mirage . The , great in power, die, the prophets die , their companions, kings, sultans who dominated the world, women , old people , children , learned and the ignorant people , the sick and the healthy, all of them die. Muslims from the kins of the prophet( pbuh) desired that their demise , their death and their burial should be according to what the messenger has ordered . Many sides appeared to us both religious and administrative. All these facts are discussed in brief due to the abundance of the historical material related to these sides.

التابعی الجلیل علی بـــن ربــــــاح اللخمی ودوره فی خدمة الإسلام

حازم محمد جیران حسین الفهداوی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 3, Pages 81-107

Ali bin Rabah Al-Lakhmi was one of the great followers of the prophet Muhammed . He belongs to Lakhm tribe by ancestry and raise so he is Arab by ancestry and raise . He was born in the year of Yarmook 13A.H 634A.D . He was brought up in Islamic Arabic environment . His father embraced Islam in the reign of Al-Siddeeq,s ( may Allah be pleased with him ) Caliphate and this environment has it role in refining his Islamic Character .
The historical souries didn’t provide enough information about Ali bin Rabah,s early life . What these sources introduced was this great participation in warlike and social fields like his role in the battle of Thatul Sawari ( 34A.H 654A.D ) and the head of Yamaniya delegation for meeting the Caliph Abdul- Malik bin Marwan as well as his participation in the conquest of Andulus .
He died in Africa in 114A.H 732 A.D . since most of the historical souries agreed on that year and his age was nearly a century

الصحابی بسر بن أبی أرطأة دراسة تاریخیة

نافع مصعب جاسم

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 3, Pages 108-126

Praises be to Allah the Master of the worlds and peace be upon His Messenger and all his associates. The study of the characters in the Islamic history states difficult task. Moreover, the researcher has to look after the advantages and disadvantages of those characters to perform their roles. Throughout this performance, we can know these well-known characters. One of them is " Busir Bin Artah" who has a great role in the pre Islamic era within its prime. In the same time, he has military and sufficient role in that period. As well as he took part in many battles and narrated the prophet's proverbs.
Throughout his life, he employed many functions in the Islamic nation. One of those careers was a governor of Basrah state until his death in (86 H.)

Political and party status in Fallujah during the Royal reign in Iraq 1921- 1958

منسی شرموط محمد المسلط

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 3, Pages 127-167

The political field in Iraq witnessed, after prince Faysal was crowned king of Iraq in 23 August 1921, a wide political activities according to the rules of Faysal's government formation (democratic government governed by the law). Thus the procedures of electing the Iraqi foundation council started in 19 October 1922 and continued till the formal inauguration in 27 March 1924. Accordingly the parliament elections started at the end of 1924; The political developments and the conditions which Iraq had undergone, represented mainly by 2nd world war, left clear effects on Iraq in general and Fallujah in particular. Some symbols of those effects are still there. Therefore the periods that followed the war witnessed requests made by the national forces to be given the right to form political parties and societies. Therefore, there is much conformity in the speech of the regent Abdul Elah in 27/1/1945 with these requests; an endeavor to lessen the intensity of the political opposition to his policy and that of Noori Assa'eed and their assistants which led the country to an unbalanced war as a result of their unlimited collaboration with the policy of the British Government which led to fights with the Iraqi Army in 2/5/1941 that caused a second occupation of Iraq. Therefore the regent in his above mentioned speech wanted to indicate to the national forces that the democratic life which was confiscated by the conditions of the second world war returned again. Thus, many national political forces, for example the national, Islamic, democratic, and communist trends asked permission to form parties. These trends found positive responses, though with different rates, in Fallujah. The national and Islamic trends took the first position followed by the other trends and the last was the communist trend which did not find public acceptance. The weight of these trends and their public bases appeared clear in practicing the parliamentary life in Iraq, which was supposed to be practiced by the Iraqi people democratically and honestly, as well as in the positions took by these forces towards the local and national issues.

التحلیل الجغرافی لکفاءة المستشفیات فی محافظة الانبار

صباح محمود علی الراوی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 3, Pages 169-193

The research has treated Large health institutions discussed in Anbar province and geographical distribution, there are 11 public hospital in the province and 3 eligibility, in this research is to study these hospitals distributed throughout the province by one hospital in each district except spend Ramadi have two government hospitals and two private and two Government and Fallujah district one native and two hospitals are Government-based.
Therefore, the research focused on the distribution of these hospitals and functional efficiency and spatial analysis, select a sample of hospitals in the province to know the regions served byract

التوسع الحضری لمدینة الدجیل على ضوء تطورها الدیموغرافی

طه مصحب حسین الخزرجی; عبدالرحیم عبدالباقی محمود السامرائی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 3, Pages 210-226

The development of urbanization is considered as important element of Geographical science . This development results negative and positive components on the city and undirected results on region .
As we know the urbanization not local phenomena , it is scientific phenomena that includes all the territories , which have fertility and fit to land of agriculture in short period of time , the unbalance urbanization may results to weakness in performance the services , and that results several problems in Architecture on reality , that because the urbanization depend on two main components .
1- Population growth
2- enlargementdistance

Change in the mean of family size of Ramadi city and the factors influencing this change for the period from 1977 to2010

Ayad M . ALDulaimi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 3, Pages 227-251

The mean of family size is one of the sigmficant housing features of communities studying the changes that pertain to this mean and their causes are so important in deciding the housing features of communities now and in the future at the mean represents a reflection of the demographic giving's of the sacral , economic and political condition the community eagles through . it draws the picture of the housing community and type of the main economic activity and the extant of women contribution in this acuity AS a result , the objective of this paper has been to ecstasy the change in the mean of family size in Ramadi city for the period from 1977 to 2010 and the factors affecting this mean . it explorer the trends of these change during this period that house been so clear and talons various trends .these changes , in truing and affected by different factors that rouged in this extent of effect spatially at mall as temporally .

Continuous Sustainable development in AL- Anbar Governorate (Water and Soil)

Muhammed Dalaf Ahmed AL- Duleimi; Amna Jabbar Muttar Darwish AL- Duleimi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 3, Pages 252-275

The present study depends the exposure of nature factors (water and soil). The continuous agricultural development concerns the investment and development of nature resources that are almost left with out investment i. e. agriculturally. Water and soil are considered the base of continuous agricultural development for the agricultural sector. The functioning of these resources is achieved through finding primeses and putting active stratigies help in holding agricultural policies in the way that garanties the increase in the agricultural area vertically and horizontally in AL- Anbar Governorate. Consequently. They also help in achieving the aims of development.

Agricultural patterns of variation in the Upper Euphrates Region agricultural seasons 1979-1980 and 2009-2010

Ahmed Hussein Farhan Al-Jughaify; Hasan Kshash Abid Al-Janabi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 3, Pages 276-296

Upper Euphrates Region is situated in western Iraq in the northern and north-east of the province of Anbar. Which marked its territory as arable confined to the narrow strip adjacent to the banks of the Euphrates River, it did not increase the size of agricultural holdings in the province for one acre, while more than 50 dunums in the desert areas far from the river. The total area of arable land in the region of 84651 dunums, but grown by 85% of the total arable land. Of which 21184 dunums planted with palm groves and citrus fruit. On this basis, trying to search, analysis of agricultural patterns in the region and the reasons for signing, and the outcomes in order to reach a state of increased plantings enough people of the Region.

الوفورات المائیة المتحققة عن زراعة محصولی البطاطا والبصل فی ناحیة العامریة باستخدام طرائق الری الحدیثة

طه أحمد عبد الفهداوی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 3, Pages 297-312

Then one contemplates the importance of the aspects in which water sources are used, he will see that water is one of welfar sources in a country namely after the environmental deterioration due to the successive dryness of the land and the intensive pressure on the available water sources especially in dry and semi- dry regions which is a part of the field study . Thus the modern irrigation techniques have been payed a good interest as they have great benefits in water consumption realization and increasing production in one donam and decreasing the salt rate . Potato and onions corps have been take models in calculating and evaluating water abundance in irrigating those cops in modern wags of irrigation as companied to traditional ways . In order to carry out the aim of the study
a literature review the water sources in the field study (Rain, surface water, and groundwater) and the need for winter by these corps , using the traditional ways of irrigation.
As for the piratical sids of the stucly the requirements of the cops have been calculated according to modern ways . After comparing the two results , it is concluded that the use of the modern use in irrigating the two corps would save 29 million m3 of water during the two seasons of growing .

The Geomorphological phenomena of the Bleistocene Age in the Western Plateau in Iraq and its components development

Ahmed F.Fayyidh Al-Luhaibi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 3, Pages 313-366

This research constitutes a study of Geomorphological phenomena of the Pleistocene age which is the age of the third period of the formation of earth, and the factors of its Geomorphological formation as well as the fields of its investment in the region of western plateau of Iraq.
It is indicated that these land phenomena are originally associated with the period of the Pleistocene age (rainy age). These phenomena can be classified into two groups. The first group includes erosive land phenomena such as the dry valleys network, low lands, river gradations and karstain forms. The second group includes sedimental forms which are represented by the "Alluvial fans".
It is also indicated that these Geomorphological phenomena have great importance in various investment fields at present and in the future. Their sedimentations constitute a source for construction materials of high quality, such as sands and small stones. Moreover, many of such sedimentations are considered as raw materials in industry such as the Moro-glass sands in the industry of glass and the kaoline mud in the industry of igneous blocks and Allumini as well as in agricultural fields as they provide suitable soil for agricultural purposes. The constituent of these sedimentations are also considered good sources for rich ground-water, the most important of which are flood areas and "Alluvial fans" . They also provide sources of considerable surface-water during the rainy season.

The Effect of "P.O.S.S.E" Strategy in Reading Comprehension among Second Intermediate Students in Islamic Education

Yasir Khalaf Rasheed Al-Shujairy; Munaf Jubair Mohammed Al-Fahdawi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 3, Pages 367-415

This research aims at investigating the effect of "P.O.S.S.E" strategy in reading comprehension among second intermediate students in Islamic education. The two researchers used the experimental design of two equivalent groups ( experimental and control ) and chose intended sample which consisted of (70) students distributed into two sections, the two researchers designed (160) behavioural objectives depending on Bloom's Taxonomy in the levels of cognitive domain (knowledge, understanding, and application). The experiment lasted for the whole first term. The two researchers constructed post-test which consisted of (40) multiple choice items to measure the achievement in reading comprehension in the Holy Qur’an and Islamic Education. The two researchers exposed the items test to the jury members in order to ensure its face and constructing validity. Then, the test was administered to a pilot study to check its difficulty level, discrimination power and evaluation of distracters. It was stated that all the items are suitable according to the acceptable criteria. The two researchers used the retest method to measure the reliability of the test which appears (0,944). The data collected have been analysed using t-test for two independent samples. The findings revealed that there is a significant difference between the experimental group taught by "P.O.S.S.E" strategy and the control group in favour of the experimental one.

The impact of Similarities strategy in the achievement of Developmental Psychology and the development of creative thinking skills on students of the college of Education

Shatha Adel Farman; Manal Mohammed Ibrahim; Rua'a Abdul Al-Razaq Abdul Fattah

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 3, Pages 416-449

-(The impact of Similarities strategy in the achievement of Developmental Psychology and the development of creative thinking skills)To achieve the aim of the study the following null hypotheses have been formulated:
1- There are no statistically significant differences at the level of significance (0.50) between the average scores of the experimental group students who are studying according to the similarities strategy, and the average scores of the control group students who are studying according to the normal way in the achievement of Developmental Psychology.
2-There are no statistically significant differences at the level of (0.05) between the average scores of students in the experimental group who are studying according to similarities strategy and the average scores of the control group students who are studying according to the normal way in the development of creative thinking skills.
Research sample reach (70) students(male and female), (35) students for the experimental group and( 35 )students for the control group. For the 2012-2013 academic year, College of Education / Ibn Rushd for the Human studies/ Baghdad University.
To achieve the aim of the research researchers conduct the following:
-Build a post achievement test consists of (20) item ,after making sure From the validity and the stability of the test.
-Using Torrance Test of Creative Thinking, after making sure from the stability and the validity of the test.
The researchers used a variety of statistical means including Pearson correlation coefficient, and chi square, and the equation of the effectiveness of false alternatives, and T-test for two independent samples.
After processing the data statistically significant result showed as follows:
1-There is a statistically significant difference in the post achievement test for the experimental group at the level of significance (05'0).
2-There is a statistically significant difference in the creative thinking test for the experimental group and at the level of significance (05'0).

In light of the findings the researchers proposed a number of recommendations and proposals.

تقویم برامج کلیة التربیة للبنات فی الجامعة العراقیة فی ضوء معاییر اتحاد الجامعات العربیة من وجهة نظر أعضاء القیادات الجامعیة

حسام عبدالملک عبدالواحد العبدلی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 3, Pages 450-483

Proved most studies on Accreditation that most of the programs of colleges of education Tadzan provide students with the skill of self-learning technology in the modern era, and that these programs relay in theoretical studies and Aihzy practical side Applied sufficient attention, which is Atnma students' attitudes towards the teaching profession and Anbarz importance of this profession and Atnma sense of belonging to students, as well as the above, these programs can not address the problems faced by the teacher during the practice of the profession, leaving a negative impact on the effectiveness of the performance of the roles carried out. Therefore this study aimed to evaluate programs of the College of Education for Girls / Iraqi university from the standpoint of university leaders, according to quality standards in the light of the standards of the Association of Arab Universities.
Researcher used the descriptive method, as this study was conducted on a sample consisted of Dean of the Faculty of Education for Girls at the University Iraqi Bmaaonyha, as well as heads of departments in the college itself, totaling (9). The researcher used the resolution as the right tool for this type of study, which is designed to diagnose the situation and determine the overall efficiency, and develop plans to improve the conditions for access to the specified criteria. For the purpose of ascertaining the veracity of the questionnaire, the researcher adopted the way of honesty through virtual display paragraphs questionnaire on experts and specialists, but for the stability of the search tool has been calculated through the reliability coefficient for the search tool on according to midterm retail. Staging also adopted a five-year, then a questionnaire was distributed on the research sample standards. The study resulted in the availability of room (Dean and EDM, faculty members) very much. While the availability of domains (vision, mission and objectives of the College and plans, student affairs and services, scientific research, Calendar) significantly. As the field of (academic programs and teaching methods, community service) were moderately abundant.

دور عمل الإداریین العلمیین فی تطویر المؤسسات الجامعیة دراسة میدانیة فی جامعة تشرین

Mahmoud Ali Mohammed

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 3, Pages 484-517

The research aims to identify the degree of contribution administrators scientists in the development of the University of Tishreen, and through you know the degree of their contribution to the analysis of internal and external environment of higher education institution, and the degree of responsibility for the development of administrative systems and improved, and the degree of their contribution to facilitate the tasks of scientific research and diversity in his administration. To achieve the objectives of the research questionnaire was designed, and distributed to (106) of scientific management was withdrawn using a simple random sample identified depending on the law of the statistical sample. After discussion and analysis of the most important findings of the study:
1. contributes administrators scientists at the University of Tishreen in the analysis of the external and internal environment of the institution of higher education and development, facilitate the tasks of scientific research and diversity in his administration to a large extent, as well as their sense of responsibility for the development of administrative systems and work on improving it.
2. There are no statistically significant differences between scientific administrators in the degree of their contribution to the development of the University of Tishreen depending on the type variable college. This indicates a significant contribution to the scientific administrators to develop Tishreen University regardless of the type of college whether literary or scientific.
3. There are significant differences between scientific administrators in the degree of their contribution to the development of the University of Tishreen depending on the variables of academic rank and years of experience, and this indicates that it is increasingly experienced administrators scientific and academic rank altitudes increases the degree of their contribution to the development of the University of Tishreen

فاعلیة الذات لدى التدریسی – المرشد فی جامعة الموصل

ایاد محمد یحیى

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 3, Pages 588-610

This study aims at identifying the general level of the consoler-lecturer's self activity in Mosul University as well as the effect of the academic specialization variable (scientific/literary) within this kind of Activity.
The researcher uses a tool (Kim and Park test 2000) which consist of (24) items to identify the general self-Efficiency , Credibility of the tool is specified , and the proof is extracted by (Re-testing test) which is (76%), For the sample it includes (100) lecturers from different colleges of Mosul University chosen by the random class approach .
The findings of the study shows that there is a level referring statistically to the self-Efficiency of the counselor-lecturer, but they don't show an effect of statistically academic specialization variable on the self-Efficacy of the samples, finally the study summarizes some scientific recommendations and suggestions.