Volume 2013, Issue 5, Spring 2013

Agricultural Development – Dimensions of wheat crop in AL- Anbar Governorate

محمد دلف أحمد الدلیمی; آمنة جبار مطر درویش الدلیمی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 5, Pages 1-18

The present study depends the documented data taken from the specialists. They are relatet to the wheat crop to give an idea about the positive and negative dimensions of agricultural development of the wheat crop in AL- Anbar governorate. This is to develop the agricultural field through the use of standard number equation to analyse the data related to the area of lands planted with wheat crop and the quantity of production for the period from 2001 – 2011 for the purpose of comparison from the base year and the target year

Geographical Distribution Patterns of Human Settlements in Falluja

عبد الناصر صبری شاهر الراوی; محمد فرج جاسم العیساوی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 5, Pages 19-47

There is no doubt that classification represents the most important scientific aspects in geographical research. so this research came as a contribution of the two researchers in finding classification shows patterns of spatial distribution of human settlements in Falluja, and analysis of factors affecting the image of the spatial distribution of service centers and their functional role in the region.
The research focused on the question of the form of proliferation and the spatial distribution of human settlements in Falluja which represented the research problem. The search began from the premise that the spread of human settlements in Falluja showed varying patterns of distribution as a result of the impact of natural and human factors.

Analysis of geographic concentration of population and humid modern judicia

حسین علی عبد محمد الراوی; یوسف علی محسن

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 5, Pages 48-87

The population issue economically and socially as well as being a subject population of the relationship membership between the population and its characteristics and its distribution between development and accessories population, and because the proportion of population concentration of the most prominent characteristics of the population, and how the study of population variables in determining the features of the population of the community in the future, an attempt to identify the pattern of population concentrationin any unit area, any tendency of the population to be concentrated in one area within the boundaries of the region or the state or province, or at the level of judicial modern and humid, it is known that the population is not concentrated on a regular basis as a result of varying natural conditions and human conditions, also addressed the search contrast population densitygeneral sense.

A Geographical Analysis for the war Demography and its effect on Population Structure of Anbar Governorate (1997 – 2007 )

حسین علی عبد الراوی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 5, Pages 88-130

The research entitled (A Geographical Analysis for the war Demography and its effect on Population Structure of Anbar Governorate (1997 – 2007 ), as human characteristics represent a prominent significance in building the power of the country and the Geographic area understudy. Thus, scientists and specialists concerned with the study of population have began expling, evalutuaing and analy in order to diagnose their forms and find solutions for their problems as the size of population increases and becomes complicated by time, also their random use for the environment and its natural resources is also continually increasing, When ever it faces a war which within its role reflect its effect into population structure the research subject.
Geographers, therefore, devotes much of their attention studying their population characteristics and showing their regional diversity, also between the administrative units of the country, among which is Anbar Governorate, topic of the research understudy as the study of population structure helps in interpreting some development problems of the area of research, also it shows the variation between rural and urban areas. In addition, it shows the human resources of the society in the area understudy, and to classify their various economic activities since they have a direct relation with distribution and growth of society. Distribution of population according to age type determines their development and this is related to population productive power and their economic activities that, in turn, determines size of the family. thus, the concern is devoted to the development of population size, their growth, age and type structure and economic activity on the level of Anbar, topic of the study, And war demography effect on that population structure in research area.

تحلیل واقع استعمال الأرض السکنی فی مدینة کبیسة

حسن کشاش عبد الجنابی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 5, Pages 131-152

This study deals with the importance of cartographic representation for the use of the urban land and points out the spatial relations which bid them and what results are derived from it regarding the urban structure for the town. This is felt necessary to reveal the changes which had taken place as far as the use of land is concerned. The change representation is exposed via the special cartograms for each use.

Geographical analysis of the health centers in the district of Fallujah

صباح محمود علی الراوی; عبد الرزاق محمد المحمدی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 5, Pages 153-169

Discussed the concept of health center's and a definition as such centres within the health institutions that provide simple services such as maternity care and accident and emergency, critical cases, transferred to nearby hospitals, the study area there are several health centres distributed heterogeneous picture in the Center and its aspects, thus the aim of research is to know the spatial distribution of health centres and efficiency.

Aggravate Phenomenon of poverty and lower standard of living among the Iraqi people causes and results.Assistant Lecturer: Majdah j.hussien Kattea

ماجدة جاسم الخزاعی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 5, Pages 170-195

Poverty mirror images of social differentiation, inequality and injustice in society, and is the current era's dilemma lies in the fact that, despite the enormous technological advances in the human, despite rising global production is unprecedented, and the stunning economic growth that hit the lives of millions of people, poverty remained the greatest challenge facing the world, and is parallel to another challenge is lack of Justice in distribution, which is a basic feature of global capitalism controlling space today And it came to the top in world sociology theorists such as (Fred Halliday, and Anthony Giddens) are poverty and poor income distribution of the world are the greatest challenge facing the world in the 21st century. figures indicate that approximately (1.2-1.3) billion people are so poor, they live on one dollar or less a day. At the level of the Arab world, more than two-thirds of Arabs residing in low-income countries

The Use of Olgyay Formula to Estimate The Need of Air Adaptation in Anbar Governorate

عثمان محمد حسین الدلیمی; صباح محمود علی الراوی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 5, Pages 196-207

The climate is considered as one of the natural resources which affect the human beings directly. According to the climate the human being responds to the circumstances and adapted accordingly throughout his clothing, or feeding or lodging ahnd according to the adapting means in order to achieve a balance between the dominant climatic state in the place in which he lives.
With the availability of the climate which affects the human being it is possible to know these elements such as : sun irradiation, temperature and wind. They all affect is health , however each one has an effect on the human beings. The two most important factors are temperature and humidity. This is as confirmed by the scientific research which confirms that the most two important degrees of temperature for the human beings are 15-25c and the best humidity is 30-70% . The climate of Iraq is an extremist one, from season to season and from month to month and between day and night as well. From this perspective we can delimit the most disturbing and comfortable times during the year. For this reason this research comes as a study of climate and its relation with the adaptation of air in Anbar governorate . This study has been applied to six stations distributed through the areas of the governorate so as to be acquainted with the most comfortable times and to find a remedy to the disturbing ones via air adaptation so as to reach the best level of comfort to the human beings.

واقع الأساس الاقتصادی لمدینة هیت لعام 2013

محمود إبراهیم متعب الجغیفی; محمد کریم إبراهیم الدلیمی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 5, Pages 209-230

This study, the economic foundation of the city of Hit, through the analysis of economic activities have, and the study aims through it to detect the effects of those activities in the urban growth through the adoption of the practical side, which was in the light of the analysis of the economic foundation of the city, is supported on the method of interrogation direct, in determining the economic foundation of the city and accounted for in accordance with the standard retail value outside the city to reach it, and therefore possible to determine the economic foundation of the city of Hit and all events (commercial, industrial and learning), basic and non- basic about (1 : 3.6 ) for the effectiveness of the business, and (1: 5.8) for effective industrial , and (1 : 1.1) of the effectiveness of education.

Construction planning trends for climatology Treatment in Ramadi city

فراس فاضل مهدی البیاتی; السیدة أزل اسماعیل خلیل المحمدی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 5, Pages 231-255

The study deals with the constructional planning trends for climatological treatment in Ramadi city due to its importance for our citiec of the dry desert climate for the majority of constructional designs of the town are simulations to the western model which differs from our climate. The study takes its point of departure of the hrypothsic which claims that Ramadi climate has a direst and indirect effect on the city planning and its urban tissue. The aim of the study represented by the identification of climate with its element and its effect on the city planning. The research depends on the field study and the questionnaire in Delphi style. The following conclusions are reached:
1- The Solar Radiation and temperature come in the first class in the design of the housing unit the importance of this is 100 % from all the climate elements. The temperature is the most important factor in the climate which affect the human comfort. It is considered the prime source of the deprivation of comfort due to the modern buildings.
2- The air flow and the dust storms differ relatively between the high (45.8 %) medium (41.6%) and the weak which occupies (12.5 %). The other elements of the climate represented by (rain, humidity and dryness) have a limited effect.

Vegetation in the basin of Wadi Jbab by using NVDI Equation

مشعل محمود فیاض الجمیلی; سحر عبد جسام الجمیلی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 5, Pages 256-266

This research aims to detect vegetation in the basin of the Wadi Jbab by using the techniques of remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems GIS program Erdas imagine8.4)) Earth Resources Data Analysis System. Since been relying on visible satellite type TM for satellite Landsat.5 On 15 /9/2009 and for the detection of vegetation in the area have been using equation vegetation NDVI. where the study proved that the vegetation mainly concentrated near the Euphrates River at the mouth of the valley as well as other small areas in the Sides of the valleys.

Classification and evaluation of alluvial soil suitable to sensitive crops between Hit and Fulluja city within Euphreat basin in Al Anbar Governerent.

محمود إبراهیم متعب الجغیفی; مثنى خلیل إبراهیم الراوی; لیث سعدی عفتان الدلیمی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 5, Pages 267-286

Twenty one soil series of alluvial soil within Euphreat plain were study. These soil located between Hit city in the west to Fulluja city in the east. Soil classified inorder of Entesols under sub great group, Typic Torrifluventes. These soil distribution in two subphysographic units, river basin and river levee. Morphological, physical, and chemical of soil series were studied in the field and libratory. Ruselts showed four main problem in these soils that’s, soil salinity, induced hard pans, decrece in soil fertility and soil pollution. Ruselts of land classification and soil suitable to sensitive crops according to Sys 1980 system showed. 27% for land with river levee within class two to suitable class (S2), 63% within class three to moderately suitable class (S3), and 9% within class four to little suitable class (S4), while soil of river basin distributed with 40% in class No suitable (N), 50% within class three to moderately suitable (S3) and 10% within class four to little suitable (S4).

العملیات والمظاهر الجیومورفولجیة لمنطقة تداخل الهضبة الغربیة مع وادی نهر الفرات بین هیت والرمادی واثرها على النشاط البشری

خلف حسین علی الدلیمی; طه یاسین عبد الله

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 5, Pages 287-313

In this research, a study of the impact of operational and geomorphologic phenomena for the area of overlapping and its effect on the human activity has been presented. It is considered of great importance for it represents a transitional area between the edge of the western plateau and the sediment plain and the geomorphologic results of this overlapping which has a clear effect in the forming of the ground form. These have effects on the life of human beings.
It has been clear from the geomorphologic operations the effect of the weathering especially the physical one. This effect goes back to the differentiation in the temperature between the night and day and between winter and summer. This has an effect on moving the substances on the surface such as a sliding, falling and crawling. The most important ground phenomena have been studied. Such effects are represented in settlement, agriculture, kinds of crops, communication lines, kinds of rocks, kinds of industry together with the representation of the most important industries and natural resources and the manner of investing them according to future plans.

إخراج الصورة الصحفیة لصحف المحافظات تحلیل الشکل الفنی للصورة فی الصفحة الأولى لصحیفتی (الاسبوع- صلاح الدین) محافظة صلاح الدین انموذجاً للمدة من 1/6/2012 ولغایة 31/12/2012

حبیب خلف ملح

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2013, Volume 2013, Issue 5, Pages 314-340

Plays out Press Photo important role in the immobilization readers and convince them to read the units published on the front page of being the first Matqa it reader's eye, as well as working to attract readers, and that is take newspapers interesting and wide-style output images, especially newspapers provinces that went to the public may be the significant variation in terms of the educational aspects, economic and social, which cast Bdilalh to get the picture press, so the study seeks to learn directed Press Photo in journalism provinces in terms of density, shape, size and position on the page, using the analytical method, for my newspaper Salah Addin and week, and in a manner comprehensive inventory for (7) months.
And reached The study to significant results, including: the newspapers, the sample took the attention of a wide image silhouettes photographs, at the same time to bother with pictures of sin, as the study revealed that the newspapers sample tend to use the images to horizontal rectangular, which is consistent with the Egyptian school in the use ofthis form of pictures, as well as sample newspapers tend to choose the upper left side of the front page of the press to publish the picture.