Volume 2012, Issue 2, Winter 2012, Page 1-473

تباین تنوع الصناعات الغذائیة فی محافظة الأنبار

عبد الناصر صبری شاهر

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 1-16

This research is to reveal the difference in distribting the food industries in al-Anbar and their variation in the citio of al-Anbar governorate. A contrastire geographicaf analysis was carried eat in this governorate accerding to the districts depending on the scale of the guide of the industrial variation. The research arriveo at several conclusians, the most important one is that al-Falluja district occupied the first rank. Thouph Ramadi cite occupieo the secand rank from the aspect of the number of the industrial estoblishments and from the numbar of the warker in them, the guide that concers this varialian is regressed to the fourth rank and this retlects the importance of this criterion.

الامطار والریاح وعلاقتهما بمحصولی القمح والشعیر فی محافظة الانبار

صباح محمود علی الراوی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 17-29

The climate factors; heat, sunlight, rain and winds are regarded one of the natural circumstances that effect planting. They effect all the planting activities that can be practiced (type and area). They also can determine the type of product that can be planted, especially heat factor. Thus, when setting every successful planting policy in Anbar Governorate, a universal and practical study for the climate availabilities is needed to make the planting designer know the most important problems raised because of those circumstances.
In this research, study and analysis the climate possibilities available in Anbar Governorate will be done. This will be made on climate, rains and wind that effect on the both products, wheat and Barley with showing the scope of the relationship between them and the climate requirements (rains and winds). After that, the effect of rains and winds on the process of wheat and Barley planting in Anbar should be determined.

تحلیل جغرافی لواقع الابنیة المدرسیة فی ریف محافظة الانبار

محمد دلف احمد الدلیمی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 30-49

Education is one ofnecessitiesmajorinhuman lifeasthe only wayto achieve developmentin all forms, and what was theeducationsystemis composed ofa set of elementsinterconnectedwith eachandevery elementis complementary totheother, andschool buildings,the sameeffectin the education processandmust be achievedin thiscomponent ofthe efficiency ofthe quantity andquality ofthroughthe efficiency ofthe constituent elementsof the educational processachievedthe goalsof science.kick,this researchhasto standon the reality ofschool buildingsin the countryside ofthe province andtheanalysisofquantitativeand qualitativetermsand the leveltodetermine the level ofefficiency.The result wasamajorfailureinthequantity and qualityofschoolbuildingsin all aspects ofthe province andthisMaittalbserious standby the competent authoritiesto address this problem

التوجهات المستقبلیة لتنمیة المیاه الجوفیة فی منطقة الجزیرة محافظة الانبار

محمود إبراهیم متعب الجغیفی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 49-60

It is classified within the dry climate regions famous for low rainfalls and lack of everlasting water resources. Therefore, underground water is the only water resource utilized in investment processes in the area of the study.After studying the most important for the region and the underground water development, it has been clear that the amount of water accumulated from local rainfalls to feed the underground tanks exceed 800.9 million cubic meters. Also using the magnetic system increases the efficiency of underground water to more than 80% and the productivity of agricultural crops to more than 35%. This will increase the chances for agricultural crops variation and raise the investment levels in the region. Depending on the natural givens, a map has been drawn to show the most important candidate locations for investment and well digging where the probability of underground water availability increases due to intensity and divergence of structural phenomena, which gives an excellent hydrological position and, consequently, a possibility to invest underground water and future agricultural expansion.

Spatial Analysis For Population Structure of Anbar Governorate (1997 – 2007 )

حسین علی عبد الراوی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 61-83

The research aims at characterizing the water of AL- Tharthar and AL-Habbaniya Lakes and their suitability for human uses, and their effects on the characteristics of waters of the Euphrates River. Eight sites were identified, three of which in the AL- Tharthar Lake and three inAl- Habbaniyah Lake and two in the Euphrates River by using a (GPS). Samples were taken from three depths in each of the sites for three times. The total samples were (72). The analysis of nine properties shows the following:
1-The values of pH within AL- Tharthar and AL-Habbaniya lakes were within the limits of the standards for human drinking use .
2 - The rates of electrical conductivity (EC) in the water of AL- Tharthar and AL-Habbaniya lakes were within the slight degree of compliance for irrigation purposes, and might for drinking by all livestock and poultry.
3- The average concentration of total soluble salts (TDS) in some locations was slightly higher than the maximum allowable limit for human drinking, and in some other sites was within the allowed values for the same purpose .
4 - There were coliform in AL- Tharthar and AL-Habbaniya Lakes and the Euphrates River. It needs to be removed in case of using water for human drinking.
5- The average concentrations of heavy metals (lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, manganese)were below the level of detection and calculation of all samples in the search.
6 - AL- Tharthar and AL-Habbaniya Lakes increased the amount of total soluble salts (TDS) in the water stored in it.
7- Water of AL- Tharthar and AL-Habbaniya Lakes affected the water of the Euphrates River leading to the increase in the rate of (pH) and thus changed the water quality concerning the permissible limits for all uses by simply increasing the upper limits allowed for drinking and irrigation, and increasing in the rate of electrical conductivity( EC) and total soluble salts(TDS) rate without changing in suitability for different uses.

Water characteristics of Al- Tharthar and AL- Habbaniya Lakes and their effects in the water characteristics of the Euphrates River

احمد حسن عواد

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 84-99

The problem of the research is an inquiry that (what is the position of the urban habitation in the cities of Anbar province? An what are its future horizons?). Its general hypothesis has been made as follows: (there is a state of unbalance between the need for housing units and its availability concerning time, place, quantity and quality In these cities) and the study falls into two dimensions:

1- Time dimension: covers the period (1987 - 2010) as a matter of fact and then it springs from it calculations that result in productions of the housing situation (2020- 2030) for all the cities of the province.
2- Place dimension: it includes the population of Anbar in 17 towns including the centre of the province and the centers of towns and villages according to 1997 census and what came next from calculations taking into consideration the administrative changes after 1987 census.
The study of the paper has been divided into several sections preceded by an introduction. The first section deals with population growth in urban places and their change and locative distribution on the cities of the province. The second section tackles the reality of the urban housing which includes changes in families and housing units. Then the third section handles the urban housing which sheds light on the housing situation and its consequences, and housing storage calculations. In the period from (1987) to (2010) and as predictions and estimations to the period 2010 to 2030. the paper is concluded with a some conclusions and recommendations. In the light of the above mentioned the study arrives at several conclusions of them :
1- The validity of the study hypothesis which says that there is a state of unbalance between the need for housing units and its availability concerning time, place, quantity and quality in Anbar cities.
2- The need for the urban housing units will be 151624 unit in 2020 which will increase to be 207935 unit in 2030. the housing storage of built units will be 69806 in 2010 and decreases to be 52366 unit in 2030. this will result in housing shortage estimated 81818 units in 2020. the number increase to be 155569 units in 2030.
3- Ramadi and Falluja cities are in the top list in the level of shortage in the housing units between 2020 – 2030 while the cities of Waleed and Nikhaib come in the bottom of the list. Other cities in the province occupy the middle of the list.
4- 30 % of housing units available does not satisfy the inhabitants because of its being far from the international and national housing standards

Spatial Analysis For Population Structure of Anbar Governorate (1997 – 2007)

حسین علی عبد الراوی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 100-121

The research entitled (Spatial Analysis For population Structure of Anbar governorate (1997 – 2007 ) , as human characteristics represent a prominent significance in building the power of the country and the Geographic area understudy . Thus , scientists and specialists concerned with the study of population have began expling , evalutuaing and analy in order to diagnose their forms and find solutions for their problems as the size of population increases and becomes complicated by time , also their random use for the environment and its natural resources is also continually increasing .

Geographers , therefore , devotes much of their attention studying their population characteristics and showing their regional diversity , also between the administrative units of the country , among which is Anbar Governorate , topic of the research understudy as the study of population structure helps in interpreting some development problems of the area of research , also it shows the variation between rural and urban areas . In addition , it shows the human resources of the society in the area understudy , and to classify their various economic activities since they have a direct relation with distribution and growth of society . Distribution of population according to age type determines their development and this is related to population productive power and their economic activities that , in turn , determines size of the family . thus , the concern is devoted to the development of population size , their growth , age and type structure and economic activity on the level of Anbar , topic of the study .

الاهمیة الاقتصادیة لحصاد المیاه لإقامة السدود على الودیان فی المناطق الجافة ( وادی الاخضر دراسة تطبیقیة )

مهدی حمد فرحان

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 122-139

Water harvesting techniques received considerable attention especially in dry and semi-dry zones including the Iraqi western plateau due to the environmental deterioration which accompanied the successive dryness cycles on Earth, the increase of population and their need for water, the great pressure on the available water resources which sometimes are difficult for use for high costs, and the need to preserve ground water. The severe oscillation in waterfall and the short term heavy rain lead to overflowing vales and valleys after the leaking of its great part into land or through evaporation. This motivates the expansion in the use of water harvesting. The methods of such harvesting differ according to climate. The chosen method must best suit the region economically and climatically to achieve economic and environmental benefits.
This paper deals with harvesting rain water and floods through the building of dams on valleys in order to use the cornered water for agricultural investment and to meet other human needs in this area. The Green Valley is chosen for the study of water harvesting in the Iraqi western plateau. The study consists of two parts: the first is theoretical which surveys the theoretical ideas of water harvesting techniques, the geological formations and geo-morphological aspects relevant to water harvesting in the area of study, and the climate characteristics of this area.
The second part is the applied word which starts with the choice of the suitable location of the dame which is situated at the intersection of Nefayl valley and the main Green valley. This location has all the main geological, geo-morphological and engineering requirements for the dam to ensure resisting floods. The dam basin would be 250 km or 80% of the total 290 km area of the dam.
Calculations were carried then to estimate the amount of water harvesting by using the data of Haditha station which indicates a 142.5 m rain level for the last 30 years and the average of the rainy days to be 22.3 per year. In view of these data the amount of the water that the dam basin receives is about 36480000 sq. m during the rainy time of the year. The leaking water is 27128217 sq. m or about 74.4% of the total amount coming from the feeding area. The evaporating water from the basin is 384020 sq. m which is about 4.1%. The remaining water amount is 8967761.8 sq. m during the rainy time of the year.
After finishing the calculations related to water harvesting the aims of this harvesting were set. Agriculture comes first in this study. 7700 acres of wheat can be grown in November as it is the least month of rain for wheat growing by using shower irrigation. Other human needs come second in the aims set for such water harvesting. Their share of water is 1339706.8 sq. m.

السیاحة الصحراویة فی محافظة الانبار

کمال محمد جاسم العانی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 140-157

This research aims to study and analyze the potential of natural and human resourcesfor the establishment of desert tourism in the province of Anbar, the research problemcentered around the question of the possibility Investment desert tourism.
And launched research hypothesis that the capacity of the desert and the diversity offorms Djimorvologer and water resources as well as a network of transportation routes and the infrastructure that can be considered as components to attract desert tourism in the province of Anbar, making tourism the latest economic activities that work tostrengthen the economic foundation of the province.

مورفولوجیة المستوطنات الریفیة فی مرکز قضاء الرمادی

مازن عبد الرحمن الهیتی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 158-173

A study of rural settlements and residential units in the district of Ramadi, the phenomenon of geographical features of cultural, social, and economic milestones being the oldest centers of human settlement as reflected in the results and raised the next stage in the evolution of communities). The stability of the first man in a particular environment and adapt to its airspace and secure the necessities of life, comfort and safety is a true expression to be a central feature of the village's first human existence and its association with the land and its tendency to be invested and the type of social relations and economic development.
And best picture of it is invested and stability depending on the selection of the best places for the emergence of the settlement. Therefore, the study aims to understand the reality of the morphological traditional unplanned settlement in the district of Ramadi, in terms of the plan and the architectural fabric and the internal structure and the end of identifying patterns of distribution of housing units that make up the visual appeara


عاصم إسماعیل کنعان; حسن ترکی عمیر

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 174-197

Human rights received in Islam and in the texts of Koran and sunnah and other sources of law . The Islamic thought has created including the status of the interpretation and explanation of the law , the provisions of Islamic since its inception came to rights and protect it even from himself , he has not choose to do what harm himself , Koran texts the hadith included right and preserve the dignity , values and humanity , including the rules on fighting , they are initiated only in order to preserve human rights and payment of in justice .
Al medina document developed by holy prophet Muhammad and laid the foundations when his foot set yathrib which included mostly the human rights of citizen of the city and environs , it was truly international day not only for Muslims , but for the heavenly religious other along the ground , so it is incumbent upon Muslims commemorate this achievement the global law of god and this body seal of the prophets and messengers , our prophet Muhammad humanity all of us .
What is declared by united nations on 10th of December 1948 an international day for human rights need to be reviewed and in-depth study , because in this day got a crime against humanity , a crime that occupied Palestinian territories by the Zionist entity and destruction of its infrastructure and attacks on holy sites , all this happen with blessing of united nations .
Hence the importance of this research as an attempt to read this document in clear of customary day of the Islamic law was the principle of truth and reject falsehood and the application of justice which combines the public benefit and private sectors .
The document identified the right and duets and divided it into materials , even where every one with out distinction between the tribe , the document contained material relating to the affairs of sovereign and mandatory application to all without discrimination : the rule of the city and their independence , social solidarity , prevent sedition , adjust the internal security The rule of law and public law and in accordance with law prevent retaliation and defending the oppressed return , the right to its owner and state responsibility for the administration of the citizen , the right of political refuge , the right of movement , the right of citizenship .
What characterized the document from the spirit of tolerance and recognition of others .The document achieved a unity of city successfully in the first year of immigration and call for its part , has earned a lot , turned to the Muslims from minority to majority .

النقد عند ابن سعید فی کتاب المغرب فی حلی المغرب

کریم عجیل حسین

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 198-207

Title of the research : Criticism in Ibin – Saeed in book of Al – maghreb in hulla Al – Maghreb
Criticism in the Arabic Islamic historians is considered an important topic that the researchers in the modern world concentrate on . The topic of this research is criticism in Ibin – Saeed Al – Andulusi who is died in 685B.C. in his book (Al – Maghreb in Hulla Al – Maghreb). This research is divided in to two parts . First part talkes about the scientific life of Ibin – Saeed , his travelling in Al – Andulus cities , the eastern cities , his meeting of the authors and the scientists and his getting arts and sciences from them which helped him to implie their own translations in his book of Al – Maghreb .
The second part concerned with stndying criticism in Ibin – Saeed in book Al – Maghreb in Hulla Al – Maghreb , the part concrned of with Al – Andulus that is called (Washee Al – Toors in Hulla of Al – Andulus Island) Ibn – saeed used two types of criticism . the first one is correction and provisions. The second one is acriticism of prose and poetry. I also specified aspace to fanaticism and fairness in criticism in Ibin- Saeed, as it is an important topic, in which I clarified the extant of his fairness to the translators whatsever his relation or his difference with them in religion and doctrine.

Al-Murji'a (postponing people; and they are regarded as an Islamic group)

جهاد عبد حسین العلوانی; عبدالمنعم حامد عبد علی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 208-217

Al-Irja'a(postponing): in Arabic language means delaying, but scientifically means delaying the punishment of the sins doers to the judgment day. Al-Murji'a was one of those Islamic group who had effects on the social and religious life in Amway state. This group subdivided into jabria (obligatory) Al-Murji'a, Qadirai (fateful) Al-Murji'a and khalisa (pure) Al-Murji'a. Those main groups divided into sub groups and they were Al-Younisia, Al-Ghasania, Al-Thawbania, Al-Tomania, Al-Marisia, Al-Abidia and Al-Salihia.
Beside the political and religious sides, Al-Murji'a had a kind of literature call Al-Murji'a literature. This kind of literature had many noticeable poets like Thabit bin Qutna who had a poem about Al-Murji'a thoughts.

موقف الولایات المتحدة الامریکیة من تغلغل النفوذ الشیوعی فی العراق من عام ( 963-1968 )

جمال هاشم الذویب; سالم إسماعیل مصطفى

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 228-235

The case of communist party's control in the Middle East in general and in Iraq in special considers one of the most important cases that has gotten United States of America's interest. Because of strategic cite of Iraq and considering it as one of important petrol production centres in the world. Although the presence of Iraq with American strategic counts before the second world war, but the American interference in Iraqi affairs began after the appearance of communists in political Iraqi field after 1958 Revolution.
Then the political presence began to weaken in Iraq after the Baathists handing over the authority because of 18 Nov. 1963's movement and the great arrests and continuous pursuits for communists and its organizations. Through 1967's was between Iraq and Israel and including of Iraq in it, the Soviet Union tried to near to Iraq but the American authority was the strong that caused the ending of Abd Al-Rahman Araf's regime in 1968 and empting the Iraqi political field from communists, so the American presidents Stated frequently their readiness in making a third world was if they obliged for this to prevent making Iraq as settlement of communism.

التأثیرات العمرانیة فی هجرة أهل الأندلس الى المغرب من القرن السابع الى القرن التاسع الهجری

احمد صالح الدلیمی; زیتونة محمود حسون

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 236-243

In this search summarized studying about the stimulates which let from Al-Andls to the Maghreb civilization flourish it may there are expatriates much stimulatein the many of the ranges and it in the civize which build it in the eara the search subject . many build it with remain thea Andls hand to add to many of general institution in the Maghreb , as the mosques are build with the Andlus stamp and until that the many that to join enter teaching . In it they are the expatriates Andlus .

The Influence of the political life in Iraq on the political situation in Falluja during the first decade of the Republic Regime in Iraq1958-1963

منسی شرموط محمد المسلط

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 244-259

Oneness of aim of the Iraqi politicians, including AL-Fallujah politicians, before the 14th of July 1958 Revolution, was the framework that had all the inspirations of the leaders of the political trends at that time. Therefore, politicians of all political trends in Fallujah, except those whose interests were passively influenced, participated in demonstrations in support of the revolution. However, each trend tried to direct the Revolution to serve their political schedule.
When the conflict between the two leaders of the Revolution (Abdussalam M. A'arif and Abdul Kareem Qasim) started, AL-Fallujah was one of the fields of that conflict particularly after deposing of Abdussalam by Abdul Kareem and appointing him Ambassador in Western Germany. This step put the nationalists in Fallujah and outside it in a wide state of detestation expressed indifferent actions. Abdulwahhab Ashawwaf attempt to overthrow Abdul Kareem in March 1959 was the first and the revolution of the 8th of February 1963 that led to the execution of Abdul Kareem was the last.
However, Abdussalam ended in no better way. His political conflict with the other leaders of the February 1963 Revolution was behind the fall of the helicopter and his death in April 1966.

The Trade across the Euphrates in Mesopotamia

شیبان ثابت مصطفى الراوی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 260-266

On the banks of Euphrates and since the historical centuries , the ancient cities just like Ur, Warka, Eridu, Lagash, and Umma originated , and the area filled with a huge network of natural and artificial waterways to connect these cities with the main river Euphrates and then to the Arab Gulf, a Delmun , and since the third millennium B.C. , the trade exchange was with Delmun, Meggan, and Mulukha's ships carry with the agricultural and animals goods and products from Mesopotamia and come back with metals , woods, and precious stones.
The Semites also apply the same rules and expansion of business to north of Euphrates with Levant , Asia, and Mediterranean.
The Euphrates filled with different shapes and tonnage ships , the rules organized the ship's fees and originated monitoring stations and collect the tax, each ship with its tonnage .
State's ships were exempt from taxation and these stations were organizing the passage of ships and protecting all these ships.

Islamic empire of Gana

بان حســـین السنجــری

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 267-279

Gana was the first political government in western Sudan. It reached to the top of its power in the third century of higra  the ninth century AD . Although of the spreeding of idolatrous and Magianism religen in it, but Islam was found earlier in this empire by the merchants of Sunhaja barbarity's in Audgest. From this town, Islam go towards Gana. It submitted to Islamic initiation at Augba bin Nafia AlFihri rule [55 higrah / 672 AD.]. It is the Islamic Creeping to Arab Magerb countries. The year [469 higrah / 1076 AD.] was a peremptory year in Gana history. In that year, under the effect of Almurabiteen state, people of Gana became Muslims. In that time Gana state decleared its political belonging to Islamic world.

انقلاب سامی الحناوی 1949 وتأثیره على الأوضاع الاقتصادیة والاجتماعیة فی سوریا والموقف البرطانی منه

باسل نصیف جبر الکبیسی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 280-287

The Arab Land especially Syria witness many attempts by France and British in order to control and occupy this stratigy and economical region.so France control this area and toppled the Arabian government 1920. But British still as a watcher when Syrian people protest in 1925 against arbitrariness political of France . And the Revolution of Sami Al- Hinawi was one of many revolution that Syrian witnessed and they acused Britain and Iraq during the ruler Noori Al Saeed. For that Britain tried to be away from because that harmful for Britain in the region, especially when therewas conflect between many Nation in the word so Britain encouraged the union between Iraq and Syria because it is necessary for Britain especially the Iraqi and British convection 1930 will be ended in 1956 and this unity had a value stratigy for British.

الجوانب العمرانیة والعسکریة والاداریة من خلال کتاب البلدان للیعقوبی

مظھر عبد علی جاسم الجغیفی; عبد الجبار محمود شریمص الدلیمی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 288-217

This research studies the historical sides in countries Book (Ketab Al – Boldan) for al – Yaaqoobi . Here the important historical sides have been studied in this geographical book . This book presents historical information of great importance for the historical studies . These sides are so many . The first ones are the building sides and the news of Caliphs that occupy great importance through presenting information about the Islamic cities through their arising and their plans concentrating especially on Baghdad and Samarah cities . The research also presents important information about the news of Caliphs in the building motion and other various news about Caliphs and their achievements and their deaths . The research also deals with the Islamic conquers considering them as an important side in the history of Islamic Arab Country . It mentions many tells about the cities that had been conquered by Islamic Arab Army in different battles . The most prominent tell was so very abbreviated . This research discusses the other important side, that is the mention of rulers in the Islamic Arab Country and their news in suggestan and Kharastan regions, beginning form Al – Rashedian Age, passing through Amawyian Age and ending with the Abbassian Age . The research states important information about the rulers in the Islamic Arab Army in these two regions .

The influence of Al-Tabeen (followers of the prophets ) on the spread of Islam in the Arabic west

ابتسام جمال کافی طه الالوسی; احمد حسن مطر الندا

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 318-332

The Muslims paid great attention to the conquests for the spread of Islam and to rescue people from injustice and slavery in order to lighten their thoughts with the faith of Islam .
Omro b. AL_As reached to Tripoli and its whereabouts and then the prophets' companions and then their followers to spread the religion of Islam .
They faced many problems for the natives who were heathen and other distorted heavenly religions . it was difficult that these native embrace Islam . But after great strife , they established Islam among those primitive people . these contests changed the course of history and started new unlighted societies .

The Military Construction in the ear of the Sultanate of Granada 636-897 AH./ 1230-1492 AD

ناظم إبراهیم کریم محمد العبدلی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 333-344

The Sultanate of Granada is composed of three states are Granada (The present) , Malaga and Almeria , there are several factors that helped the Sultanate of Granada on the prosperity of construction movement in it particular the military construction, it was the most prominent of passion Sultans of Granada with building and construction , but that one of them was an artist , apoet and a gifted is the sultan Yousef Abu Al-Hajjaj , as well as the availability of natural elements- such as water and plants- as abasic key in Andalusian architecture, which gives an elegance and beauty to its development of military construction of towers and walls and forts. It seems that the steadfastness of the Sultanate of Granada for two and a half centuries in front of its enemies because in some cases , to development of its military construction , which was itself nascent the military pressures upon by the enemies , especially what was from the walls , towers and impregnable forts which built by the Muslims to keep the city from attacks by enemies , and which are still large parts of it heraldedto this day, which shows the strength of the fortification and military sophistication and urban the construction and its development in the Sultanate of Granada

اثر استراتیجیتی التعلم التولیدی والتسائل الذاتی فی تحصیل مادة الجغرافیة والتفکیر الاتأملی عند طلاب الصف الخامس الادبی

نجدت عبد الرؤوف عبدالرضا; یاسر عبدالواحد حمید الکبیسی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 345-369

The research aims to identify the impact of each of the strategic question of self-generative and learning material in the collection of geographic and reflective thinking among the students of fifth-grade literary, and determine the students of fifth-grade literary center in al-Anbar province for the academic year (2010-2011).
The research sample consisted of (60) students were distributed into three groups, the first experimental group consisted of (20) students have studied the generative learning strategy, and a second experimental group consisted of (20) students have studied the strategy of self-questioning, and the control group consisted of ( 20) students have studied in the usual way. Equivalence have been conducted among the three groups variables (chronological age, intelligence, achievement in geography for the previous year, previous experience, reflective thinking, academic achievement to parents).
Promising research tools, the first achievement test to be of (50) paragraph was to test procedures for validity and reliability and the coefficient of difficulty and ease, excellence and sincerity of paragraphs, and the second tool test to think about contemplative be one of (40) by paragraph, was to test procedures for validity and reliability and the coefficient of difficulty and ease, excellence and sincerity paragraphs.
The researcher used analysis of variance and test, showed, and Altaúa test and Pearson's correlation coefficient, and the equations of the difficulty and the ease and excellence, and the effect size as the statistical methods and was one of the search results:
1. Women with no differences statistically significant at the level of (0.05) between the average scores of the first experimental group students taught using

اثر التعلیم التعاونی فی تحصیل طالبات المرحلة الاولى قسم علوم القرأن فی مادة علوم القرأن

ولید احمد عبد

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 370-384

The present study at knowing the effect of cooperating style on the achievement of first – year students in al quran in manila at the quran department the student the melees are the sample of the study shows a signer cant difference of the experimental group at the experiment of the control group in addition the researcher comes up with recommend at and suggestions

Family dialogue and its impact in academic achievement Among the students of junior high schools in Anbar

عبد المجید محمد ربیع

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 385-406

Family of the dialogue of great importance in the satisfaction of natural needs of individuals and through the interaction of family members among them. Developments have made a scientific and cultural influence in changing the functions of the family and the impact on their role in building members are able to integrate into the community environment and raise the level of academic achievement. Hence the importance of this study and define its objectives in identifying the level of dialogue with domestic students in middle school in Anbar, and you know the differences between males and females in it, as well as know the impact of family dialogue in the level of academic achievement. Researcher was assisted by identifying prepared for this purpose ... The results showed that there is effective statistically significant for the dialogue of family among the students of junior high school, and to Avroq statistically significant between the sexes, as the results indicated that there are paragraphs got the weight of a high percentage in the answers of students on the resolution in determining the effectiveness of the dialogue family and, finally, the results indicated that the dialogue family impact positive statistically significant in academic achievement. In light of these results the researcher recommended a number of recommendations and proposals

in Shaping the Personality of the Child

ولاء خلیل إبراھیم الکربولی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 407-423

When parents follow the correct ways of treating their children and entertain good traits by following the teaching and characteristics of prophet Mohammed (peace & prayer be upon him), they will leave a positive and wide domain for these children to mimic their parents’ characters in present and future, which contributes in building their characters in the family and society at large. Consequently, the problem of the present paper has been the identification of the educational essentials of the family and their role in building the child personality now and in the future . Objectives: The present paper aims at identifying the following: 1-The family: its concept, significance, essentials, functions and role in development and building society. 2- The role of educational essentials of the family in shaping the child personality. Results: The educational essentials of a successful family are: -Parents should be a good model in sects of life; the social, religious, ethical and health. -Establishing mercy, love and passion, which make the family environment dominated by psychological rest and tranquality and fruitful cooperation.

العوامل المفسرة لتشکیل الادوار الجنوسیة فی العمل

نبیل جاسم محمد

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 424-446

The main aim of the study is concerned with knowing the causes and principle factors that lead to gender inequality in different fields of lab our and how to defend Islam agate accusations for a lot of people see that Islam is the base of such gender discrimination. Information's revels that studies that concentrates on gender differences in lab our, and which try to interpret the inequality between males and females, were few especially woman studies and labour market. This has been emphasized by reports of the International Bank related to the insertion of the social type in development. So the gender inequality in labour is connected to a great extent to the family, institutions, biological factor and social transformations. Views and theoretical directions multiply in their interpretation to the confinementssocial, political, economic, cultural and their effects on development. A lot of issues are connected to the low participation of women in all activities and fields, for poverty represents one of these factors related to social transformation on the one hand and the wrong policy of some countries on the other hand in addition to the and poverty are two important variables that need a deep study. The degree of distinguishes males and females differs according to the types of organizing production. Other factors like education,qualification, experience, teaching, economic status have their effects in inequality. So the issue is great and it is related to the circumstances in the society and not to the transformation to the economy of the market only. So issues that need study in out time are many and each issue, of course, needs more than one study and a lot of efforts relevant to the culture of each society.

Politics and education in Islam

طعمه محمد یوسف

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 447-454

When we try to consider the issue of politics and education in Islam is determined through the relationship between principle and the educational climate prevailing among the Muslims. We find that the principle of freedom leaves its mark on more than one field in the field of educational as institutes Islamic. Treaties Islamic not subject to the centralized system of education and education There was no intervention by the government in the field of education in the beginning where the religious fervor drives individuals to provide grants for the construction of mosques and libraries. The governors are interested in the field of science, literature and debates, and they attract scientists of different persuasions and opinions to listen to them. In the Abbasid period, we find that scientists have enjoyed a degree of freedom and show IP helped to achieve scientific progress after becoming Baghdad adjacent to Persia, capital of the Abbasid Empire fled to it many of the scholars of Persia encouraged them successors to seek knowledge have enjoyed these scientists the freedom he loves lovers of science and supplemented created them political stability, economic prosperity of all possible opportunities. As demonstrated by the principle of freedom in the field of study was the mosques that the student is transferred from the same grade study to another and there was no end to the life or to stay in the grade level. He was the student moving from episode to another as permitted activities on the basis of the number of science that wants to study them .

The relationship between exposure of the students of the University of Anbar to space channels and the level of political knowledge ( field study)

عقیل ھایس عبد الغفور

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 2, Pages 455-473

Space channels are the latest means of mass communication and the most dangerous at the same time al characterized by their superior ability to attract the public to the screens, and which combine sound, image, and movement in addition to being used as a means for the dissemination of politics and public awareness and increasing interest in political affairs. This has been reflected in building democratic political structures. Where individuals involve in its construction. These space channels participate in the coverage of important events which lead to increased interest in strengthening democratic practice and the dissemination of political knowledge among citizens. Since there is a clear lack of information available about the relationship between levels of exposure to political themes provided by these stations across the screens and the level of political knowledge, and its positive impact and negative impact on viewers, there was a sense of a situation requires research and study.Therefore the aim of this research is to know the relationship between the exposure of students of Anbar University to space channels and the level of political knowledge, and the characteristics of this relationship, and know their favorite space channels to follow up political issues, and monitoring their attitudes towards these stations and programs, and discuss their impact on the level of political knowledge, to find out results and state the recommendations whish help in future studies in this field.