Volume 2012, Issue 4, Spring 2012

أثر التفریغ الانفعالی فی مستوى التطرف

عبد الرزاق جاسم محمود العیساوی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 4, Pages 1-13

Extremism is considered one of the social and psychological problems which facing the family, school, community, social scientists, education, law and security men, hence the research problem identified in the disclosure of extremism, a phenomenon that has increased in the present day is unprecedented, causing human and material losses. So, it is a problem that needs to be made sincere effort to encounter it.
Objective of this research is to identify and measure the phenomenon of extremism due to the danger to the community and put a directing program to alleviate the suffering through:
1- Detection of the phenomenon of extremism.
2- Construction of a pilot program in emotional discharge to reduce the level of extremism.
It has been using experimental method - the controlled group (for previous-post test) a distributed the questionnaire to one hundred students from all levels, who are (434) students enrolled in the College of Education – Al-Qa'aim - for the academic year 2011-2012 randomly, where it was sort twentieth students who received the fiftieth degrees or above on a scale of extremism, the researcher depends on the null hypothesis to measure the impact of the program.
The first hypothesis: No statistically significant differences at the level of significance (0.5) between the mean pre and post test in the level of extremism after the application of the guiding program.
The second hypothesis: There were statistically significant differences at the level of significance (0.5) between the mean pre and post test in the level of extremism after the application of the guiding program.
The program tools include:
1- Building scale.
2- Building a pilot program in emotional discharge to reduce the level
of extremism.
It has been building scale through a prospective study carried out by the researcher was intended to identify the manifestations of extremism experienced by students through the guidance of an open question to them were asked to mention the most important manifestations of extremism experienced by students and that affect their lives directly, and was an estimate quadrant to determine the response the paragraphs of the questionnaire's (30), paragraph (never, sometimes, often, always), it was checked from the stability of the questionnaire as away retest correlation coefficient was 0/81, a coefficient of acceptable.

The researcher used the arithmetic mean to compare between the degrees of the group (pre and post test), the researcher adopted a psychoanalytic theory in the construction program (free association, emotional venting).
The results of hypothesis testing showed positive changes to the research sample who suffer from extremism of the participants in the program during the period of application (four weeks), the time between the pre and post test and are statistically significant in favor of the participants in the program.

التنظیمات الإداریة للدولة الفاطمیة فی بلاد المغرب 297-361هـ

بهار احمد جاسم

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 4, Pages 1-21

This Study aim to shed Light on Alfatumiya state which considered one of stronger states, and the people lived under it days rich and welfare ,at first it stand was in Africa ,a lot of students study that state and having a great deal of them interest and care in a lot of sides: scientific ,religious,economic,social,culture and political.
But they are forget important side that was the administrative side, especially their period in bilad almagrib,and they are depend at first on a lot of the administrative systems to state which it became before it such us systems of: ministry ,chamberlain ,emirate al buldan ,monetize and al dwaween beside the conclusion and a list of sources and modulation and references.

Geographical distribution for Oil products in AlAnbar Governorate

عبد الناصر صبری شاهر الراوی; نجلاء طلال ترکی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 4, Pages 1-22

In this research , I explained the distribution of Oil product in Al -Anbar governorate , . This research deals with all the phenomena Concerning with man's life especially in distributing all the petrol Stations inside the governorate because the people and their families need it in daily life .
The two researchers Could distribute the Stations in Countries and Cities .

الدور السیاسی لعارف عبد الرزاق فی عهد الرئیس عبد الرحمن محمد عارف1966- 1968م.

جمال هاشم الذویب; میثاق حبیب حسین علی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 4, Pages 1-11

Aref Abdul-Razzaq had an important political role in the reign of Abdul-Rahman Mohammed Aref . After he had failed in his coup attempt against Abdul-Salam Aref in 1965 and resorted to Egypt , he tried another coup in the period of Abdul-Rahman Mohammed Arif . In 30 /June /1966 he carried out his second coup for the socialist procedures with Egypt and to announce a comprehensive unity with it , but he failed and was imprisoned . During the war of 1967 between Arabs and the Zionists , he and other pilots were set free in order to participate in the war and this happened . He also took part in the internal political events and developments after the war to save the country from deterioration until the year 1968 when he was jailed and exiled outside the country .

الفهرسة المحوسبة فی المکتبة المرکزیة بجامعة ألانبار

عبد صبار العکیلی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 4, Pages 1-21

Library's and information centers are regearded as important institution.which aim to present information for users to forfit by these information and devlop au fields of thir life . this search dealt with automatic cataloguing in the central libaray in AL – Anbar university where it is studied in detail . and knowing the bont of view of users by auestionnaire to know the weak points to treat them and reinforce the strong pointsto reach to the aim . which is facilitating of obtainweut of scientific materials for users in auick time and less effort .

منهج أبو زید البلخی (ت322هـ/934م) فی التراجم فی کتابه (البدء والتاریخ)

جنان قحطان جمیل العانی; جهاد عبد حسین العلوانی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 4, Pages 1-18

This paper is a part derived from a doctorate thesis titled ((Abu Zaid AL-Balkhi (died 322 A.H.) and his Course in the Book "the Beginning and History")).
Translations is a kind of narratives which has a personal nature, its historical importance is represented in being related to persons who made or participated or witnessed historical events.
This paper focuses on declaring the course of the author in translations, detailing the translation's elements, basics of choosing translations and the relation with the historical events.

تطور مساحات أشجار الفاکهة النفضیة فی محافظة الأنبار وتغیّرها للمدة 2001-2011

صباح محمود علی الراوی; مروان غالب یاسین فرحان

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 4, Pages 1-26

The purpose of this research to detect progress in areas of fruit trees deciduous in Anbar province and change for the period (2001 -2011), was relying on the formula of percentage change through which the knowledge of evolution and the change between the judiciary and other and between type and other types of fruit trees deciduous in terms of quantity and quality. show through this study that areas of fruit trees deciduous have changed negatively to the overall space fruit trees reaching (4473) acres in 2011, while the area in 2001 (5646) acres margin capacity (1173) acres, a rate (0.69%) of the area of cultivated land preservation in the same year, except judicial (Haditha and Qaim) witnessed a development in space, and that this change happening was happening randomly without planning prior to the deteriorating security situation and service, especially after the year 2003 as a result of the American occupation of the country and the impact urban sprawl and the inheritance factor.

العوامل الطبیعیة المؤثرة فی تکوین الجزر النهریة (جزیرتی جبة وآلوس دراسة میدانیة)

محمود إبراهیم متعب; علی سلیمان ارزیک

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 4, Pages 1-29

The river islands of the leading manifestations geomorphological downstream Bmjarih lower, as characterized by river islands being one of the most important phenomena depositional and structural of the river resulting from the sculpture and deposition that get on the banks or cornering river, as well as sediment that receive the valleys and waterways within other rivers, as these sediments are materials Khama good to configure the river islands, and when the river islands begin a series of operations geomorphological of action and reaction from the islands, working as an act of growth and expansion by the amount of sediment the river and works as a reaction by influencing the course of the river and its on expand its course and erosion in the hall, as well as change the degree of slope slicer longitudinal, and the division of the river and then lead to the complexity of the river leading to the formation of waves side streams lead to erosion riverbanks and corrosion, thereby increasing sediment and throw it on the other side generators islands new or deposited over Islands are already present

العلاقات الهندیة الإسرائیلیة وانعکاساتها على الأمن القومی العربی

محمد حردان علی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 4, Pages 1-20

The Indian - Israeli relations witnesses a stage of steady development since the Indian established a full diplomatic relations with Israel in 1992. These prosperous relations have a significant impact on global politics by altering the balance of power in South Asia and the Middle East which will have repercussions on the Arabic nationalist and Islamic security.
The importance of the research has a group of goals seeks to achieve, which includes monitoring the evolution of relations between India and Israel and follow the trends of partnership between the two countries in all fields and to study its implications on the Arabic national security and trying to develop a rational plan by the decision-makers in the Arab world in this situation to reduce the impact of this strategic partnership between the two countries on the Arabic national security
Depending on the research nature, it has been divided into four sections the first deals with the evolution of relations between India and Israel and the second is interested in clarifying fields of cooperation between the two countries . And the third included the study of binding limitations and the future of this coalition. While the latest section was devoted to the study the reversal of this alliance on the Arabic national security.

مخاطر الکثبان الرملیة فی محافظة الانبار

مشعل محمود فیاض الجمیلی; هیفاء کریم خلیل

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 4, Pages 1-25

Anbar governorate is situated between latitudes (35˚ 10 ˉ & 30˚ 35ˉ) to the north and longitudes (44 ˚ 16ˉ & 38˚ 30 ˉ) to the east. It occupies area of 138579 square kilometers, i.e a ratio of about 30% of the total area of Iraq which is 435052 square kilometers.
The structural deformities in rock layers and the wide spread of cracks and faults on the surface of sedimentary rocks in the region as well as the variation in stone types and their solidarity have lead to the difference in geomorphological process which lead to the formation of varies land units.
The study has tackled the spatial analysis of sand dune drafit phenomenon in Al-Anbar governorate in terms of the most important factors causing this phenomenon. This phenomenon has been so perversive and areas suffering from it have increase specially in recent years. Space data analysis of satellite images using modern techniques has been used to identify the regions affected by sand dune drift and the factors causing it. By studying these images and conducting a field study on many parts of the region , the study could conclude that great portions of the province suffer from the dangers of sand dune drift leading to the damage of cultivating suitable lands and these already cultivated (decrease oasis’s in the region) due to the continuous drift and the weak effort by responsible bodies to confront it.
The area of land affected by sand dune drift is about 20550 km², i.e a ratio of 14.8% of the total area of the province.
Geomorphological risks in the area of the study pertain to the process of land surface development and human activity. This development by itself might represent a danger to human, such as torrents and the geomorphological processes that follow.

موقف الولایات المتحدة من القضیة الکردیة 1968- 1975

غسان متعب عبدالکریم الهیتی; عمر یاس عیسى فارس

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 4, Pages 1-13

The Kurdish issue one of the most important problems
that government interface seventeenth of July 1968, due to the external role was practiced by the United States of America to put pressure on Iraq in order to preserve their interests, and to prevent Iraq from heading toward the Soviet Union.
Despite promises of reform made by the Iraqi government is not that efforts have not yielded anything by the role played by Iran to exploit the Kurds to implement ambitions border, which was most recently canceled agreement Saad Abad in 1969 and signed in 1937 and increased aid to the Kurds to cooperate with the United States to achieve its goals as well as ambitions in the Arabian Gulf.
In an effort last Iraqi government has step to avoid fighting with the Kurds Aolasbab other related Baldharov Iraq's economic Aomaytalq regional situation, and Iraqi government signed an agreement in the atheist th of March 1970 to ensure the Kurds their rights, Bidan this agreement has not been implemented by the Kurds by external intervention represented the United States and Iran to thwart Convention and continue to use the Kurdish paper put pressure on Iraq, for reasons that serve the United States' strategy in the Middle East, the United States increased its military aid to the Kurds by Iran, and that was a major reason for agreement eleventh of March 1970.
In 1973 tried Zionist entity urged Kurds to carry out attacks against the good of Iraq, taking advantage of concern in the war on the Syrian front, is that the United States did not recommend it because the Arab situation and the regional does not help that, as well as the Iraqi government withdrew its troops from the Syrian front soon announcing a cease-fire.
But Kurdish ambitions and external support to pay their collision with the Iraqi government, which lasted in the face of the Iraqi government even signed the Iran-Iraq 1975 Convention