Volume 2011, Issue 4, Spring 2011, Page 1-372

Hydrological helm Fallujah

Mahmood Ibraheem Moutub; Aous talaq mashaan

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 4, Pages 1-17

Falluja dam is one of the organizing dams for water not of storing one . It is established on Euphrates river in 1985 south of falluja city . the aim establishing it was to be sure of the continuous watering for the agricultural grounds situated between Euphrates Tigris with in the precipitation plane . This dam was designed to water to main canals , the first is Saqlawya canal and its branches , the second is called integrated canal which waters the creeks of abi ghraib , al-radhwania , al-yousiffya , al-lateeffya and the creek of al-eskandaria through raising water level to 2.5m above its normal level for a distance about 12km from the river flow in forepart of the dam .
The existence of this dam with its current properties has a great effect at the environmental side . the raising of river level in forepart of the dam continuously participated in increasing the level of interior water and also in watering the dam has other environmental effects reflected on the agricultural side and human activity , in addition to forming new shapes of grounds as a result of the huge amount of precipitation that river carries forming a group of islands.

Desertification and its effect on the Agricultural Activity in the Raral Areas of Fallujah An-nassaf District (5)

کمال صالح کزکوز; السیدعدنان نعمة حسین

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 4, Pages 18-35

The problem of desertification is considered one of the dangerous problems that the agriculture activity suffers from due to the combining together of human and natural factors. This study aims to explain the reasons and factors that cause the desertification. It is clear that the natural factors have an effective role in the evolution of this phenomenon represented in the geological structure, surface, climate and earth. All these factors combined with human factors like the misuse of irrigation methods, population growth, lack of drainage systems, bad grazing and the lack and inefficiency of drainage system, to from this phenomenon. One of the aspects of this phenomenon is saltiness expansion. The area of saltiness expansion amounts to 10512 donems rating 90,2% of the total areas of desertified zones and 58% of the area of study zone. Moreover, the study zone suffer from constructional expansion which is considered the most dangerous aspects of desertification because it cannot be reclaimed. In addition to that, this aspect directs towards the agricultural zones. The area of constructional expansion amounts to 1145 donems rating 9,8% of the desertified lands and 6,4% of study zone. In consequence of that, we must adopt the necessary and ensuring methods and measures to restrict the desertification phenomenon especially in the study zone which is considered one of the areas of the Sedimentary Plane in Iraq; the area that is the most valuable agricultural
zone in Iraq.

Geographic Analysis of Variation of Population Scientific Structure in Wasit Governorate for the Period(from 1987 to 2007)

Hoseen Ali abd; Qusar abd alla mohammed

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 4, Pages 36-54

The problem of the research is concerned with the space variation of the scientific structure in Wassit governorate according to the administration units. It suppose that there is a space variation in the scientific structure and growth in the scientific levels for Wassit governorate upon the administrative units level. Its clear that the literacy rate in Wassit Governorate had arrived into the third population. although. It was in continuous decreasing. and less population was for people who had B.H Degrees and higher degrees. Concerning with administrative Units. Al-Kowt quarter was always in the first degree by registering the higher rates for the different educational levels. the reason behind that was many important scientific and schools were found there especially it was represent the center of the governorate. Concerning with what represents the least rates in all scientific level were (Al-Mufaqayah. Al-Ahrar. Shiek Saad and Wassit ) because of the rural tradition which does not give any importance for male education and prevent the females from learning and that was concerning with their needs for learning. however. most of people who have primary degrees work in farming activities. People who have scientific degrees works in mining occupation and trade anesthetics.

The Alternatives of Installing Sewage Station in Ramadi City

Ahmed Salman Humadi; Ahmed Dawood Hamid

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 4, Pages 69-79

This paper aims at studying the status of sewage network system in Ramadi and evaluating the performance efficiency of this system in the light of the planning standards used in this field, and their locative distribution. As it attempts to determine the problems that it suffers from in order to innovate it and evaluating the alternative places for the treatment stations.
The way and method of dealing with this topic depended on exploring and showing the status of this service and evaluating its efficiency according to the specific standards for the service to measure the employment shortage and showing the defect in their locative distribution.

کفائة توزیع مراکز الرعایة الصحیة الاولیة لمدینة الرمادی

هدی حسین علی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 4, Pages 80-92

The study deals with the adequacy of the primary health centers in Al-Ramadi city to know the extent of the medical services given to the residents, and to know the geographical distribution of their locations and occupied percentage in comparison to the total city area, and sheds a light on its components to give a clear notes about their amount and areas.The rapid development on the city during the last decade regarding the boom expansion and population growth affected the medical services of the city and the residents density , a reference to measure the adequacy of the medical services and changing according to the socio- economic status, to balance the functions of the city towards the residents , stakeholders must raise the adequacy of the services that fit the increase of the population and cover their needs, Since it presents the medical diagnostic and preventive primary health care services.The study also shows some conclusions, the most important is the deterioration of medical care presented to the residents of Al- Ramadi city and the crash of the health awareness for the residents. The most important recommendations are to develop the health institutions by supplying them with a qualified staff and with the necessary equipments and accessories to develop the scientific level of the staffs through training programs and increase the medical awareness and education for the residents by all means

التطورات السیاسیة فی مصر ( 1946-1949 )

عبد الرحیم ذو النون الحدیثی; سھاد جاسم محمد

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 4, Pages 93-109

Mahmood Fahmi AL-Naqrashi first Ministry subjected to many difficulties represented by determining Egypt demands in evacuation British forces and solving Sudanese Question in a form agreed with wishes of Sudaneses them selves. This Ministry also faced another crises and difficulties the speed of its fall represented by assassinating Ameen Othman ,Minister of Finance and through in vescestigations it was clearified that Ameen Othman assassination in cident was apolitical incident in the first rank , since Ameen Othman lost his life because his political beliefs where he tried to harmonize between Egypt's rights in independence and Britain's centre which caused him apolitical difference with many political leaders in Egypt. After Mahmood Fahmi Al-Naqrashi Ministry resignation in febraury 15,1946 king Farouq vested to Ismael sidqi to from the Ministry and during the term of this Ministry asset of incidents and strikes took place represented by the strike happened in febraury 21,1946 (Evacuation Day)the Egyptian people demanded in evacuation of British forces from Egypt which left a number of dead and injured people. Ismael Sidiqe Ministry resigned in December 9 1946,and Mahmood Fahmi Al-Naqrashi second Ministry was constituted,and this Ministry displayed the Egyptian Question in front of the security council to find solution in its corridors especially after Al-Naqrashi unabled to find solution to the Question with the British government and some of the political circles expected the success of Al-Naqrashi in his mission, but he failed in ejecting British forces from Egypt as well as he failed in freeing Palestine from Zinonists particulally after the Arab-Zinoist War in 1948. Al-Naqrashi assassinated in December 28,1948 on the hand of the one of the Moslem Brotherhood society members after issuing a resolution to resolve the MoslemBrotherhood society. Since the Brothers considerd the resolving resolution as war declaration on them.After AlNaqrashi,Ibrahim Abid El-Hadi assumed the ministry in December29,1949,as well as during this period the Guide of the Moslem Brotherhood sheikh Hassan Al-Bana was assassinated as areaction to AlNaqrashi assassination. The ministry and the palace were considered responsible of making the assassination incident.

Khawarizim kingdom in Bani Ma'moon Age and its Relation to the Sultan Mahmood Al-Gaznwi(385A.H/ 995 A.D-407 A.H /1016 A.D )

عبدالستار مطلک درویش; باحث علاء مطر تایه

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 4, Pages 110-121

Al-Mamoonean controls on judge Khwarzim after could of Abu-Ali Mamoon Bin Mohammed that spend on it's ruler the prince Abu-Abdullah khwarzimmsha and established parentage judge by Al-Mamoonean name . After that his killed his son Abu-Al-Hussan Ali Bin Mamoon followed him , and in his age the relationship started with Al-sultan mahmood Al-Ghznwi and followed him his brother the prince Abu Al-Abas Mamoon bin Mamoon in the judge ,and the relationship was in forcing between him and Al-sultan but this relationship destroyed because of the weakness of Al-prince's judge and he couldn't running on commons of Al-Sultan who killed by his army and AlMamoonean state ended , and Al- Khwarzim land invades under the direct judging of Al-Sultan .

The Event Affecting the Messenger's Personality before the Revelation

شاکر محمود إسماعیل

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 4, Pages 122-137

In this concise research , the researcher has reviewed the historical events extending from the birth of the messenger ( PBUH ) until the revelation of the message of Islam . This review also covers the period of the messenger's infancy with his foster-mother Haleema Al-Sa'adiya . Moreover ,the research touches upon the event during which the messenger's chest was slit open and his heart was cleansed by the angels . The study goes on to shed light on the demise of the messenger's mother , his grandfather and his transition to be under the guardianship of his uncle Abu-Talib . The messenger's travels to Yemen and Sham and the events that took place therein are touched upon ,especially that of Bishara , the priest . However , the most outstanding event is the prophet's marriage to Khadija in the midst of favorable materialistic and social circumstances . These , in fact , offered the messenger good chance to meditate the creation of the Universe , besides , he had com in contact with Hanifs and Christians in Sham . All these events made the messenger well qualified to boar the banner of newly-emerging Islam .

Britain's Position to wards the Russian Activity in the Arab Gulf Area 1899-1903

فواز مطر نصیف

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 4, Pages 138-149

At the end of the nineteenth century and beginning of twentieth century, the Arab Gulf had witnessed a competition between the two super-powers, great Britain and Russia, to get colonies and master the region. A although Russia was the main rival to Britain in the Middle East, its objection centered around Iran. This is due to its strategic geographical position to achieve its goals. Great Britain had been reinforcing its dominance over India. It was keen to build good relation with the Arab Gulf which is very close to India in order to make the Arab Gulf and its neighbors as a boundary against any possible invasion of European powers to India. Thus, the Arab Gulf represent a main concern in the strategic defense policy of Britain As such, Britain had tried to make a well-built boundary with neighborly states to India against any possible invasion from the European states. From this point, the study follows the Britain policy towards the Arab Gulf, since Britain had tried to get Russia away . Russia was considered the main rival to Britain for ago in the Middle East. Its objection is mainly over some central parts on the Iranian boundaries. And the Russian activities in the end of the nineteenth century represent a threat over the dominate of Britain over seas namely over the Arab Gulf. The main goal of sending the Russia warships to the Arab Gulf in the beginning of the twentieth century was to show the British and the public via raising the Russian flag in the Arab Gulf that it is the right of all nations to sail in the Arab Gulf. This is, of course, against the British end over to master the Arab Gulf .


جمال فیصل حمد; عمر نافع نوری

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 4, Pages 150-172

This study deals with most important incident witnessed in the Estren Arab area during the 1970 's of recent century. Event as such had crisp effects in the resulting political developments of Egypt. Consequently Egypt played cardinal roles in a number of historical events stemmed from the principles of 23rd September ,1952. Revolution. Still Egypt had limited roles in Easten Arab area crises and other boundaries. Issues. The study comprises an interdiction. Three chapters and a conclusion . The first chapter tackles Iran occupation of the arab islands in 1971. Chapter two opines Egypt postures towards Algeria Agreement of 1975 between Iraq and Iraq . Egypt stands towards the Lebanon civil war of 1975 -1978 are elucidated in chapter three . The conclusion accentuates the efforts exerted by researchers in analysing such issues and formulating their overviews .


نافع حسین علی المحلاوی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 4, Pages 173-184

This is the state of the Muslims at the prophet age and His fellows which collapsed the idea of the ruler and the ruled . Our prophet(May peace be upon Him)in fromed us that Khilafh will be guided by the prophet instructions and so will do the next generations including their scholars . According to Hadith in fromed by Ahmed and reformed by Al Abani((The prophethood will be among you in Allahs will then it will be lifted up.Khilafah will take its place.Then atyrant kingdom and finally there will be on the prophecy way))Then he kept silence . 1- khilafh:the state of rule followed our prophets age (may peace be upon him) 2- The prophets saying addresses his fellows and supporters. 3- Scholars in formed the prophets speech and sayings.

The prisons In pre-IsLamic Age

خالد ھاشم محمد سرحان العبدلی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 4, Pages 185-195

As it has mentioned the punishment of prison which brought by the Islamic religion is practiced as well as other punishments egually and distinctively. It has organized within a human-right framework such as providing the prisoners with drinking and food in addition to the necessary needs directly or through the guards and judgements. these treatments reflect the greatness of the Islamic nation and the progress of its culture. The Islamic religion never in tends to in sull a man dignity by putting the law of punishment.Never-theless . AL Mighty Alah rewards man with the mind and the will.Also Heguides man to the right and warns from the evil behavior. All the scholars agreed that the prison is a holy punish ment and it has mentioned in the holy Quran and sunna s book by the prophet(may peace be upon him).This punishments aim is to reform man and society. May Al Mighty Allah accept this effort and His prayers be upon our prophet.

التجارة فی الحجاز خلال العصر الفاطمی ( 358-567هـ /940-1171م )

وسن سمین محمد امین

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 4, Pages 196-213

The study of economic life forms an important part top the study of the history at our present time . The research tackles (the trade in Al-Hejaz During the Fatimid Epoch ). That who is concerned with the history of Hejaz , its distinguished geographical location , the existence of holy sites in Mecca and Medina ,the coming of pilgrims from different spots of the world as Hijaj or traders , and the activity of its marketplace in the season , and then the existence of commercial ports make it form an economical integration inside the Arab peninsula and outside. The research is as a simple attempt aims at showing the commercial activity in the cities and ports of Al- hejaz during the Fatimid caliphate ( 358-567 A.H. / 940 - 1171 A.C. The subject was subdivided into an introduction ,two inquires and a conclusion . The first inquiry included the internal Trade of Hejaz city which include markets and the goods imported to it .it also tackled the commercial dealings and the weigh units as well as the money. The second inquiry shed light on the external of Hejaz ,and the importance of the Hejazian ports . In addition to speaking about the external relations which linked Hejaz with the region of the external world .

The Dispute between Iraq and Syria over the Euphrates Water: 1962- 1990: A Historical Study

ذیاب عبود حسین الفھداوی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 4, Pages 214-230

The dispute between Syria and Iraq over the problem of Euphrates is due to the geographical situation of these two contries. Iraq is in a critical situation because it is on the end of the river and is affected negatively by the measures of the upper countries of the river, notably Turkey and then Syria the middle country. Of these measures is the dams these two countries built or plan to build which affected negatively on their understanding with Iraq. All the talks between Iraq and Syria since 1962 to 1990 aimed at the just division of the Euphrates water between them. But they did not result positively due to their different views on the problem. Besides the dispute with Turkey which has its own interests that overlook that of Iraq and Syria. To settle these disputes Turkey was invited in talks to conclude a triple deal to distribute the water according to international law and the treaties make among them. To shed light on this dispute the paper was divided into an introduction, two sections and a conclusion. The First section is entitled "The Dispute between Syria and Iraq from 1962 to 1973" whereas the Second section dealt with the dispute between these two countries from 1974 to 1990.

Alsafriya and their Role in the Arab Maghreb

ابتسام جمال کافی طه الالوسی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 4, Pages 231-240

Islam came with noble principles emphasized on the justice , mercy and avoidance of discrimination in treatment . It considered the dignity of the human being as the great value . The Holy Quran and the sayings of the messenger ( peace and blassing be upon him ) emphasized the unity and cooperation and rejected the discord . Certain sayings ( Hadeeths ) stated by our messenger ( peace and blessing be upon him ) mentioned that the Islamic nation will be divided into seventy and some more groups . The group which got away from the torture is the one which follows the Holy Quran and the Sunna of the prophet of Allah . Our study in this paper is about ( the dissidents ) who stood against our master Ali ( may God be pleased with him ) after the battle of Sifeen and he fought them in the battle of Alnuhruwan . Those dissidents brought odd opinions far from the Islamic religion . Alsufriya , after having been fought in the Islamic East , went to areas of Arab Maghreb in which they succeeded in getting the followers especially many of the population of Maghreb were from the Berbers . Alsafriya had established a political system besides spreading their opinions there .

اراضی الصلح فی العراق فی عهد الخلفاء الراشدین ( رضی الله عنهم ) 11-40هـ/633-660م دراسة تأریخیة

أحلام سلمان علی الجنابی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 4, Pages 241-260

1-The reconciliation in the lexicon, Holly Quran and prophetical suna, means peace, reconciliation, peaceableness , concord and disbanding of conflict by the interference of mediators. Accordingly, the peace land is every land controlled by Muslims and 2-It is called the land of abscess and shade.
3- It is known that one of the main conditions of reconciliation is to pay scutage and abscess by the land owners to Muslims as a yearly financial resource. 4-The norms of reconciliation lands are determined by their types and how to manage them in accordance with the Holly Quran and prophetical suna and according to the agreed upon conditions. This is by holding reconciliation between the conflicting parties. 5-Despite the short era of the Caliphate Abu Bakir (Allah bless him), he held many reconciliation bonds. He could manage an invest and make use of them. 6- As for the era of Omer Bin Alkhatab (Allah bless him), it is characterized by the extension of the reconciliation territories, multiplicity of their types and the variation of norms according to the variety of reconciliation conditions. The territories are old on the one hand and new on the other. The imposed taxes ranged between the abscess and Ushir (one-tenth). 7-Both caliphate Othman Bin Afan and Ali Bin Abi Talib (Allah bless them) followed the caliphate Omar Bin Alkhatab (Allah bless him) and they did not change the decided procedures by him. 8-The reconciliation territories supported (enriched), in Iraq, the monetary of Muslims with yearly financial resources played an effective role in activating the movements of Islamic conquest band liberalization. 

News Coverage of Anbar University Activities in the Iraqi Press for the Period from 1/ 1/ 2008 till 31/ 12/ 2008 Analytical Descriptive Study

رفعت مطر حمد الدلیمی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 4, Pages 261-277

The year of 2008 witnessed a perfect stability at Anbar university several years of great suffering from in continuing the academic study. The most difficult one represented by hindering and stopping the study of the academic years 2005 – 2006 and 2007. After the governorate underwent with hard security conditions, where the university had a great share duty to its location in Ramadi city which witnessed hot events and security instability. Therefore, the Anbar university Headquarters poured its efforts on shedding light upon the media of continuity of the study at the university and it held a great deal number of scientific activities such as conferences, symposiums and seminars, and collaborating between the university and the state directorates and institutes and publishing them at the local newspapers. As a result, the Department of Public Relations and Media was charged specifically to do this mission as being responsible of publishing ¹ where many means of publications were used, among them publishing via e-mails or delegates or common post or providing a certain correspondent with the news or the essay directly. But sometimes the shorthand news is published via the portable phone (mobile). In this field, the specialized and researchers see that the subject of coverage is not considered a basic media affluent supporting for any work; rather it is regarded as one of the important elements at the present time in order to complete organizing any work – especially scientific and research institutes including Anbar university, its colleges and research centers which had suffered for along time from scarcity of publishing and covering its activities in mass media yet the university continuous its scientific and educational campaign. In this research I have tried to set up a descriptive study for what was published for the university in the Iraqi Newspapers hoping to set up a complete plan of future researches for what was published for Anbar university in legible, visual and audible mass media, and internet.

Stresses Facing Widow Women and the Means of Treatment

طارق عبد أحمد الدلیمی; ابتسام عباس فرحان الشجیری

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 4, Pages 278-291

Stress is one of the subjects that attracts the attention of researchers as they participate in creating an abnormal psychological condition under the developments and changes Man lives in all sects of life, and the problems and various stresses he faces which have greatly affected his stable nature and calm life. Caring about stresses necessitates their reduction to achieve balance and stability to continue life. The second parameter covered in the present study that, which we believe, has an active role is the widow woman and the stresses surrounding her. As a result, the present study focuses on describing and analyzing the real state of the widow woman in terms of her suffering, sensing the psychological, social and economic stresses, sorting these stresses and finally treating them. The present study has aimed at; - Measuring stresses that face widow women in general. - Identifying variations in stresses facing widow women according to children parameter - Finding out variations in stresses facing widow women on the basis of academic achievement (below secondary level – above secondary level) The study is restricted to survey widow women at Fallujah city. The researcher has introduced definitions of terminology used in the research in addition to theoretical and procedural definitions, the theoretical background of stresses with detailed explanation of the most important theory of stress. The researcher has selected a random sample of widow women at Fallujah city consisting of (400) widow women chosen from the original population of the study amounting to 4000 widow women, i.e., the ratio was 10%. She has tended to build a measure of stresses facing widow women following scientific steps in describing the measure and extracting validity and reliability indicators using the statistical portfolio of social sciences (SPSS) to form results in order to achieve the objectives of the study. Results of the study have shown that; - Stress level in widow women having children is high and statistically significant. The calculated constant value has been (3.61) which is higher than the periodical value (1.960). This value is statistically significant at (0.05) indication standard and freedom degree (398). - Stress level is high and statistically significant in widow women having academic achievement below the secondary school. The calculated value has been (4.65) which is higher than the periodic value (1.960). It is statistically significant at (0.05) indication standard and freedom degree (398). The researcher has introduced some procedural means to treat stresses facing widow women on light of the findings of the study.

الطلاقة الریاضیة وعلاقتها ببعض انواع الذکائات المتعددة لدى طلبة اقسام الریاضیات فی کلیات التربیة فی محافظة بغداد

رافد بحر احمد المعیوف; اریج خضر حسن

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 4, Pages 292-319

The purpose of the current study defined the nature of the correlation between mathematical fluency as one of the components of creative thinking and some types of multiple intelligences (linguistic intelligence, spatial intelligence, logical mathematical intelligence) among the students of mathematics departments in colleges of education in the province of Baghdad through answering the following questions:- 1 - Do the mathematics sections students in colleges of education in the province of Baghdad; have the mathematical fluency which represents the quantitative aspect in creative thinking? 2- Is there a difference between males and females in this variable? 3- Is this student having some types of multiple intelligences ((linguistic intelligence, spatial intelligence, logical mathematical intelligence)? 4- Is there a difference between males and females in the types of intelligence? 5- Is there a correlation relationship between the mathematical fluency and some types of multiple intelligences (linguistic intelligence, spatial intelligence, logical mathematical intelligence) among the students of mathematics departments in colleges of education in the province of Baghdad? What type? 6- What is the nature of this correlation relationship according to the gender variable? The results fond by the researcher indicate: 1- The male and female students in mathematics departments in colleges of education in the province of Baghdad acquire mathematics fluency in comparison with the median average compared with. 2- Equal performance of the male and female students in mathematics fluency test prepared by the researcher, and the difference between the averages is not statistically significant. 3- The male and female students in mathematics departments in colleges of education in the province of Baghdad acquire some types of multiple intelligence they are respectively mathematics logical intelligence, linguistic intelligence, finally came the spatial intelligence. 4- Supremacy of females to males in the linguistic intelligence test. 5- Equal performance of the male and female students in mathematics logical intelligence and spatial intelligence test prepared by the researcher, and the difference between the averages is not statistically significant. 6- There is a positive correlation relationship between mathematics fluency and linguistic intelligence, mathematics logical intelligence of the male and female students but it is considered a weak relationship, were as there is no relationship between mathematics fluency and spatial intelligence. 7- There is a weak positive correlation relationship between mathematics fluency and linguistic intelligence, mathematics logical intelligence of male students in the study sample, were as there is no relationship between mathematics fluency and spatial intelligence. 8- There is a weak positive correlation relationship between mathematics fluency and linguistic intelligence, mathematics logical intelligence of female students in the study sample, were as there is no relationship between mathematics fluency and spatial intelligence. In light of the results of the study the researcher recommended:- 1- Orientation to curricula designers in the ministry of education to adopt the fundamentals that came in to Gardner theory of multiple intelligence, when building and developing the educational curricula in general and in mathematical in particular differ in their attitudes, orientations, and personalities, and thus to invest all the mental activities owned by these students and work on their development. 2-Recommended to colleges of education to reconsider its education curricula, as it is responsible for supplying teachers to educational institutions to confirm that intelligence is not fixed but can develop all kinds of it depending on the people nature and their abilities. In addition the education curricula must include thinking skills teaching, and creative thinking. 3- Take advantage of the theory of multiple intelligences on the level applied in the process of learning and teaching through the use of school applications of the principles of that theory, which has contributed significantly to the improvement of school education and discover and identify individual differences between students and the difficulties of learning and special education. To complete and develop this study the researcher has suggested the following:- 1- Conduct a similar study in preparatory and secondary levels to see mental capacity owned by the students in these stages and levels of familiarity to be there in this capacity and leading to the integration of database information to the organizers of the curriculum in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education both. 2- Conduct a similar study to the students of the fourth stage in the mathematics departments in colleges of education to establish the extent of ownership of types of multiple intelligences and mathematical fluency. 3- Studies dealing with the mental abilities of students in science faculties in Baghdad for the purpose of comparison, between them and the students of education in this ability.

Study in the mental health of the phenomenon of marriage of woman teachers of uneducated men

طالب ناصر القیسی; منى رحمن عبدالله

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 4, Pages 320-336

This is study aims to determine the level of the degree of the mental health of teachers are married to an uneducated man as well as the study aims to know the statistical significance of differences in mental health between the married pair learner . The tools in the study was the first measure klodberg Mental health and was applied in studies of three of the Iraq researchers while second tool was the dgoth interview and prepard by the student researchers qaisi himself and in relation to the researchers sample consisted of(60) teachers : (30) married to indicted man and (30) married to erected man where chosen intentionally . in analyzing the data I use the test altaua for one simple to know the level of degree of the mental health when women married to a undcted man and showed the result that the level of the degree mental health overnight with allow is less then the awerage theoretical scale difference statically singificent at a level (5.05) has matched this result with the result of the depth interview conducted by the researchers in the current study with fife of the teachers are married to an undated man .the other objective as been used to achieve the test altava for tow independent samples to determine differences in mental health between the married by undated man and pair of Learner and result showed that the result is that the difference signifier was or the married pair learner be healthy good psychological after that the researchers found some the recommendation and proposals for independent research..

Internet addiction and its relation with some variables for university students

سھام مطشر معیجل

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 4, Pages 337-359

The present research aimed to : acquaint the level of internet addiction of university students and acquaint the significance of differences between males and females also between scientific college students and humanistic college students in regard to internet addiction. In order to achieve these goals the internet addiction test (IAT) for (Kimberly young)1996 was used , it consist of (20) items . The psychometric characteristics were found such as : discrimination power for items , also face validity and construct validity and reliability by split –half (R=0.91) and alpha coefficient (R=0.95).
The result was found by administering the IAT on a sample consist of (200)males and females selected randomly from (4) colleges in Baghdad University, By using the suitable statistical methods such as : t-test for one sample and for two samples and Pearson correlation coefficient and Two – way ANOVA. The research result were as follows 1-The total level of internet addiction was moderate . 2- There were no differences between males and females in internet addiction . 3-The humanistic college students are high in internet addiction in comparison with science college students . According to the above result , number of recommendations and suggestion have presented.  

The Attitude of Postgraduates Towards the TOEFL

منیر مسیھر العانی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 4, Pages 360-372

The study aims at constructing a scale to measure the attitudes of postgraduate students towards the TOEFL and identifying their attitudes. The study also aims at identifying the differences among these attitudes taking into account the variables; the university, the field and the qualification. The subjects of the study include 209 postgraduates selected randomly from different colleges in the university of Anbar and the university of Baghdad at the MA and the PhD levels. The researcher uses the required statistical rules to perform this study in a scientific. The study concludes that there are no attitudes from postgraduates towards the TOEFL and there are differences in accordance with the change in the study variables. The researcher recommends that Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific research might take the results of the present study into consideration to attain a better educational situation.