Volume 2010, Issue 3, Winter 2010, Page 1-960

Agricultural land-use change in the countryside of Latifiya hand during the period 2000-2009

Bilal Bardin Ail; Khaled AkbR ABD ALLA

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 3, Pages 49-88

This research transacting to study area agricultural vintages between years (2000-2009). and discovering changeover proportion as of specialty surveying for each vintage from agricultural vintages from agricultural vintages from through using upon equality change over proportion the research go forth hypothesis.

This study research in to conclusion:
1. the study area observe changeaover opositive. Tenuous summarization to surveing agricultural vintages between fundamental year 2000 and comparison year 2009 proportion getat 6.2%.
2. proportion changeaover observe area agricultural vintages in the study area was genesis randomly with out advanice plane was negative or positive.
3. unlikeness scurity status and services between study area provinces maijov cause to unlikeness protion change over was negative or positive.

The humanitarian needs of the department heads at the University of Anbar and its relationship with organizational climate for these sections

Riaud abd al lateef Hassan; Ahmed khlef Saleh

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 3, Pages 789-840

The higher education institutions Production Center minds eligible for the advancement of building civilized society as well as their impact on the development of society and draw its strategic directions, where he plays college education an important role in the life of nations and peoples have made present and painted landmarks future (the hill p 93) It is these institutions University university as a foundation stone in higher education and have a distinct role in building the society and its development and has been a university institution is still characterized by its very nature (Shadi p 26) and by virtue of the functions performed by other institutions in society. They are in the modern society of the nation's mind (Hussein p. 119), because the mission of the university today is to develop human and renew and enrich knowledge and dissemination of scientific research and vocational training and youth development intellectually, scientifically and spiritually and morally (Nashar p 11). so focused on the State of the developed and developing countries in the development of university and gave it a priority in their development plans and spent the huge sums of money (Samurai p. 36) because the transitions quality that takes place in the community بوتائر accelerated cast the responsibility of the university dual responsibility on the one hand it has to keep up efforts to overcome the reality and achieve Ambition On the other hand it has to be a clear vision and accurate of what will happen from Midyat time different so that they are always advanced in its vision to other institutions existing in the community and then must be a leader in terms of its elements and their activities and organize it deeper recognition of the community's understanding of reality and most of the statement objectives and activities build capacity for the development and progress of society (education reform p 521) and check the university functions and objectives through its various institutions where it is colleges are of great importance as institutions higher education and can meet their curricula and graduates of them positive role effectively in the development process in the country (Samurai, p 12) If the university system does not integrate only the existence of the pillars supported, the teaching is a fundamental pillar of this system is crossing all the safety rules and correct bases and the efficiency of its performance, and its ability to achieve its objectives. The faculty department heads The heads of departments in colleges of the important elements for the success of the development process of administrative, organizational and leadership of creativity and innovation at the university, and he is responsible for directing individual behaviors and social development of students and faculty about the capacity increase efficiency in achieving the educational goals of the College and then the University within the environment achieved with longer suitable (Earle Ehrle, 1975) As the carpenter, milky and home department head of the most important jobs in the organizational structure of colleges where it takes a larger role in determining the specifications of institutions of higher education in terms of performance and productivity (carpenter and milky p 35) In this van heads of departments at the university a big role in their departments by exercising behaviors required to work in the department in order to develop, depending on the style leader, who followed him with working with them, where it should be adaptable and flexible degree meets her needs humanitarian changing his staff and the circumstances surrounding them (Samurai, 1999, p 4) and the organizational climate by improving the internal environment represented by the physical working conditions and social conditions like public relations and informal arrangements that arise within the organization (Ramadan the 1981 p 148) I have studied human needs by Murray (Murray, 1939) which is the first in that as the (Alazergawi states), where thanks to (Murray the) to raise attention to three humanitarian needs later became a beacon of theories to explain the motivation in the educational field, such as the need for achievement and the need to belong and the need to control it is the first to develop the theory of needs, and they relate to humanitarian objectives for life (Alazergawi p 53) The (Abraham Maslow (Maslow, 1943) has developed a pyramid famous for the needs on the grounds that all behavior paid can satisfy the needs of many in the same Time (Alazergawi 54) In this pyramid is located needs Alveslogih core base of the pyramid then need security and peace then need love and belonging beyond the need to respect and takes place after the previous ups need self-realization (Baker, Hamza Al-148) Therefore, the knowledge of humanitarian needs that longed department heads to satisfy important large to know aspects of interest in increasing their effectiveness and their activity in the performance of their duties and to raise their motivation towards work and satisfaction with him as well as its importance in reducing or reduce the incidence of stress and anxiety and turmoil that appear as a result of lack of satisfaction of these needs. paid to consider in relations between the needs and the opportunities afforded by the regulatory climate in the report of the strength of some needs and took on each other and its importance in satisfy (yearning, lentils, 145) Based on the van to identify the various factors that constitute the nature of relations within the department is sought by the organizers. 657) where it goes (Marivan 1989) that the provision of climates sound regulatory goal looks to achieve public and private organizations, both as a spring erupting from the energies creators is the result of the interaction of economic, social, intellectual and cultural, and the product of these interactions can نستقرئ Policy any organization and its future (Marivan pp. 12,11) confirms (Owens 1995) that the importance of having a regulatory environment healthy is not only an atmosphere of perception satisfaction among workers, but pushes them to respect the laws and regulations and take responsibility where gives them increase belief in the importance of these procedures in the success of their organizations and achieve its goals (Owens P168) also confirms (plamer 1996) that there is great importance to the elements and the removal of the regulatory climate as a significant impact on job satisfaction for managers and to achieve the objectives of the college on various disciplines (plamer p437) A study (Fred

Modern trends in school management and the need for its director to inspire some of the philosophical dimensions in administrative work

Tareq Abd Ahmed

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 3, Pages 675-766

Modern trends in school management and the need to inspire Director Some dimensions of the philosophical work of the administrative
Dr.Tariq Abid Ahmed College of education and Humanists Sciences Department of Psychology and Education sciences.
The research aims to identify some new trends in the areas of school management, as well as identify some of the philosophical roles required by the Director of the school in the administrative work by the philosophical aspects of the of Idealism philosophy , Realism, philosophy, Experimental philosophy , Existential philosophy as well as in the light of Islamic philosophy.
One of the findings of the current research is to review recent trends in management School, including : Dealing with factors affecting the school administration in the light of modern philosophical trends, as well as ethics of the profession of school management, and modern trends in the determination of the functions and objectives of the school administration and constituents. The results showed also the need determination of the functions and objectives of the school administration and constituents. The results showed also the need of school administrators need to see the roles of philosophy in his management philosophies within the orientations identified by the research method and in the philosophies of Idealism , Realism, Experimental , Islamic and Existentialism

The phenomenon of drug addiction (causes, effects, and how to deal with it), "an analytical study of the theory of"

Saleh Sameer

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 3, Pages 437-474

Of contemporary problems faced by the societies of the world different today on different levels, both developed and underdeveloped alike, which wasted the security and stability of these communities, which occur actually negatively influential Effect lasts longer than the effect of any workers last the problem of drug abuse and addiction. The apparent seriousness of the problem by the size of the impact on the building society and its members, and the consequent social and economic implications, and not just bad psychological impact on the individual drug addict, but its influence extends to both the individual and society. Have confirmed many of the studies carried out by a large number of scientists and interested in studying this dangerous phenomenon, to a phenomenon satisfactory carrying a virus contagious, occurs due to the interaction of a large number of factors, some of which the individual himself, others regard to society and the environment surrounding the individual addict. Of "

Factors affecting the skills of women in decision-making

Hathem Faisal Ali

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 3, Pages 475-508

Women havea lot of suffering becamse she cannot inrest her potentials to serve the community due to her inability to find her identity and her lack of trust in herself to take responsible decisions. there are certain factors effect the skills of women in taking decisions like the cultural factors like education, social factors like family growth values and traditions ln addition, the politicd and legal factors help in effecting womens decisions

Egypt's position on the issues liberation and Transactions Alastqlalfa of the Gulf and Arabian Peninsula 1957 - 1967

Emad Kareem Abaas; Kahlan Kadem Helmi

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 3, Pages 197-260

Explained Egypt situation from liberation cases and independence movements at Arab Gulf and Arab island then the first subject had took Egypt situation from Oman case at 1957 and the media supporting, political, and military which Egypt offered it to Oman revolutionaries in their fighting against the British colonization, but the second subject had took Egypt situation from Yemen revolution at 1962 which destroyed in front rule at Yemen and what had showed this situation from tensions in the relation between Egypt and Saudi Arabia by cause the last fears from arrives the relation help to Arab gulf and Arab island, but the third subject had took Egypt situation from the case of occupation Yemen south and the political supporting and military which Egypt offered it to Oman revolutionaries.

Causes leakage of students from the English department skilled in the College of Education from the viewpoint of the students themselves

Salem Ahmed Gemaan

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 3, Pages 767-789

The aim for this research is to know the reasons for elusion the students from the English language department in this college from their point of view. The sample of study consists of a bout 50 students. In order to achieve this study we made questions list and it includes of 45 questions in four aspects (scientific syllabus, teacher's college, evaluation of the students and the students themselves).
In order to make sure from the aim and to prove the answers in that list and to perform it as a sample for the research we used different types of theories like percentage, percentage rate lechroupakh equation as statistical methods . The results that appeared in the study were many real reasons such as notable lake of scientific syllabus, teacher's college, evaluations of the student, the students themselves. This lake is one clear reason for their elusion. Finally we suggest that they should do higher research alike to this study in different stages and different levels and departments, in order to find right solutions

"Technological competencies necessary for teachers and exercising her degree from the viewpoint of principals and supervisors"

Oufaa Mohammed Hemdan

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 3, Pages 841-892

The objective of the study was to investigate availability of technological competencies among schools' teachers and their practice level of them as perceived by schools' principals and educational supervisors at Al Ramtha Educational Directorate. Population of the study consisted of all schools' principals and educational supervisors, totaling 87 schools' principals and educational supervisors representing the sample of the study. To collect data, the researcher developed a questionnaire consisting in the final format of 50 competencies distributing on the following domains: instructional design, instructional strategies, using technology and instructional multi media and assessment. After data was distributed, transcribed and analyzed, results of the study indicated:
- Means for practice degree of technological competencies needed for teachers for instructional programs design and strategies ranked between (3.70- 3.71), indicating high practicing degree.
- Means for practice degree of technological competencies needed for teachers for assessment and employing devices and media ranked between ( 3. 03- 3.48), indicating moderate practice degree, while the total means scores for the practice degree totaled 3.46 ( SD= 0.44), indicating moderate practice degree.
- Significant positive correlation was found between availability of technological competencies among teachers and their practice degree of these technological competencies.
Based on the results reported in the study, the researcher recommends
- The need for future research investigating teachers' competencies in general and technological competencies in particular when employing teachers.
- Qualifying teachers based on their practice of technological professional competencies.
- Follow teachers' use of devices, technologies and assessment.
- Allowing teachers to train their students to conduct research via the use of Internet available in schools' computer labs

Anbar in the books of foreign travelers

Khaled Habeeb

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 3, Pages 173-196

Return the writings of foreign travelers for Anbar in the modern era, which facilitates the learning of it, to the sixteenth century, where over the in Anbar number of pilgrims of different nationalities, and without some of them Mlahazathm the region, and did not leave others demonstrating impact on their passage. the observations and impressions left by those travelers, although any note can be recorded, a wealth of history, because of the scarcity of local information Entries for the region in those eras. This research will try to assemble a picture of Anbar through what is left by the writings of foreign travelers as follows

U.S. variable in dispute Turkish - Kurdish after 2003 (Turkey and the Kurdistan Workers' Party)

Azhaar abd allh Hassan

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 3, Pages 575-640

I came back the Kurdish cause of the most prominent problems of minorities in the Middle East, as noted by the events and the concomitant armed violence and was intercepted from the input of international and regional could turn into a crisis of identity, a real left the States in which they are unable to since independence, to the day to find a political mechanism for the assimilated their national societies, and in the context of the events experienced by this issue can not rule out the role of world powers - the time - which decided long ago to deal with the Middle East in general and the Ottoman Empire earlier and then Turkey, later in terms of fragmentation according to a method sectarianism and ethnicity in order to achieve its interests different, which made the difference between the two parties did not respect the rights of cultural and social as much as what has become a means of political leverage used by Western powers to put pressure on Turkey, both internally and externally, thereby facilitating high-handedness and justifies the interventions under the pretext of preventing unrest and riots and the preservation of minority rights and provide security and stability to the region, but this did not flinch for investment and other issues to re-arrangement of the region in accordance with colonial ambitions, which is what happened with the Kurdish people and other peoples of the region.

The geostrategic importance of the Arabian Gulf and its impact in attracting colonial ambitions after the Second World War

khedeer Satem; Kareem Geegan

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 3, Pages 89-124

The Arab Gulf Has Gained a distinctive geo-strategy significance since remote historical stages and at all levels . This significance stems from the strategy of the geographical location which gave it an economic significance and international trading path as it represents to the middle east and the first front to defend the Arab Gulf .This fact has always made the Arab Gulf a center for international struggles, politically and economically. What has increased the importance of its location from the military aspect are its space and sea ports that lead to the whole world .Thus, it has become the center of intention for the colonial countries and afield of international struggles especially after the increasing need for energy resources .The Arab Gulf contains great oil resources.

Evaluate the performance of the university teacher from the perspective of students and faculty members

Mohammed Ali Ismaeel

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 3, Pages 641-674

University education and higher education one of the ingredients key to building a modern state, so that specialized education leadership represents the conscience of the nation and the mechanism for the transfer of the state to the advanced stage of growth stages, which the scientific research and community service and upgrading its civilization through the promotion of thought and development of human values ​​and to provide home Balachtsasin, technicians and experts in all fields. The preparation of manpower and training of the first objectives of university education as the human element is the source of wealth and as far as preparation and development of knowledge and abilities and develop his skills and experience will be tender and production. has recommended that the results of studies and research, seminars and conferences, which meant the development of the university to adopt the direction of education quality and efficiency, has stated this requirement to meet the needs of the communities of competencies that can keep pace with changes local and global. and received university education interest distinct from the various stages of education, because of the role of an active and influential in meeting the needs of the community and plans for the development of competencies and technical personnel with personal position to deal with the demands of society and the challenges and the ability to change and development, and this point has received higher education in general and higher education in particular, under the auspices of distinct and great interest in the Syrian Arab Republic, represented in part quantitative increase in the number of universities and institutes in order to prepare and qualify the manpower necessary for the overall development and shortfalls in various state institutions for Quadralalmah and practical, but in his science is represented by providing kits development of higher education and upgrading its objectives and results, and potential material and scientific In the light of this expansion resulted in the need to prepare teacher university efficient that the conduct of the educational process at the university and is a university professor or a faculty member pivot; no university without a faculty member, which is a connector first information for students and influential in their personalities and their children scientific He also owner span in the field of scientific research, on the other hand, the professor is the one who performs policies of his alma mater and linking them to the society in which it operates, he is proposing the programs and activities that serve the community, who carried out those programs, Fdo faculty at the university achieves three functions are teaching - scientific research, and community service. have been issued multiple models for software developmentteacher preparation and evaluation of the competencies and then focused on vocational training programs and education for faculty members determine the actual needs of teaching At the beginning of this century focused programs to develop faculty members on the idea of ​​performance or achievement where they are evaluating the performance of faculty members according to their skills and the extent of their achievement and was influenced by their students in this performance. < br />

Geomorphological alluvial fan Rania northern Iraq

Ahmed fleeh feaad

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 3, Pages 125-172

The alluvial fans, geomorphological forms task in the mountainous region of Iraq, addressed this search one of these fans that fall within the high mountainous region in northern Iraq, in the province of Sulaymaniyah, Rania justice. It has been shown that these shapes arise due to several factors, the most important of geology, climate and Tabgravea and hydrology, as well as showing that this fan was formed in the region of semi-moist and this otherwise circular says that these shapes formed in the regions dry and semi-dry. The general shape of the fan placer of the form of three represents one-third of a circle, divided into three parts are (top fan, the center of the fan, and gave the fan) this form Ground appearances geomorphological task in the mountainous region of Iraq, where they can use this form ground in many fields of agriculture, mining, settlement and tourism .
جدید!سجّل الدخول وانقر على النجمة لحفظ هذه الترجمة فی کتاب العبارات.
تسجیل الدخولتجاهل

The impact of strategic problem-centered learning in critical thinking for students of sections of the Koran and Islamic education in substance Biography of the Prophet

Housen Aleeouy Housen; yaser khalef Rasheed Ali

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 3, Pages 893-960

The rapid development in knowledge, Allahak cascade of discoveries and theories in science diverse; make a lot of people interested modalities of teaching and curriculum look for subjects and methods of teaching as marginalized or doomed to fall, and then it must be renewal and development to develop higher-order thinking so that the importance of any decisioncourse in the curriculum is governed by what can be provided by the ability to develop the skills of mental authentic, such as critical thinking, deductive, and contemplative, and other so investing abilities of students for the future, its requirements and challenges of the difficult; and it should be heading attention towards the intellectual student (teaching thinking) is the president, and skillssolve the problem, re-thinking, organization and prioritization, reconstruction and drafting scientific spirit of cash in order to clarify the vision and lighting the way to achieve the desired goals and objectives. (Exclusive Enezi, 2000, p 22) (Olive, 2008, p 5)

Prince Mia Variqanalof the full Nasir al-Din Muhammad and its impact on the resistance to the Mongol invasion (645 - 658 AH / 1247 - 1259 AD)

Galeb yaseen Farhan

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 3, Pages 261-286

The king (AL-Kamil) Nasir Al-Din Mohammed is regarded one of the historical characters who refused to undergo to the Mongol invasion and refused to hold peace with them and decided to fight those invaders till the end. His army was controlling the North-Western area of Iraq and North-Eastern of Syria. The Mongol Army when he wants to invade Syria has to pass this area which was controlled by the king (AL-Kamil) and despite the fact that most of the kings around that area surrendered to the Mongol the king remained. Altimatly the Mongol has to make this king yielded by force

Trends in the Iraqi press about publishing issues (Zaidi case model) analytical study of five Iraqi newspapers (the morning - Time - Union - chest - Dar es Salaam) for the period (14/12/2008 to 15/9/2009)

Batool Abd alazeez Rasheed

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 3, Pages 509-574

Researchers agree in the field of media that the media to help individuals to interpret events world around with all communications issues and events and the emergence and give importance to this content and sensitize such personnel to the political context, legal and social so that they can understand that content. [1] At the same time is not limited to simply provide for the recipient it is also building a sense of this content through a particular framework * According to the corners and certain aspects against which to perceiveand interpret and disply calendars and the provisions about and used in the presentation of views attitudws and trends of the issues and events and the various crises especially controversial ones, which give rise to some controversy and discussion in various circles of society. And thus became vital interest in texts and media as a carrier meanings to readers working on the formation of ideas and trends about the outstanding issues, including national and the local responses and its relation to public knowledge amd emotion issues .
The research aims to clarify the direction given prominent play by Iraqi newspapers through the analysis of press materials that reflect their views in order to know the position of these newspapers about this issue.
And identify trends, pros and cons about this issue in order to identify ways and methods of thinking towards this issue and the conclusion of putting forward the issue and toward neutral. And shed light on the Iraqi law, on publishing crimes after proving the accusation. Notes that the newspapers five were able to attach importance to single deployment issuses represented the researcher concluded that the issue raised by the newspapers the five subject for analysis is one of the crimes alnscheroukd been recognized as a crime published after the issuance of the judicial decision to refer (the accused Zaidi under Article (223) of the Iraqi Penal Code No. (111) for the year 1969) in addition to the newspapers five subject to analysis, there has been an agreement accepted by all in the only direction and represented by the (prosecution and trial in accordance with the Iraqi Penal Code) and that indicates anything, it is the insistence of the newspapers under study on the existence of a crime for publication and should be the rule of law and order, regardless of the fact that this event has a positive effect or negative to the audience
That newspapers (time and Dar es peace and Reflections of chest), although Aalachtlav ideological each of them but it manged to presenting the mtter to any event in their news reporting (do Zaidi) on the audience in a neutral because it dealt with the way the pro, exhibitions, and rates did not ignore the one-way at the expense of the other. And my newspaper (Union of Kurdistan and the alsabah )taken from the trend rates and exhibitions with intentional disregard by them of the issues that take a turn in favor and this explains the ideological premises of both of them by the editorial policy of each

Qurashi ratios between obligatory and whether or not to choose successor

Emad Ali

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 3, Pages 357-386

This research revolves around the requirement ratios Qurashi in choosing the successor or not, a search I see necessary; because it was the focus of a dispute between the teams Islamic, and it was built theories of political, so I went some of these teams to make the descent Qurashi originally to choose successor to the exclusion of the right of other groups violating her , and went to the Shiites and some followers, such as Maori, and arguments interviews and received from the Prophet peace be upon him carrying more than the face of interpretation, even in have been reported, contrary to what has hired his arguments than they should be descent Qurashi, while gold another party of the difference Islamic saying no and should be descent Qurashi, and made it to the common good, which meets the requirements of choice and efficiency, and did not make the proportions and neurological originally in the selection of Caliph, but made it freely direct participation of the parish and will nominate him even was a slave حبشیا matter of equality between Muslims , went to this view: Kharijites and others. and I have to address this analysis and display of mental and Nukaly in the case of compatibility even formed a vision like Ballowadhh the reader for the health of judgment on the existence of lineage-Qurashi or not. has divided the study to five themes dealt with in the first axis importance of lineage-Qurashi in the dialogue between immigrants and supporters, and in the second inning texts contained in the requirement ratios Qurashi, and third conditions and their impact on the confirmation ratios Qurashi, and in the fourth the effect in the confirmation ratios Qurashi, and in the fifth and final percentages Qurashi is basis in the selection of the caliph. I can not fail to mention the difficulty that I faced in this research and in like this topic to the difficulty of interpreting conversations and stand on its true meaning with the lack of resources and lack of time because of the requirements of the study and the required effort. At the end of command to thank my distinguished teachers who have their observations on Islamic political thought in my mind opened up beacons lit up in front of me through science in I did not Oahdha the tracks before, ask God to make it in the balance of good deeds and guide them to what he loves and which pleases Him. Amen

Spatial Analysis of recreational services in the city of Hit field study

Mazen abd alrahman Gouma; Nadeer Sabbar Hamd

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 3, Pages 1-48

Heet is suffering from bad relaxation services although they are an important basis in every day life in which they should be emphasized as they have an important marks which aim to serve human beings in the city nowadays . this is because they act like lunges which people breathe by and like resorts which people resort to them seeking for quiet and comfort table places far away from the crowded cities and their noise and their complex relatimships . in addition to that they give beautiful and comfort table appearance to the city
The reason behind the previously mentioned bad services is that there is a difference in distributing the services relaxation centers (institutions) and the meekness in relaxation centers and their weak performance and the lack of the modern provisions although they are of cultural nature reflecting the extext of the development and the culture of that city . this may lead to many social and economical problems if it is not remedied putting in our consideration the present seizes of population and the growth average for the following years and the increasing need for these services

Abu Arabism Harrani and historical Marwyate

ouleed Gazee; Badeea Mohammed

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 3, Pages 387-436

Praise be to (Allah), the God of all mankind, The almighty God help me in this modest research which focuses on the life and biography of the esteemed scholar (Abu Oruba AL-Harani) and his historical narrations. In this research, I had mentioned his masters (Sheikhs) and students. I also referred to his writings and his trips in looking for knowledge in different cities as well as the opinions of scientists about him. The research also deals with the most important historical events that took place in his age. I had also made mention to his distinctive narrations about the prophet's biography and the Islamic history. Those narrations make historical reference to the most important events in that period. I seek God's help in this work.

Aspects of life in the requirements of civil society during the era of the message

Mouaeed uobeed

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 3, Pages 287-356

The provision of aspects of the requirements of different life in the new civil society during the era of the message to be essential humans sought to obtain them passable so the various ways correct it reaches the end of the day to its main goal, especially after receiving a lot of Quranic verses and Hadiths urging work and earn money I'm In addition to granting economic freedom in all fields of operation, has been touched by this research to various aspects of the requirements of life such as food and drinks, mats, clothing, and manifestations of decorations, and the requirements of public life, such as markets for doing business, and places of treatment, and places throw dirt, and massacres, and to places where needed, and cemeteries, have been the subject of these requirements to the laws of the Islamic religion in terms of identifying specific permissible and quality of the forbidden for the purpose of establishment of civil society clean free from sin and vice, and through my study of the topic of the requirements of life in civil society during the era of the message has been reached the following results: In the area of food and clothing, mattresses, and manifestations of adornment, it was an extension of the pre-Islamic era, but they Nho some species that are not consistent with the principles of Islamic religion, but in the markets to do business, there have been a specialty, there are markets for the sale of foods , and markets for the sale of animals and others, and these markets systems approach to the Islamic economic weights and measures, and forbidding sales of ignorance to eliminate cases of fraud and injustice which might damage the children of the community, as highlighted in the new society the profession printing and fostering the learning of the medical profession because of their great importance in maintaining the health of members of the society, and in the area of interest in matters of health and maintain the cleanliness of the community, has identified public places to throw dirt, and the massacres of the slaughter of animals, and places to eliminate the need and bury the dead