Volume 2010, Issue 4, Spring 2010, Page 1-464

Impact of higher-order thinking questions in mathematical achievement for sixth grade students and scientific skills in evaluating arguments and detect inaccuracies and errors Sports

Rafeb Baher Ahmed

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 4, Pages 175-294

This study aimed to:
1 - Know the effect of using higher-order thinking questions in achievement for students of sports science in the sixth grade mathematics assessments for them in the academic year 2008-2009.
2 - know the effect of using questions in the higher-order thinking skills in evaluating arguments and detect fallacies and errors sports.
3 - know the type, strength and direction of the correlation between the variables of the study personnel (collection of sports and my skills assessment arguments and detect fallacies and mistakes of students in sports as a whole experimental group and control group.
In order to answer questions from the above study formulated four hypotheses zero, and selected secondary Mouncurellbennin affiliated to the General Directorate for Educational Karkh first Qsidia arena to conduct the trial, and between people of the four students sixth grade science were selected two divisions randomly to represent the two sets of study, and randomly selected experimental group was the number of its members (48) students to study material assessed using questions Altvkira'ea, while becoming the Second Division and the number of its members (45) students representing the control group and studied according to the way normal, was conducted Altkavo statistically between the two groups in a number of variables that can affect the course of the experiment before start (such as attainment year for the previous year, collecting sports for the previous year, intelligence, chronological age, in addition to my skills assessment arguments and detect fallacies and errors sports), and to answer questions from the study was the preparation of tests, the first Achievement of the type pans have been drafted paragraphs and in accordance with the requirements of Almtgiralmstql (questions higher-order thinking) has taken into account when the coverage levels of knowledge of the six Bloom, were verified sincerity and steadfastness in addition to the extraction of statistical characteristics like his transactions easy and the difficulty and strength discriminatory, either Alachtbaralthani was to measure my skills assessment arguments and detect fallacies, mistakes, sports, and included tests subsidiary, the first to measure the skill Calendar arguments and damaged (15) items of the type of multiple choice, and the second to measure the skill to detect inaccuracies and errors and sports a damaged (15) is also a paragraph and type of multiple choice, and has been verified by his sincerity and steadfastness and characteristics of the statistical, too, have been applied to the sample exploratory previews to make sure the clarity of instructions and paragraphs and the time to answer the test, and after the experiment was terminated at the end of the academic year 2008 - 2009 dish tests on two sets of study, and using the test educational Administration of the two samples separate and analyze Altagairalmassahab yielded results beyond the experimental group which studied the material assessed in accordance with the questions Altvkira'ea the control group which examined the same article and in accordance with the method of normal in the final application of a test collection of sports and my skills assessment arguments and detect fallacies and errors sports as a whole and skills subsidiary, in addition to the presence of correlation is good and positive between the two variables followers among students in the experimental group, while this relationship is very weak among students in the control group In light of the results of the study formulated a number of conclusions including that the use of questions Altvkira'ea in the teaching of mathematics Atherepeshkl positive achievement sports for students and their skills in evaluating arguments and detect fallacies and errors sports and come up with some recommendations of which focus on teaching mathematics to questions Altvkira'ea because of their importance in Thveztvkiraltalab in general and the development of Altvkiralnaked and skills subsidiary, including my skills assessment arguments and detect fallacies and errors sports in particular and the advancement of the level of achievement sport, and an update of the current study was to propose a number of studies such as the study to know Atherasilp higher-order thinking skills Altvkiralnaked other skills Altvkirlma metacognition, in addition to the studies take it upon themselves to analyze the content of mathematics textbooks prescribed for students at all grades to determine the extent of the questions addressed Altvkira'ea within the content and focus on my skills over the calendar arguments and detect fallacies and errors sports.

Concern the future and its relationship with some variables among the students of colleges of education

Majed Ahyab Ramdan

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 4, Pages 251-300

The aims of this study to identify the level to future anixty to have to student forth -stage of college education .And identify to Relation ship of future anixty Achievement study .And identify to level future anixty to student forth stage following to variables such asgender ( males&femals) and signitificant . The study population was limited to education collegs since college and education humanities college in the center of the AL-Anbar Universty.the sample was randomly chosen and was (25%) from the population (778)and the number of the student was (195) instruments and statical methods :
The first is the scale of future anixty in order get validity of the instrument .Content and face validity were used as well as item analysis (the Test -Re -Test )was used to get the instrument reliability .The statistical computation used to get the results were percentage ,the mathematical mean . The standard deviation ,persons correlation coefficient .
The results there are high level in a future anixty have to student forth -stage ,and there are high dagre student scale future anixty . And there are statistically significanl difference of the staudard of (a=0.05)to the femals .and there are significant difference at the standard of (a=0.05) to humaities siginificanl

Fallujah Public Library ((field study of reality and ways of development))

Gamal Ahmed Abaas

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 4, Pages 425-464

The aim object of research is to show the real state of Fallujah public library for building, location ,staff ,finance, resource collection and services ,we refer to. problem which face library such as administration and finance through the useing Of case study method, reference source ,meeting , online comment and data record .The study focus develop in library departments, users services, management ,staff, the resource collection, building and location.
The study ending with many results and recommendation to develop the library services by using of modern Information system to all users and link them with other modern communities

The geographical location of the Anbar region in cuneiform sources

amer Abd allh

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 4, Pages 37-76

The site of Al-Anbar region and its multiple prominent positions had prominent role in the attention of the ancient Mesopotamians like rules and kings in it he comes and the situation of most of its region on the shore of the two banks of the Euphrates in its meddle pant, also this importance is derived from the situation on the trade routes and river navigation or caravans, then because it was regarded as the vital artory of Assyria and Babylonia, it is their main outlet of the levnentine,
(Al-Sham) countries. As well as its containing natural wealths like the bitumen which is available abundantly in Heet, this material which is used in the process of building the palaces, temples because it humidity insulation material, besides its agricultural production.
The cuneiform texts are enriched with many geographical sites with enter in to the frame of this research.
The researcher could follow up and collect 44 names of cities and villages mentioned in the come from texts like the royal annals, letters, and obelisks etc

Iraqi state between national orientation and loyalty Britain 1958 -1921

Fouaz Hammad Mahmood

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 4, Pages 77-113

Has contributed to the Iraqis who put the foundations first of the Iraqi state to state, are active in Arab societies, which was formed in the late Ottoman period, which called for obtaining the Arabs' legitimate rights, and also contributed and efficiency itself and possibly more in the Great Arab Revolt that Kindle triggered by Sharif Hussein bin Ali June 10, 1916. He was at the forefront of working in the Arab Movement Yassin al-Hashemi, Nuri al-Said, Jafar and beautiful military artillery and Ali Ayoubi quality and others. Suffice it to point out that most of the members of the Assembly of the Covenant, which is the only Assembly, which was a military nature, were Iraqis who formed elements of the military leadership of the Arab revolution like Jafar military and Nuri and artillery beautiful. (1) If we talked about King Faisal I, which is the most prominent of the founders of the modern Iraqi state. Its role in the planning of the Arab revolution and its leadership was great, he is the commander of the northern army who liberated the Hijaz and shares in the liberation of the Levant and entered Damascus in early October 1918. It was more than the sons of Sherif Hussein enthusiasm to declare the revolution. And executions carried out by Jamal Pasha (incest) in 1915 and 1916 were the key factor that spurred on a quest to accelerate the announcement of the Revolution (2). The main objective of the revolution the establishment of an independent Arab state in the Arab Mashreq, led by Sharif Hussein, painted borders Under the Sharif Hussein correspondence with Sir Henry McMahon McMahon, the British adopted after the federal ladle in their policy racism calling for the تتریک of the non-Turkish nationalities in the Ottoman Empire.modern Iraq and who have become then the most prominent policymakers there until 1958, has imbibed the principles of nationalism and fought in leadership positions in the army of the Arab Revolution, to what extent was a reflection of the national sentiment on the policy of the State of Iraq during the royal era (1921 - 1985). This what Sntibah through this search. phase of the British Mandate until 1932: before heading king of Iraq gave Prince Faisal a number of speeches and words on several occasions in one of them stressed that the aim of the Declaration of the Arab Revolt was not for the throne here or there. It came in a speech (I did not I did not have my father and one of my family members an act of the Renaissance and them مطمع in something). I swear to his honor and his ancestral soil, that he did not think to come to Iraq to Iraq, if not the urgency of his friends and the Iraqi people (4). This means that he wanted to emphasize that the national impulse, alone was behind the announcement of the Arab revolution. In a sermon Coronation (23 August 1921) pay attention Iraqis again to the Arab revolution and its leader, Sharif Hussein, who ((raising the banner of the Arabs is bound to the Allies and got the Arabs are not very his only free them and support their independence nationalist who were ینشدونه centuries ago)) (5). And so it was self-evident in national speeches and conversations Faisal. But he soon found himself and the rest of the politicians who have worked with him in the Arab revolution, drowned in the sea and a wide range of internal problems that accompanied external threats from Turkey, which demanded Mosul and Iran, which raised between now and then the problems of border still so present, as well as attacks by the Muslim Brotherhood from the southern border the instigation of the Emirate of Najd. And British control of assignment made Iraqi politicians in constant conflict with the authorities of the British Mandate for true independence, which revolted for him against the Turks of the sons of their religion, the cable British Iraq treaty was virtually the mirror image of the Mandate, in the words of Iraqi senior Mr. Abdul-Razzaq al-Hassani (6). The conflict with the Mandate authorities bitter and harsh even Prime Minister Abdul Mohsen al-Sadoun preferred suicide to be charged with treason and slavery to the British, as stated in his will (7). that the conflict with Britain made many Iraqi governments move away relatively More attention to issues of nationalism, and perhaps also in the hope of not signal Britain, which was seen in any direction nationalist threat to their interests Remarkably, the students who demonstrated in protest against the visit Zionist Alfred Mond A.Mond in February 1928 during the Ministry Abdul Mohsen al-Sadoun second exposed various sanctions. The expulsion of 18 students expelled for life, and the Criminal Court sentenced a number of other demonstrators different penalties. And others were forced to travel outside Iraq to complete his studies and personal whom National beautiful Hussein (8). He did not hesitate and Swedish knowledge Tawfiq Minister students threatened to shoot them if they demonstrated again (9). And known that Sweden was one of the members of the First Arab Conference, which was held in the French capital Paris in 1913 and called for granting the Arabs their legitimate rights (10), but now threatens to kill those who oppose visit one of those who call for the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine at the expense of the legitimate rights of the Arabs. and there is nothing to suggest that one of those who worked in the ranks of the Arab Movement objected to the measures taken by the Ministry of Sadoun, but that it happened with the consent of King Faisal I (11), the man who in the Great Arab Revolt, the first revolution you on behalf of the Arabs in the modern era. And it was not strange that the government take similar action against the demonstrators who came out in support of the Palestinian Buraq revolution in 1929. The government closed Al Nahda and home because they attacked the measures taken by the government against the demonstrators (12). and it seems the King Faisal and quite a few poles of Iraqi politics at the time were not aware of the Zionist danger. And known to Faisal met Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann chim waizman in 1919 and wrote to his father that Weizmann had assured him that the Jews do not think in the establishment of any kind of government in Palestine. And that cooperation between Arabs and Jews is necessary because the Jews will be working on the ages of Palestine (13). On the other hand, the king was trying to not to raise Britain and perhaps مجاملتها in his position is firm on the Palestinian issue, so he ignored the messages by the leadership of the Palestinian national movement in 1930 on the Palestinian issue, and developments (14) at a time when the national feeling burning among the Iraqi people as is evident from the demonstrations of support for the Palestinian cause. As the Iraqi youth has already been established in 1922 to celebrate the festival of the Arab revolution, called for it to be considered as the date of announcement of the Arab Revolt (10 June), an official holiday. And the king reviewing military sectors and to send a telegram to his father in this regard (15). On according to this last fact, he could not the Iraqi government, as well as the king, ignoring the national feeling with the Iraqi people in absolute terms, and especially that the poles of the system of government men Arabic , but dust, their sense of national or nationalist retracted their principles and possibly abandoned, after that Britain Ogrguethm in internal problems, or satisfy her. Iraq has sympathy with the national aspirations of the Syrian. Perhaps the reason for this - for the royal family - back to the Hashemite family's ambition to restore the throne, King Faisal, who lost in 1920 following a battle Maysaloon. Has increased this ambition unit after it lost family throne first in the Hijaz in 1929 after he was forced Al Saud, King Ali Bin Al Hussein, brother of King Faisal I to leave the Hijaz (16) settled in Iraq in the hope of the throne of alternative and Syria was hope most to achieve this dream that and then inherited from his father, Prince Abdul Ilah bin on as mentioned will come. The French have realized this fact early on until they were at the forefront of opposition to the inauguration of Faisal king of Iraq and think about his life as a British documents indicate (17). Valttalaa to the independence of Syria did not Imlah purely national sentiment, but that was united with Hashemi seek to extend his influence over the Levant and state claims that Britain promised independence under correspondence Hussain - McMahon as our ancestors. This figured Syrian Revolution in 1925 to support the Iraqi government, but in secret. Iraq also became a refuge for Syrian rebels (18). and a confirmation of the fact that fear in the expression of national sentiment or national approach to the Iraqi government, the ministerial curricula that nearly devoid of reference to, or come timidly signal it seems, and the only reference that are worth mentioning in this aspect came Platform and Department of military Jafar (uniformed commander of the Army of the Arab Revolt North) in 1923 as the text of paragraph (9) ((National establishing links between Iraq and other Arab countries)). But this national trend quickly faded when the military form of the second of his ministry in 1926, as stated in paragraph (2) of the curriculum ((and establish links with neighboring countries in particular, including on the basis of mutual respect and affection)) (20). Leave out Iran and Syria and Transjordan, Turkey and find ... Etc.. We also noted that the reference to strengthening links with neighboring countries came after the reference to ((support loyalty and friendship between the two peoples)) Iraqi and British, as set out in paragraph (6), while the reference to links with neighboring countries and contained in paragraph (9) as noted above. It is interesting to consider that we did not find any reference to the Palestinian cause in any curriculum of courses Ministries during the British Mandate, despite the presence of several indicators on the continuation of Jewish immigration to Palestine and the worsening of the Zionist danger. Did not witness the stage Mandate appearance draws national grandfather and establish links with Arab countries, be a step to build a unified state, which was held Hashemite family hopes to build led by Sharif Hussein bin Ali, if we take into consideration that Sharif Hussein was forced to leave the Hijaz and stability in exile on the island of Cyprus, after being let down British and enabled Al Saud of undermining Saudi spark which set off the Arab revolution that enabled Britain and the Allies generally achieve quick victories in the Levant (21). I've removed the Kingdom of Hijaz from the political map of the region, and Sharif Hussein anguish died in exile after the British shake their hands with him, and ignored a lot of demands. And tells his son, the younger Prince Zeid, said his father had one day be unsheathed dagger and puts it in front of Governor of the island the British, saying ((I fought this with you, and I thought that I Sakabl this denial. Was rulers slob but the push dagger by the hand, saying, no longerabsorbed Sharif Hussein studied deeply. And King Faisal was the most accommodating for the lesson, and in particular that he had suffered a betrayal of the British like his father, on leaving the British faced his fate inevitable while I crawled French troops led by General Gouraud GOURAUD to fall Arab government in Damascus in 1920 and destroys the kingdom Faisal four months after its creation. This may be a lesson one of the most important reasons that prompted Britain to support the nomination of Faisal king of Iraq, in order to take into account any departure from the line that you draw Britain, means that will face the same fate that faced in Syria., And the British were intimating him to do so as little Abdul Razzaq al-Hasani (23). It may be the lesson the harsh received Faisal at the Battle of Maysaloun is the one who make it addresses the Iraqis before his coronation less than a month, saying ((but I hope one of the nation not to rush and not wander. Wan Hacetha nationalism and blood Arab active not Aforan spree urgent)) (24 ) In other words, must rein in national sentiment extent permitted by Britain. Faisal found on some occasions the opportunity to express that feeling. He said a decade after the Treaty of Iraq - the British in 1930 ((This treaty last step for the Liberation of Iraq, and the first step to liberate the Arab countries)) (25) and possibly before the British remark national not they are well aware also aware Faisal said Treaty in 1930 did not liberate Iraq, It provided for the establishment of military bases بریطانیتین in Iraq and handcuffed Iraq limitations too harsh (26) and on another occasion by Faisal about his feelings nationalism when he talked about the idea of ​​unity between Iraq and Syria, saying ((it was good to be realized this unit to understand the West spirit of civilization Arab and understanding of the world mentality Germans after their unit)) (27) and already this statement practical step in this direction in an attempt to draw closer from some Arab countries, such as we find and Hijaz, which governs the opponents Al Saud, as well as Yemen and the Emirate of Transjordan, which is governed by a sister Prince Abdullah ibn al-Hasan. At that wrote Mr. Abdul Razzaq al-Hassani ((whistled ideas some Arab politicians in the country after the end of the First World War ... to create Arab unity and Arab diaspora gathered unite their word ... and the ministry formed Saidia first King Faisal expressed his desire to makes in the development of the cornerstone of what politicians are thinking)). Vtalv delegation headed by Nuri al-Said left Baghdad on 25 March 1931 he visited Jordan, Yemen and Saudi Hijazi - Najdi, has emerged from the visit to hold three treaties with the three countries, promised positive steps - compared Bzervha - towards the Arab understanding. And that the most positive aspect of this step, the King Faisal put differences with the Saud family aside, and deal with the de facto realistically As for the contents of those treaties, they provided for the cooperation and set up links ((on the basis of close cooperation and friendliness cores)) with Jordan (Article II). As with the Kingdom of Hijaz - Najdi, came in the first article ((prevails between the Kingdom of Iraq and between the Kingdom of Hijaz - Najdi and accessories, lasting peace and friendship and close can not be violated, and undertakes teams The High that exert their utmost to maintain them, and solve the spirit of peace and friendship of all disputes and differences that arise among them)). The treaty with Yemen did not contain only three brief articles did not exceed six lines the most important thing the second article, which stipulates ((lasting peace prevails and a close friendship between the two kingdoms Contracting)) (28). who reads these texts carefully treaties can not say that there is a real national trend. Such treaties, which included material about friendship, good-neighborliness and cooperation in customs affairs and transmission of the sons of the tribes in the border areas, often held حبین the countries are not linked with each national or religious links. And remains for us not to hold decision-makers no energy to them is, the internal situation, Arab and international at the time were not allow any step more broadly or deeply entrenched toward Arab unity, or even close to Arabic real be the basis for the unity of Arab, taking into consideration that Britain was continuing in their efforts to establish (a national homeland for the Jews) in Palestine. And known to British influence was the most powerful in Iraq, the Levant and the world. And most importantly, that there are those who view with suspicion and doubt to this step. Has attacked independent newspaper, and confirmed that Britain want Iraqis alliance with Jordan and Syria to build oil pipelines. And William Martin, the newspaper Journal De Geneve suggested that the it. And has not ruled out (independence) to be the idea of ​​the inauguration of Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein on the throne of Syria came for this purpose, because Britain regrets the loss of Syria from her hand (29). The newspaper confirmed that Iraq is independent and state has no right to call for NATO, and that the right of Saudi Arabia and Yemen as two independent courses. (30) It is important to mention that the interests of Britain may be forced by to Futura some forms of Arab rapprochement or Arab unity. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was until the first quarter of the twentieth century three political entities (Hijaz and Najd and Hail) make Al Saud single entity by force of arms. Did not put Britain any obstacles generally Al Saud, but they supported the Al Saud in خطوتهم that they found them better than to serve and defend its interests in the region, and help them to achieve one of the most important objectives in the region is to establish (homeland) for the Jews in Palestine. And we refer here to what the British politician known as Winston Churchill Winston Chrchill Zionist leader Weizmann)) I would like to see Ibn Saud has become a master of the Middle East - Chairman of the Presidents - the condition being that the settlement with you I would like to see Uibn Saud lord of the middle east , the boss of the bosses - provide he settles with you (32). This is also confirmed by a document of the British Ministry of War. (33)

The fate of the human soul in the Islamic philosophical thought

Oufaa Kaduom Ali

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 4, Pages 335-396

Do not focus right above if we say that the subject of the fate of the human soul is the most important topics that occupied the minds of human ever before and philosophy to this day. threw down the questions about the fate of the self does not need a lot of in-depth reflection and meditation, though the answers when some philosophers and thinkers are characterized. These are not questions and answers related intellectual luxury that can be characterized by the stage of the evolution of the human mind, or mental form of entertainment, or curiosity, but they are in search of the most important challenges facing the human life which is the inevitable fate / death. Valtvkr in death, the fate of the man or the human psyche beyond, instinctively can not be bypassed, or neglect, or suspended, not at the level of the human individual, nor on the species level, no matter how this man of sophistication and urbanization, learning and technology. What the fate of the self- humanity? Before answering this question, we are entitled to ask, Is this question a project or project? Simple or complex? Naive or deep? Possible to answer it or not, can it? Is it a question naturally scientific or metaphysical. If we want to be neutral, we have to say all these questions, but this is not the answer form of sophistry, but because the answer to the fate of the soul is not one to be agreed upon by everyone, and that the differences of intellectual and cultural relations between people, Vtaddt answers, and formulated theories in philosophy and psychology , and medicine, and was the subject of a lot of myths and epics, poems, stories and novels, Vtaddt different and even conflicting answers and opinions. When, and how, has not discussed the fate of the human soul? Fall "when" here showing the date of the evolution of human consciousness the existence of a bilateral body and soul, and the "how to" show a systematic treatment of the subject; legendary mother was religiously or philosophically? And the "no" shows the importance and seriousness of this topic for a human being. In monotheistic religions, we can devise of the scripts on Adam  the first man had filled theme of death and the fate of the self-Old Testament tells us ((But the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden God said not eat them nor Thompsah lest ) (), In the Quran God tells us that the devil when he wanted to seduce Adam said to him:  what Nhakma your Lord for this tree, but become angels or be from immortals  () In the verse: whispered to him the devil said, 'Adam, did you tell you of a tree mole and the king does not fret  (). and we dealt with in this our humble that the fate of the human soul after death when Muslim philosophers, but that did not stop us from that نعرج some ancient civilizations and religions, the most famous Greek philosophers to explain their opinion in this topic albeit briefly .

The reality of public libraries in Anbar province (Case Study)

Abd Sabbar Abd alRaheem

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 4, Pages 397-424

The libraries of all kinds main source which Istq him information, whether they are individuals or bodies in order to enrich the personal and improving the social and economic life social necessity imposed by the human need continuous use of information and production in order to contribute to increasing the knowledge of human development and a result of the high volume of information and at this time it is impossible to Any individual follow-up of information in areas of interest tasks was allocated a narrow This has led to the consolidation of the idea of ​​a specialized libraries contribute to the collection and organization of information dissemination of various purpose and whatever name of the library, whether general or specialized, or any other label, it was found to play their role effectively in provide the necessary services to beneficiaries whether individuals or bodies and this can not only be achieved by providing the information system good both at the level bodies or individuals, public libraries, one of the types of libraries that are not much different in its goals and objectives on the other types of libraries but serve classes are very large and diverse in terms of age The intellectual level so they are playing the role of Ackbyra in raising the scientific and cultural level of all members of society whatever culture and size فالمکتبة public institution socialist democracy as a school people preserve the intellectual production that represents the heritage of humanity and civilization and organizes this heritage is safe for readers who are from different ages and social classes and at all levels of scientific and educational Proceeding from this important public libraries came this study stands for the reality of these libraries in Anbar province, and diagnose the strengths and promote and address weaknesses after diagnosis in order to take these libraries its leading role in the movement's leadership scientific and cultural rights in the province

Theories that explain the social lazing

Der Al Anei

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 4, Pages 301-334

output was and performance , and if the expectation and low output was a performance and Atin. The utility ((means)) ((Instrumentality)) refers to it whenever expected benefit high was output and performance عالیین If the expected benefit or ((means)) a low output was performance and Atin in value indicates ((Value)) that if The expected value is not relevant output was and performance Mnkhvdan, and moreover model adds a collective effort to benefit element ((means)) three elements: a. The perceived relationship between individual performance and the performance of the Group. b. The perceived relationship between the performance of the individual and the individual output. T.. The perceived relationship between the output of individual and group output.This theory is clarified whether these sources and targets the vessels and strong فتزداد the contributions of individuals However, if the sources and targets are not strong it will decrease the input of the individual within the group.The inputs or results within the group.is essential to the group result, while the second attributed the cause of the inaction to reduce the social self-attention for the person who works within the group.weak and happening have lazing social.

Functional classification of urban centers in Anbar province

Maha Sadee khalf

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 4, Pages 1-36

The choice of the researcher Maha Saadi behind / Assistant Lecturer / Department of Geography / College of Education for Human Sciences / University of Anbar, to search for the detection and analysis of functional classification of some urban centers in Anbar province, at the expense of labor distribution of mankind, The study focused on the contrast spatial workforce humanurban centers of the province of Anbar, the focus of Manpower in some sectors of the economy without the other, which determines the functional classification of the urban center, it is through the study shows that the manpower remains a proportion (19.4%) of the size of the population in the province of them (56.4%) of the number of employeesworking in the service sector and (12.3%) of them are working in the industrial sector and (31.2%) miners were working in the agricultural sector and by the application of functional classification and application of standard statistical appeared five urban centers are areas of service and seven areas considered agricultural areas and five urban centers are industrial zones service

The effectiveness of the organization of the content of mathematics according to the theory expansion in the collection and retention

Ashouaq Taleb Shaher; Abd al ouahed Hameed Thamev

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2010, Volume 2010, Issue 4, Pages 115-174

The study aims at assessing the effectiveness of organizing the content of the Mathematical material according to the Elaboration Theory in the students, achievement etention of the female students in the scientific fourth class through the investigating of the following hypotheses:
1- There are no statistically significant differences of the standard of (a=0.05) between the mean scores of the experimental group which is taught according to the Elaboration Theory and the mean scores of control group which is taught according to the traditional method in the achievement test
2-There are no statistically significant differences at the standard of (a=0.05) between the mean scores of the experimental group which is taught according to the Elaboration Theory and the mean scores of the control group which is taught according to the traditional method in the retention test.
The study sample consist of 50 students. It is divided into two group . The experimental group consists of 25 student and the control group consists of 25 students . The equalization of the students is achieved by controlling some variables including(age, the previous achievement of students in Mathematics of the third intermediate class and the academic level of the parents ). The sample was selected deliberately from Al-Ula secondary school for girls in Al-Anbar governorate . An achievement test was prepared by the researcher with 40 multiple –choice items. After that , some kind of validity are ensured and the reliability coefficient was calculated by using Homogeneity coefficient by kuder – Richardson. It was found to be (0.88).The instruction of both group has started during the first semester of the academic year 2000-2010 . The experiment lasted for (nine) week , three lectures per weak to both groups . The experimental group has been taught according to the Elaboration Theory and the control group has been taught according to the traditional method . At the end of the experiment, both group of student were subjected to the same achievement test in order to evaluate the effectiveness of this instruction .After three week, the same test was re-administered to the same sample to measure the students, ability in retaining the learned material. After collecting date , T-Test for two independent group was used to investigate the significant differences between the means. Measure of the effect size (d) was also used to assess the effectiveness of the Elaboration Theory .the results of the study are as follows :
1- There are significant differences at the standard of (0.05) between the mean scores of the experimental group which is taught according to the Elaboration Theory and the mean sc0res of the control group in the achievement test in favor of the experimental group.
2-There are significant differences at the standard of (a=0.05) between the mean scores of the experimental group which is taught according to the Elaboration Theory and the control group which is taught according to the traditional method in the retention test in favor of the experimental group.
By measuring the effect size (d) of the independent variable (the Elaboration Theory) on the dependent variables (the students, achievement and retention).The results showed that the effect size is weak by comparing them with the statistical tables (R2) And (d).
In the light of the results, the researcher recommends to take care of the educational models especially Reigeluth,s model in teaching geometric concepts in all educational stages