Volume 2012, Issue 1, Winter 2012, Page 1-337


امجد رحیم محمد الکبیسی; عبد الناصر صبری شاهر الراوی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 1, Pages 1-20

The master plan of acity like a constitution which systemizes the cultural composer of the city this design also defines the morphological features of the city consequently any any unbearable trespassing or change in using the land may form a big danger on the cultural environment this danger may also be negatively reflected on the functional efficiency of the city and the life the citizen

This study sheds light on the problems of trespassing on the master plan of cities the city of rutba is taken as an area of the study since if has witnessed a lot of trespassing on the government properties inside or outside the master plan these design have bean analyzed with focus on the master plan of the year 2010 the governments resolutions of violating to give those who trespassed the ownerships of the properties are taken by the researchers as a prominent factor in a continuous trespassing
A general survey of the trespassing is also taken into account the numbers of the cases of trespassing are 561out of which 379 are take to be made at the master plan the study also concludes that there trespassing belongs to the weakness of the executive channels which are unable to show these trespassing or even to apply the government laws the study sheds light on the economic factor which motivates people to do such trespassing the researchers also give some programs to prevent such types of trespassing and to make these trespassing cases included in the master plan of the city.

Effect of Haditha Dam on the Hydrology System of the Euphrates between Haditha and Hit

محمود إبراهیم متعب الجغیفی; أمیر محمد خلف عبد الدلیمی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 1, Pages 21-39

the effect of the dam on the hydrological operations of the Euphrates within the study area, it is subject to slopes of the river. Before the construction of the dam, slopes were unstable, whereas after its construction the human parameter became the controller of water amount in terms of slopes and drainage. Unfortunately, it negatively effected the water quality. Water has covered rock layers that contain some chemical materials dissolved in it. This has affected the quality of water inside the reserviour which consequently was released from the dam towards the Euphrates to increase the effect on the aggregate of the operations. As for the drainage, its maximum happened during March, April and May in rainy years and snow melt periods. On the other hand, the dam has a great effect on controlling high drainages and storing them to be released in hot periods during the summer months as a result of the increase demand on water. It is axiomatic that drainages released from the dam be greater than those released from Hit station, though there is an exception for this rule. Hit station has superiority concerning water amounts released despite the lose along the passed distance. The reason behind this can be attributed to the feeding sources following the dam represented by the aggregate of valleys on both sides of the Euphrates feeding during March, April and May in rainy years, i.e., seasonal, which alters the results of this equation. Moreover, the dam has an effect on the direction of underground water movement though studies carried out on water movement before and after the construction of Haditha Dam.

استخدام اسالیب التجدید الحضری للتعامل مع مراکز المدن التاریخیة ( قلعة هیت المسورة )

ثائر شاکر محمود; نزار شاکر محمود

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 1, Pages 40-62

This research is objected to knowing the recent position of historic hit city and construct all circumference contents have historic significant also understanding the old city then estimated all the difficults and problems , for working to limiting the policies and requirements to maintain the physical history and urban rehibation , then working for rehibiting and stopping the detoreioting of the area, this research deals with economical population ,and construction developments of city with general view point , then knowing the land uses of old city , especially the physical and all contents of old buildings have history and construction characteristics also knowing the infrastructure facilities , limiting the advantages and disadvantages including the abilities and chances for possible suggestions for solving the problems , and putting the proper solution of planning and rehibilating the old area of historic hit city . the recommendation have offered to the municipality office should be started with growing and rehibilating the old area by providing the required resources for maintain the physical history and configrated construction committee of old city .

الصناعات الصغیرة، مفهومها وأهمیتها وخصائصها ومدى ملائمتها للاقتصاد العراقی

محمد طه نایل الحیانی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 1, Pages 89-103

Although there is no worldly general definition of small industries, but there are common characteristics and signs of these industries. These characteristics suit the Iraq economy. The experiment proved –through studying some samples in the growing states- that these small industries play a pivotal role in economic and social development. The importance of small industries comes in its ability to generate jobs at high rates, in addition to low cost of capital. And thereby contribute to addressing the problem of unemployment. And small industries have strong backward and forward linkage with large industries. They also contribute to increase income and diversity, increasing local value added, as it excels in the efficient use of capital.

The Foundations of Natural Development in Al-Anbar Governorate

یاسین حمید بدع المحمدی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 1, Pages 104-118

The development abilities available , within each region, is considered one of the regional requirements in the aspect of achieving industrial development. Accordingly, the present paper includes a presentation and an analysis for the nature of available developmental abilities within provinces of Al-Anbar Governorate and their contribution to secure the opportunities of developing industrial development levels within different areas of Al-Anbar Governorate.
It has been showed that Al-Anbar Governorate enjoys great natural developmental abilities. These things will play a vital role in the aspect of achieving local development. This goal will be done if there is suitable developmental strategies. Unfortunately, the reality refers to the shortage in the employment of those natural developmental abilities. It is incompatible with what is available in the Governorate and the requirements of achieving a relatively balanced spatial development within different regions of Al-Anbar Governorate.

Al –Qutbi Method in His Book Anbaa Al-Rowat (Narrators News) about Anbaa Al-Nuhat(Grammarians News)

فواز زحلف جزاع

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 1, Pages 119-130

Muslims have emphasized on writing about the biographies of linguists and grammarians which lead to the appearance of many classifications which are documented depending on these prominent figures. The first of these is turned back to Abu Al-Abbas known as Al-Mubrid (died on 285 B.C.) and Ahmed Bin Yehya know as Thaalab (died on 291 B.C.) who wrote Pamphlets mentioned later on by Abu Abdullah Yaqoot Al-Hamawi (died on 626 B.C. ) in his book Muajam Al-Oudabaa (lexicology of literatures figures).
Later on, many written books have written on the biographies of linguists and grammarians. For instance in the seventh century B.C., we note that there is a comprehensive book about the biography of grammarians written by Abu Al-Hasan Ali Bin Yousif Al-Qutbi (died on 646 B.C). This book motivate the researcher to study the critical method used by Al-Qutbi , his status among the biographies of other grammarians as well as clarifying his impact on this field of study through investigating the enormous bibliographies that deal with the linguists and grammarians literatures.
The research has divided into two sections. The first one deals with Al-Qutbi biography while the second one refers to the critical method used by Al-Qutbi, introduction, conclusion and the important bibliographies and sources used in this research.

Life Qatada bin AL-Nu'aman And their Effect

جھاد عبد حسین; عمر محمد علی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 1, Pages 131-147

Qatada ibn Al-Nu'man Al-Dafari Al-Ansari was the former to Islam in Al-Medina Al-Monawara was the safest by the allegiance of the second hurdle and then attended with the seventy from the Ansar and was a representative of his people, between the nail and was the supervision of the faces of the Al-Aws and the knight of knights in more than one battle with the Prophet saw battle the whole has proved with the few who held fast with the Prophet in the battle of one was his attitude large where, when delegations of the Prophet his face hitting him share a sample and he fell on his cheek sacrifice Prophet to where it became the best of his eyes and better was Qatada's jurisdiction in the fighting as it was of archers known it was received by Qatada leadership positions in battle as he led the flag of his people, between the nail in the battle of the conquest of Mecca and the Battle of nostalgia in the era of Caliph Abu Bakr took part in the army of Osama heading to the Levant and was one of the most companions several and equipped, and make it friendly administrator to manage the Medina when he went to the Hajj years (12AH) and Caliph Omar bin al-Khattab led the introduction as he left the army of Caliph al-Sham to the year (17AH) and died Qatada ibn Al-Nu'man in the year (23AH/644AD) at the end of the succession of Umar ibn Al-Khattab.

أثر النفط فی الخلاف الحدودی البری بین المملکة العربیة السعودیة وقطر 1922 – 1965

أحمد صالح خلیفة; هدی إسماعیل محمود

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 1, Pages 148-165

Studies of the border are important studies because of their problems arise between the neighboring countries and the resulting serious consequences may lead to casualties and enormous material.
Usually arise differences on the border between the countries for economic reasons and strategy, economic reasons which is often due to the emergence of oil in the region tries to one of the parties acquired and thus created a reaction from the other side, trying is the other obtained, and this is what happened in the Arabian Peninsula between the countries Arabian Gulf, including Saudi Arabia and neighboring Qatar, in addition to this and that to play the colonial powers and Troubleshooter prominent role in raising the problems of the border and continue for long periods, as the colonial powers draw lines artificially between the Arab countries due to the lack of natural boundaries separating them.
From this point of interest studies has emerged, which means border disputes in the Arab region, including land border dispute between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, to determine the causes and circumstances which accompanied and revealed that the plans and objectives planned colonialism in the Arab region.

The Iraqi Egyptian Relation (from 1982 to 1958)

فواز حماد محمود

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 1, Pages 166-183

The Iraqi Egyptian relation for the period from 1952 to 1988 has witnessed many changes . Many Arabs ,rejoined and international policies have been related into these relations . As for the bilateral relations between the two countries the 23th of July Revolution in Egypt has remarkably affected the interior conditions in Iraq, which in turn have been reflected in its foreign policy in general and its relations with Egypt in particular . This revolution has disseminated the national awareness and instigated the political movements and partier of national and pan-Arab traveling Iraq . This has constituted new pressure elements on the Iraqi government internally and externally . As a result , it has instigated the struggle between the ruling authority in Iraq and the national moment ,leading to the up rice of November in Iraq in 1952 .
The rupture between the Iraqi and Egyptian policies was so severe due to the great differences between the political decision markers in the two countries . Noori AL-Saeed's traits were the opposite of those of Jamal Abd al Nasser in all respects , particularly in dealing with Arab and intentional issues .The policy of Norri AL-Saeed was of tow fields; in the implicit field , he used to move for the benefit of Britain . He tries to cancel or hide his policy from the masses . In the explicit fold , the entertains a pan –Arab policy to assure the masses that Iraq in backing the Arab stances . This has been vividly reflected in the nature of the Iraqi- Egyptian relations and has continued until the rise of the 14th of July Revolution in Iraq in 1950 .

AL-Nazi movement from sight to Application

زینب عبد الحسن الزهیری

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 1, Pages 184-194

AL.Nazi party with its sights would be one of the important under standings that appeared are special aims and programs for every party, in addition to that. The history learn us that every political revolution in twentieth century. There cans not success otherwise it was money people would be lead with it. If the people in a case of sadness and depression, they welcomed on these parties with there leader’s .Al-Nazi aims to cover all sides of Germany life and influence the world as well.
The period would be searching on the important historical period that the Germany is History in sight of developing an international political principles which reflect this matter towards Germany’s people ,because we know that AL-Nazi is burn as a result of eloping that were followed in Germany through the first world war(1914-1918)t he research contains three parts:
The first is about the historical rool for Al-Nazi through Germanic circumstances at the end of the first world-war according the election in 1933.wheras the second is about the election in 1933 in Germany and the beginning of appearing Al-Nazi as strength in Europe through the appearing of Hitler.
The third is about AL-Nazi circumstances through the shadow of second world war (1939-1945) with light of war, its reasons and results which would reflect the court of (Nornbargh) were succeeded to end Al-Nazi sides inside Germany.

لمحه من التقسیمات الإداریة والاقتصادیة لمناطق الأنبار قبل الفتح العربی الإسلامی وتحریرها

عبد العزیز خضر الجاسم

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 1, Pages 195-211

While going through the historical resources about Al Anbar, we found that some of the very important aspects about Al Anbar was missed and not being studied carefully and thoroughly from the historical point of view.
In this research we had found that Al Anbar was mentioned in several topics and with different names, nevertheless the most important thing here is to prove an idiomatic , linguistic and historical fact that the designation of Al-Anbar is an Arab labeled and the real Iraqi people where the first to use this designation. The second chapter is dealing with the historical novels and resources that mention the building of Al Anbar cities and villages and the historical circumstances experienced to affect the growth and evolution of them in line with the geographical environment of these cities. We focused in the third chapter on the third important aspect which guides us to the historical terms and which is at the heart of the historical terminology because search has a close relationship between the terms of administrative and political and even military terminology. The fourth chapter is dealing with the establishing of Al Anbar and the spread of Islam, how the Muslim leaders dealt with the inhabitants and the reactions of Al Anbar cities. Yaghut had mentioned the name of (Ein el Tamer) a village to the west of Al Anbar in his writings. Also Al Bellatherri had mentioned in his book (Al Buldan) a wonderful description about the people of Al Anbar saying that (Al Anbar people are loyal and honest). I believe that archaeology will unveil some other important aspects about the urban life as well as the population of those historic towns and the first books written in Arabic by the citizens of Al-Anbar.

French Intervention in Mexico (1861-1867)

محمد یحیى احمد الجوعانی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 1, Pages 212-227

Mexico achieved its independence in 1823 The Mexico government was in debted to the Europeans. but when Juarez became a governor he refused to pay the debts . Spain, Britain , and France agreed to send armed forces to force Mexico to pay its debts . The allies agreed to negotiate with Mexico but France sent reinforcements to its armies to occupy Mexico in order to establish a France subsequently retreated its garrison in February 1867 . Juarez was able to restore republican regime to Mexico .

التحدیات التی واجهت مؤسسة الوزارة العباسیة فی القرن الخامس الهجری

رضاب حاتم یاسین

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 1, Pages 228-237

Challenges that faced the establishment of the Abbasinnyan Ministry in the fifth century of Higrah .
This research deals with a very important stage in the history of Abbasinnyan Khilapha (period) as the ministry institution faced huge challenges since the greediness and targets had been varied in order to occupy the Khilapha. The research has discussed those greediness and what the ministry institution had done to fail these plans (plots). Still (However), the challenges were stranger and hard so that some ministers had been killed as a result to these plots, others had been fired or had been put in prisons. (jails).


هدى نوری

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 1, Pages 238-261

I take my research is marked by eating (the governors of Khorasan in the Umayyad period) governors in the province of Khorasan in the era of the Umayyad Caliphate and the most important distinction by those governors are leading the Islamic conquests in the East, the Islamic and the cause of these conquests is to spread the Islamic religion, and has appeared Find the interest of Caliphs, in good selection of governors and the workers who knew statesmanship firmness and force, were a shield fortified the country, particularly Iraq, Khorasan, where they were a center of revolutions and unrest were the source of fear threaten Umayyad Caliphate and also marked by caliphs, the follow-up to tell those workers first hand and this indicates the importance of that territory they have, and what hurts in the field of this is to kill some of the leaders and the governors of the simplest and lowest and slander them
He also served Khorasan province of the Umayyad dynasty lot, and the factor of anxiety and stress, and shelter opponents of the State of the Umayyad interested inits demise and the end of Umayyad rule in which we can divide those opposed to the Persians who are still their great presence, and the Turks greedy in establishing their rule and the establishment of their state and the third and mostheavily on the Umayyads which represents the PAL House (built between Ali and Abbas) as well as built-Zubair has ended this conflict, the victory of the Abbasids and the Umayyads was the main factor is to take over the succession of those characterized by weakness and indifference of the facts and events.
In spite of what took place between the Muslims of the facts on the basis of sectarian and tribal, the Quran has referred to what happened between the companions dear, God bless them, and what he called the believers did not take them out to describe the faith, he says, "and that two parties of believers fall make peace between them" has been forbidden Koran Muslims indulging in that, he says, "that the nation has entered what it has earned and what you earn. Tsilon notwhat they were working" and the wisdom of the nation in order to avoid what raises the strife between the Muslims and their blood injection and to preserve the argument of the nation.
We need to redress the Umayyad Although such collisions armed did not distract them from the task of continuing the spread of Islam throughout the earth despite the revolutions and internal events momentous was the Umayyad state an extension of the era Rashidi in the conquests and the spread of Islam and built by Imran civilization was the cornerstone of the civilization of the Abbasids
It was a center of Khorasan Islamic East are aware of the right of center and a call center and towards the conquest of China and India has been shown that in the habitats of many in this research

The effect of using the modified learning cycle (5E'S) and (7E's) in the achievement of the average second-grade students in biology and reflective thinking

عبدالواحد حمید ثامرالکبیسی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 1, Pages 262-288

The research aims to identify the impact of the learning cycle modified five-stage(5E'S) and (7E'S) compared to the traditional way in the achievement of reflective thinking and second grade students, average in biology.
Find determined by second grade students the average of the province of Anbar for the academic year 2010-2011, the five chapters of the first semester of biology textbook for Grade Average.
Total sample (60) students in the second row average spread over three divisions, and repeaters who have been excluded for the purpose of ensuring statistically equal because they have additional expertise of their colleagues more than cons.

For the purpose of verifying the equivalence of research groups have been rewarded in the verification of the following variables: chronological age, achievement in science for the first row, the previous information, intelligence, test reflective thinking tribal and academic achievement of parents (father, mother)
The study showed that the use of two types of modified learning cycle (5E'S), and(7E'S), in the teaching of biology has led to the two

أهمیة صحافة الإنترنت فی تکون الرأی العام دراسة فی طبیعة إسهامات صحافة الإنترنت فی عملیة تکوین الرأی العام

حسین علی إبراهیم ألفلاحی

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 1, Pages 289-303

The present study (the importance) & the internet journalism in the formation & (public opinans) deals primany with the nature& the cmtribustion & internet journalism in the formation & public opinions. It, there the ,sheds the light on the importance & the internet journalism in the formation & public opinions.
The study is also on attempt to achieve some aims and gods, ameng which, the imertance & internet journalism on the formation & public opinions and the ways that can be emprtance for the attainment & the gods.
For this purpose, the reseonene has employed the descriptive method which mainly depends on the study & the phenomenon and aso on its preaise desciptien in order that its voleme, chanactenistics as wece as its relastien to other phenomenon may be determined.
The study is divided into two lonts. Port one deals with the concept & the internet journalism and public opions, for one obuions neas on, to ocquaent ourselues with the concept & internet journalism,diislins, characteristics and status in the Arab word. This is addition to get acquainted with its types, plinciples and functions.
Port two, on the other hand, deals generally with the internet journalist as regards its impact on the formation & the public opinions.
The study has achiened the following resuits:
1. The internet journalism has offened senenal new epportunities for exerting impact on the mobilization & public opinions.
2. The internat journalism has provided may politico groups with a safe haven for the free expression & their opin leins and of so for thein actine interaction with the file and rank, who form the nuclionus & the public opinions.
3. The internet journalism has employed numerous ways And methods for the exertion of its import on the public opinions particularly during the conflicts the crises.
The internet journalism plays an increasing significant rote in the formation of public opinions , as regents or structure and dissemination

مستقبل السیادة ؛ فی ظل المتغیرات الدولیة الجدیدة " دراسة تحلیلیة – مستقبلیة "

سعود احمد ریحان

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 1, Pages 304-319

The subject of this research is : The future Sovereignty and the new international changes , as a comparative analysis – future study.
, it's trying to explain the scope and boarders of the idea of state sovereignty as modern concept used in the field of the state sovereignty .
This research contains many important ideas and opinions which put a scientific treatment of this concept specially globalization variable , and conclusion which contains some result and suggestions which may be benefit in political life

الاستشراق بین الهدف المعرفی والتوظیف الأیدیولوجی

الهیجاء محمد رافع حمدان

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2012, Volume 2012, Issue 1, Pages 320-337

Research in Orientalism is very important due to the intersection of its western and eastern lines. The west still has eye on many countries in the east in order to dominate it. This act of seer tiny in the geographical, social, economic, and political nature of east, one can dare say, is proportionate with the advance in the western self understanding of its geographical, social, economic, and political nature. Interest in east was not that important to the western mentality at times of intellectual darkness. The inception of awareness is a search for the self in an other which acts as a self – mirror. This is clear in the logic of conflict or struggle for recognition as expressed by "Hegel". The inability to find such an "other" can lead to a production of such an "other" and this is case on the contemporary arena of the geo – political in this time.
One of the major reasons to search into this phenomenon is that Orientalism efforts are not limited to the 18th and 19th centuries. Thus Orientalism as an attempt to understand the east, for dominance or mere knowledge, would only end with the termination of its causes. Dominance in the western mind is correlated with knowledge. This shows that the western attempt to conquer the Islamic east extends across all time. This makes necessary the study of the works of all concerned scholars and thinkers to understand Oreintalism. This should be dont to encounter the western attempt to keep the keep the Islamic Arabic east inferior to the west intellectually and eras eastern memory by using globalization as its main means.