Volume 2011, Issue 2, Winter 2011, Page 1-226

The role of the classroom teacher in the educational achievement of security the field Tafldrash in Hasakah province - Syria

hanan adnoof

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 2, Pages 182-208

Class renowned psychologist Maslow Maslo include humanitarian needs in his theory of the "stimulus humanitarian" devised in 1943, he felt that when people are making their basic needs are seeking to meet the needs of higher levels, and the development needs of the most important at the base of the pyramid فاحتل Security handed hierarchy second only to basic needs, and by the sense of belonging and respect, understanding and self-realization. But science is evolving فتکامل ideas of modern neuroscience, evolutionary biology, and evolutionary psychology called to modify this theory by psychologist Douglas Kenrick, which was published in the Journal of perspectives on psychological science in the May 5, 2010 "to rebuild the theory of Maslow on the basis of an evolutionary" In spite of the it retained the security rank, change is not affects this theory only, but became a feature of the current era, Vhajat basic human changed from food and drink, housing, health care and education and the desired security varied forms depending on the multiplicity of these needs of food and water security and the physical, emotional, psychological and educational. The educational system high-impact and vulnerability to global variables surrounding, including that the teacher one of the key elements of the educational system, the roles performed by the means and methods used will be affected accordingly, he is responsible for preparing the learner to take advantage of positive these variables effectively and at the same time is responsible for fortifying the minds of his disciples and protection of these variables are negative and this is what we pass him the term educational security

Islam in Africa and its impact on the development of trade relations with Egypt

Louma faeueq Ahmed

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 2, Pages 39-53

IntroductionThe Islamic religion spread follows the traders so that wherever they spread in areas not hit by Muslim armies, or migrations, such as South East Asia and some parts of East Africa as well as several destinations in the continent of Europe.It seems the role of Egypt in the global commercial activity prominent in the various periods of history because of what has been printed in an excellent location between the East and West.We have many links and relations between Egypt and Africa in various aspects during different eras, particularly in the Mamluk era, it is business relations and cultural ties to Egypt was through all these links and relationships radiate light shines of Africa.Has stemmed the importance of trade relations between Egypt and the continent that Egypt was the main crossing on the way up Africa's trade markets in Europe.The fact is that Egypt in those times were not a conduit for trade in Africa but also for the trade of Asian and contrast this with regard to trade European has Egypt has sought to capture the key role in world trade has prohibited traders Europe to connect to markets, Asia or Africa was a direct and far place him up these traders is Cairo.

The role of infrastructure in economic activity for the city of Hit (water - electricity) field study

Mazen abd alrahman

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 2, Pages 20-38

Came this study reflect the analysis of the role of infrastructure in economic activity in the city of Hit (water, electricity), which in reality suffer from a lack of large palaces and clear in size, distribution and organization of the spatial and the result of the weakness of the visions of planning at the time as well as the absence of plans for the future that takesinto consideration the size of the city's population growing at a time contribute to the infrastructure in activating the role of economic activity in the field of industry, trade and services and increase the size of the investment and the expansion of economic activity as well as being a fundamental rule adopted by the joints of other life in relation to human life and the provision of life healthy disease-free(drinking water and electricity in daily use the study showed the reality of services and its role in economic activity in the city as well as the irregular distribution and caused them a lot of problems if not treated commensurate with the size of the current population and the rate of future growth

The role of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in the process of political reform

hadee mashaan Rabeaa; Touma mohammed yousef

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 2, Pages 75-93

I have witnessed the Arab Gulf states, especially in recent years, promised steps on the path of political and economic reform, and in spite of the varied nature and size of those steps from one state to another. And crystallized the idea of ​​the need for economic and political reforms in these countries, as a result of the combination of a number of developments on both internal and external. Has escalated votes represent currents political and ideological calls for democratization of the Gulf societies, and expand the area of ​​opinion and expression, and change the curriculum, and the openness of the media, and the renewal of religious discourse, reform of the status of women Gulf, and periodic elections, and activation of civil institutions, with direct sharp criticism of the tradition of social and religious conservative . The owner of these developments and the arrival of new political leaders to the helm of government, as is the case in both Qatar and Bahrain. In addition to internal factors, appeared on the horizon external factors increasing momentum, especially in the wake of the attacks of September 2001 in the United States, was one of the most important secretions form and the accumulation of additional incentives have made political reform a necessity.

Writing in the Islamic culture and civilization

mohammed ali housaen

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 2, Pages 64-74

The history of writing made an important side in the life of societies since long ago, although the history of writing doesn‘t start until the begging of human civilization and it is not that easy to do fine the exact time or place Where it started ,history starts after the invention al writing which is considered to be the greatest thing in the history of man .
The begging of writing was a new era and a rend mental factor in civilization despite it’s simplicity which it’s different ways and what its development lend to because it began to record what had happened for the coming generations .
With civilization writing developed , and nations started to rescored event ,Arabs like any other nation lad such concern even though they were less concerned in it them other nations was , that is due to their anomalism nature so they do not had a need or they don’t trust in writing ,as a result their a lappet invention was so late ,although they were surrounded by many writing nations .
By it s spread , writing became well known in the Arab island and especially in the north , in Hera then in Hejaz and Mecca then it was transformed to the people of Al-Taif and Quraish but it was not well known , even those who known how to write they were only a hand full . writing and it s influence on the Islamic culture and civilization .

Ideas the obsession and their relationship to perceptions about future career kindergarten teacher (a field study in a sample of students in the kindergarten section)

Amal dauod saleem

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 2, Pages 157-169

Targeting current research to identify the relationship between ideas the obsession and perceptions of the future with the students where concentrated research problem in what I observed researcher and Ahsth through its dealings with the students in the departments of kindergartens as Atsourn that their work in the kindergarten teacher kindergarten unrealized ambition because of the ideas the obsession that capture them and that ambitions are incompatible and this profession because they do not have the perceptions and clear about this profession and the importance of the subject of the kindergarten and the role that falls to the parameter in achieving the goals of the educational process and the importance of the study of ideas الاستحواذیة a complaint students him regarding Ptsourathen future towards a profession that Waiting parameter Kindergarten applied researcher A standard search on a sample of students and using the means appropriate statistical showing that there was no statistically significant differences between the averages of ideas the obsession for students, and also are no statistically significant differences between the mean perceptions of the future of the students towards the profession parameter shows that there is a statistically significant relationship between Almnglleren a negative relationship and recommended the establishment of workshops guidelines for the development of perceptions of the future towards parameter career with the kids for junior high school students in order to increase acceptance for kindergarten sections, and the establishment of courses and workshops to amend the extention ideas the obsessionthe female students and had little to prevent its spread.

Education for All goals in the 2015 demographic context to achieve the goals of universal education and gender equality

Shareefa Mueden

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 2, Pages 94-110

We have growing interest of UNESCO to education in recent years, as identified six goals in the Dakar Conference held in 2000 called it "the objectives of Education for All in 2015", urging all countries in the world to work towards these goals from now until 2015. Has identified a waysuitable for all regions of the world and the countries concerned without taking into account differences in the demographic characteristics of education. and it will be this research to try to shed light on two of these objectives, namely the second and fifth, trying to answer a number of questions that: Whatare these differences? In the field of population growth? And the proportion of education achieved? And therefore efforts should be made ​​to achieve the objectives of the Dakar in 2000? What are the countries that will suffer most from difficulties? The site of Arab States from all this

After using Astregih the teaching KWL in Daraceve achievement, curriculum material and teaching methods in mathematics secondary Aiihbaksm students of the Faculty of Education / Mustansiriya University.

Ahlam abd Ali; Raead younes Karou

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 2, Pages 134-156

The study aimed know the impact of teaching using the strategy KWL in academic achievement upon request to the third phase, Department of Mathematics textured curricula and teaching methods in the College of Education / University of Mustansiriya. To achieve this goal have been identified scientific article of the content of the decision, and the formulation of behavioral objectives and preparing lesson plans for the two control and experiment, designed measurement tool which is the achievement test of the two groups were presented with examples of lesson plans on the number of arbitrators specialists to verify the truthfulness virtual, as it got paragraphs on complete agreement among experts on the sincerity, then conducted statistical analyzes to extract transactions ease and difficulty and discrimination, and they were all paragraphs acceptable then used the equation Alpha Kronbakhva account the stability of the test as a whole and for each paragraph of the paragraphs where ranged between 0.75 and 0.81, and one of the researchers studied the experimental group using strategy K.WL and the control group in the traditional way and make the achievement test at the end of the experiment and results were calculated and it was the most important: 1 - outweigh Group The experimental control group showed the results of statistical analysis and a significant difference between the average scores two groups for the experimental group at levels of higher-order thinking and when thinking levels lower when the level of significance 5%. In the light of the results shown by the Aldrashastantj researchers as follows: - 1 - effective use of KWL strategy in the collection and development of motivation to accomplish. 2 - development of the student's ability to control and cognitive operations planning in order to accomplish the goals required. 3 - help this strategic teaching in classroom management. 4 - Discussing the students about the previous information and they want to learn it and they learned after Lesson them more Hmasaomcharkh in the lesson. In the light of the outcome of the results of the study The researchers made several recommendations and proposals.

Kanem and its efforts in spreading Islam in Central Sudan

zaben khalf nouaf

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 2, Pages 54-63

1- The area of centre Sudan had witnessed the foundation of Qatim country round Tishad lake. It had a great role in spreading Islam and Arabic language in Africa .
2- The traders and herdsmen had played an important role in spreading in Qatim who most of them were Arabs .
3- The christiam Arab scholars and Jurists had an important role in spreading Islam in Qatim. They coristrueted Mosques and stopped the endowments on students.
4- Qatim united all tribes under its Sover eignty after Islam had spread .
5- Qatim aquired a good position in Africa dueto its site where it the Junetion of the road of trade caravans that going north towards the Mediterranean and to Nile basin eastwards .
6- Qatim aquired foreign relationships Such aswith Egypt and also with Al-Hofsiya dynasty.
7- Cadte of Qatim People had interested in trade especially spice trade

The level of concern among the students of the University of Anbar

hanan khald ibraheem

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 2, Pages 209-226

it was agreed by many researchers to describe this era as the era of anxiety, concern and have become a title for many psychological studies, both those that are interested, including the volatile behavior in humans or those that relate to the need to have creativity, innovation and the development of values
Accompanied by anxiety since the beginning of human creature to this day, and has emerged as a basic and constant theme of modern life. The concern is widespread in this era is widespread but difficult to determine the extent of its spread among the people.
Can define the problem of current research through the suffering of university students from the pressure and anxiety in its various forms as a result of difficult circumstances (social, economic, psychological, and security) and experienced by the individual Iraqi general and a university student, especially at this time. And anxiety are different sides, it helps to self-improvement, achievement and raise the level of efficiency It can also destroy the rights and common unhappiness in his life and the lives of those around him, this difference is the degree to which it is. And anxiety is a state of good self-perceived by one in the form of a feeling of distress and discomfort which emotion of fear and apprehension of things Mrtqubh involving a real threat or is unknown.
I have dealt with in this research the views and the views of some psychologists who took the subject of concern if these theories included indirectly what can be a number of demagoguery on the level of concern. We have dealt in this paper some previous studies on the variable concerned

The goal of current research:
1_ determine the level of concern among the students of the Faculty of Education for the Humanities / University of Anbar .
2_ detect differences according to gender (male / female) and grade (first / fourth) in the major human in a variable of concern and has limited existing research on a sample of students from the Faculty of Education / University of Anbar and determine the following sections of history and geography, Arabic language and science Quran and Science Psychological and Educational , It reached the sample (120) students evenly divided according to specialization and variable phase of study and sex. It took this research provides a scale to measure anxiety and was hired a scale of Kuwait University for concern, and promising that Abd al-Khaliq (2000) and use statistical methods to address the research data

Problems, academic underachievement from the viewpoint of faculty and students

sataa fakery; abd alouahed hameed

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 2, Pages 111-133

The higher education in any country of the world evidence of the level of scientific renaissance, social and cultural reached by that country the title for the advancement of civilization which aspires his community, and the main objective of the university institution of higher education is to bring about a change of behavior of the learner in all its aspects (cognitive, Mharria, and emotional) and this the so-called concept of the right to learn, and who know him through academic achievement, Getting an academic, then, is a product of learning and index imperceptible to his presence at the same time. After the relative improvement witnessed in Iraqi universities in general and the University of Anbar in particular through the stability of permanence and the return of security relatively to see researchers that there is a weakness in the collection in all its aspects (cognitive, Mharria, and emotional), and in general in the faculties of the university, and that there is reluctance concrete has a lot of students about the seriousness and perseverance, but that many of them do not mind being a lecturer at more than academic subject. The unfolding of this phenomenon when you hear of the many questions students about whether the system of "load" is still in effect this year or not, it is through ratios low in most colleges and especially scientific ones, and through the experience of researchers and their participation in committees investigative against the low success rates in some Lecturers, which was very weak, but may in some cases (zero) in some subjects, and each is intended negligence and blame on the other Valtdrisa Alekayama to students, and students تلقیهما on teaching and so forth. While sees researchers that there are other reasons may be responsible for the "poor student achievement and indifference" through we discuss the problem, "research topic" with groups of students and faculty, we found that there may be habits recall incorrect students have an important reason for this phenomenon, Vgalbhm read articles on the night of the test and even read in order to test only, and that the methods and teaching methods followed by the teaching staff at the university often are not encouraging the study and learning is important or learning with a meaning as they often do not give rise to reflection and dialogue, has been shown to researchers in the questionnaire open distributed to a sample of lecturers from various colleges scientific and humanitarian numbered (30) pedagogy, while in one of the qualifying sessions held by the methods of teaching center at the University of Anbar, which included a question about any teaching methods that are often use in تدریسک? Was the way the lecture are prevalent in their teaching, and that the weakness great to know a lot of them in ways that modern teaching and skills and technologies, Kalasv mental maps concepts, problem solving, programmed instruction, etc., made it logical that there is a shortfall in output learning educational colleges which reflected negatively on academic achievement have so make it is not up to the level of being able to junk, as well as weakness obviously have a large segment of the teaching staff in aspects of the evaluation and industry tests and efficiencies of measurement and evaluation skills and the selection and weight vertebrae tests in general. also finds researchers that there are vulnerable مشخصا the possibility of students in general the expression of a particular position and their ability to raise questions in the classroom and the weakness of their desire to discussion and dialogue, participation and brainstorm. So Artia researchers studying the problems behind the phenomenon of "underachievement" among students at the University of Anbar, from the point of view of both faculty and students

Power and its relationship to sports skills beyond knowledge to students in the second phase

Baseem mohammed Gaseem; gazee khamees

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 2, Pages 170-181

The present study aims to identify the relationship between the mathematical power and metacognitine skills of the secondary stage student . And to achieve this aim the following question asked.To What is the correlative relation between the mathmaical power and met cognitive skills for the four grad student?.The sample of the student consists (400) students from the fourth grads of secondary stage , Two tasts are prepared.The findings of the study revealed there is a significant in the mathematical power and the student have malcognitive skills The researcher rconmends and suggest some studies.

The role of natural factors in the distribution the Elimination Alrdobhmdh of population (1987-2007)

Husaen Ali abd

Al-Anbar University Journal For Humanities, 2011, Volume 2011, Issue 2, Pages 1-19

The population and geographical distribution end and the means in the program of any country, making plans, human-centered, and Iraq, like other countries, he found himself in front of dilemmas various, made deals with the topics according to their importance, so that he could develop programs to solve problems of economic and social development, as are the dry areas and semi-arid? of the most prominent issues, which is determined by the human presence, which took States attaches great importance, so it must be studied for are critical, as they represent one of the areas which suffer from the vacuum population, and that because of natural factors and their role in the distribution of the population spend wetlands.
Based on the above, and given the lack of research and studies, which dealt with this subject, and not discussed at the level of spend wetlands, prompting the researcher importance of research that topic, because it is a problem of population, need analysis to indicate the role of natural factors in the distribution of the population at the level of the judiciary at times, and at the level of its units administrative at other times, and clarify the role of these factors that stand behind it, contrast, and this prompting researcher, to choose the role of natural factors in the distribution of the population spend humid and analyzed in the light of data censuses of population for the years 1987 and 1997, population estimates for the year 2007 , a term which can achieve the goal of the research, to uncover the reality of population distribution and the role of natural factors of the population spend wetlands and administrative units.